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God TV is calling this the great Awakening ,  after the revival where God used Jonathan Edwards who to bring revival to America and beyond.  Edwards at least had integrity unlike the God TV presenter. Now we have a prophecy relating this movement to the Birth of Jesus.  What pride and arrogance.  Are we to fall down before Bentley and worship such a move?

I agree with only one part of this prophecy  … GOD IS INDEED TESTING HIS CHURCH. 

Wendy Alec says  “The awakening has been birthed in a LOWLY PLACE. There are no soft pillows or cushions. No comfortable conference chair, American church seats. But thousands of cheap, plastic glaring white seats….No sophisticated sound system or overhead projectors, handheld mikes, no earpieces, fluctuating crowds.


Those who have chosen to embrace this movement do so at the cost of their own spiritual well being.  Personally it should come with a HEALTH WARNING.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bentley is the judgement of God upon a church that has noT only lost sight of the truth , but is quickly coming to reject the truth.

It is not that what Todd Bentley is doing is hidden;  in fact everything is out in the open for all to see.  It has been well documented and verified.  What we see is a form of new age Hindu mysticism.

As one time friend told another some years back when he made the decision to embrace the Toronto curse.  They needed this , it was not a matter if it was right or wrong, truth or error They wanted to embrace it . They made a fateful decision.  truth was sacrificed, and what was embraced was anything but  truth.  They paid the price for disobedience.  It saddens me that so many who called themselves Christians, can no longer measure the heights, breath or the depth of this apostasy.  They will embrace it because they have chosen to do so.   So long as It meets a need that is all they are concerned about, and to hell with the rest.  That my friend is the judgement of GOD.

Here is a prophecy by WENDY ALEC, co presenter of the God channel,  or the God TV

Great Awakening Prophetic Word from Wendy Alec of GOD TV,   THE GREATEST MOVE OF GOD – JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF WAS BIRTHED IN A HARD, HARD PLACE.    In this awakening, the Lord is not testing Todd or GOD TV. He is testing the CHURCH.

Jesus was born in a stable. There was not even room for him at the inn. The normal expected place of birth for a King was in a Palace, even an ordinary baby would be born in a home.

The next option, being born at least in an inn. Jesus was the King of Kings anointed to change the universe FOREVER. He had NO soft pillows but HAY to lay His head on. He was born in a manger.

ONLY the ones who were really following the Spirit of the Lord found Him.

The awakening has been birthed in a LOWLY PLACE. There are no soft pillows or cushions. No comfortable conference chair, American church seats. But thousands of cheap, plastic glaring white seats.

No sophisticated sound system or overhead projectors, handheld mikes, no earpieces, fluctuating crowds.

Even the worship the first few days was being sung out of key. It is not even possible to disguise the lowliness of the birth of this awakening on television. It is evident to ALL. There are no beautifully lit convention centers or even air conditioned church buildings.

The Awakening has been born IN A MANGER. In the manger. Jesus was not surrounded or feted by the Pharisees or Sadducees or the religious Jewish leaders of the day, they did not recognize Him.

And yet, He was called to be King of the Jews. The only people who recognized Him in these lowly beginnings were the three wise men and the shepherds who were in no way connected to the religious elite of the day. But the THIRD HEAVEN was there through the Portals in mass. The ANGELIC HOSTS, Gabriel, the Father’s messenger. Singing Glory to God in the highest. The Anointing was there. But it was unseen by all except the faithful few.

Today there are not many of the spiritual elite not many of the preaching circuit. In Tongaat, many are at a safe distance. Watching weighing. But the shepherds and wise men who follow the Holy Spirit understand the gift of the Father in this awakening that is being birthed.

The Hindus. The Muslims. The unlovely are gathering to be touched. It is they who sit on the plastic white seats. It is a test. It is a protection. The same way that Jesus being born in a stable was a test for the religious Jews. And a protection to outsmart the devil. To protect the very Son of God. It is uncomfortable here for Todd. It is uncomfortable for GODTV.

The same way that in the natural it was uncomfortable for Mary and Joseph. And yet in the spirit realm, something almost unimaginable is being birthed, which has the potential to change the face of the earth. Yes, Plastic white seats are offensive to us all. When they are empty they SCREAM. But the Father is JEALOUS over the birth of this baby. THIS AWAKENING. And He will allow no man, no women to receive the Glory that is His alone, so it will be evident TO ALL that it is no man. No media channel. No church. No hungry ex lake landers, that have birthed this outpouring in this HARD, HARD PLACE. But it is the Father. Lord of Hosts. Almighty God. Hallowed. Omniscient. Omnipotent. The HOLY ONE Himself. THIS has been birthed by God.

PS I don’t think anyone other than Todd would have had and have the courage and sheer guts of spirit to see this through- to stand in the HARD PLACE. And probably no one other than GODTV would have had the revelation of the shepherds and wisemen to broadcast it to the world. The Lord is very, very PROUD of his beloved Todd and Jessa.


For my son beloved son,

Do you not realize I knew when I birthed you all those years ago? I knew when Lakeland was aborted; I saw this very day.

And I chose to choose you. I chose to bring this move THROUGH you. And when you look back in days, weeks and years gone by, you will know beyond any doubt that this, that you stand in this river this flowing torrent that has yet to explode, you shall look back in wonder and know that it was by NO MAN’S hand that this was birthed but ONLY by me.

So be strong. Be strong. Be true. Be very courageous. Stand your ground. Don’t doubt when the enemy’s lies assail you, for you stand on the edge of the ocean and all looks calm. The ocean is calm; there is no great visible evidence yet of the MAGNITUDE of what lies beneath. But know that as you walk each day hand in hand with me, there shall yet be a day and be an hour. There shall be a very MINUTE when the SHIFT shall come and the TSUNAMI shall break and the whole WORLD, YES the WHOLE WORLD shall be shaken.

So do not be discouraged, my son. Do not be dismayed but know that as you stand in this HARD place, my spirit is upon you. My spirit is poured out upon you and it is IN your standing and refusing to let go that the enemy is defeated, that the witches flee for cover. That the covens stand confused and helpless. It is in this place of standing firm that you SEAL the title deeds to this AWKENING.

Oh wow, I see TITLE DEEDS to THIS GREAT AWAKENING. TITLE DEEDS that have been ASSIGNED TO YOU by the COUNCILS of HEAVEN – COURTS of HEAVEN- with your name signed by the FATHER, witnessed by JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Word for Todd and Jessa from Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec  GOD TV Founder

 Prophesy by Wendy Alec to Todd.: Lord is very, very PROUD of his beloved Todd and Jessa. How can God be proud when a relationship is birthed out of adultery and fornication?  How can GOD be proud when it is birthed out of disobedience and occultism?    I Suggest the person Wendy is listening to is not God but satan. He alone is the one proud of what these two people did.  This is not just an attempt to shove a new moved down people’s throats, but it is also an attempt to justify Lakeland  as a true move of God.  Those who follow and embrace Todd are desperate to see Lakeland exonerated. 

Whatever we one likes to put this.  Wendy Alec has chosen to place Todd central to this movement and even God himself has been forced to take second fiddle.  The one thing true revival always points to is God.  No man gets the glory in Emmanuel’s land.  60514_10151880602175884_647096403_n

Many people like the idea of a final great revival during the tribulation period that will see hundreds swept into the kingdom.  One great final blast that will see countless numbers saved.  Believe me we need more than ever a revival to shake us all up.  I sincerely hope that this world would indeed see  one more revival to sweep across these lands.  But when we begin to look through scripture on the subject of the tribulation period I simply don’t see any great revival to speak off.

Rev 13:7- And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

 Rev 16: 14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

2 Thess 2: 9 [Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now do any of these verses give the impression that the world will be converted at the last moment?

Rom 1: 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in [their] knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient

Whilst this verse is fundamentally about homosexuality, there is something more God is speaking of here.  Gods grace continues to withhold or restrain mankind from the worst, but  inevitably there seems to come a point where that striving against God comes to a pont of no return.

Rom 1: 21-23 ….. but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

God has laid out before us the downward steps that leads mankind to this inevitable place, where it’s simply says “THEY BECAME FOOLS.”

Judgement takes place not because there is this mass revival, but because mankind has so strived to break the boundaries and shake off the confines God has placed upon them. Inevitable God releases them to their own desires.  God never created man to be an automaton, a Robot that obeys because he has no choice.  Gods grace is when he restrains the world.  It is his judgement when he no longer does .  God wants man to freely choose the right way and the right way is life.  But the wrong way only brings darkness and sorrow.

There is something very terrible when man is allowed to give full expression to his deepest darkest imagination.  There is a darkness that is so terrible and so horrible that even God does not want mankind to plummet to.  There are consequences when someone so resists the grace of God that God has no other option than to pronounce judgement.  That starts with God-given someone over to their wickedness.   In the end when man is allowed full sway inevitable his world spins out of control.

I would love there to be an end time revival by God,  but sadly I don’t see it.  Many scriptures are used to suggest their might be one:

Rev 7: 9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands

If this number takes place during the GREAT TRIBULATION period as many believe , Note what it says “NO MAN CAN NUMBER.”   How can that be if the world goes after the antichrist.

We see two senarios taking place at the same time.  With one the world follows the antichrist,  The other the world gets saved and follows Jesus. How can we reconcile this problem ?  We simply cant.

Either the world will be saved or they will not be lost.  They will either follow the Jesus or follow the antichrist.  Both cannot happen at the same time.  The numbers simply don’t add up.

Rev 7: 14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

They ” CAME OUT OF GREAT TRIBULATION ,” But that is different from the phrase we often used to today to describe the GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD. Which is a modern usage of the term which describes a specific period.  But in Rev 7: 14  It only says they did, not when they did.  We are simply taking a modern definition and squeezing the passage in revelation to fit  it.

 Christians today are indeed going through GREAT TRIBULATION under the persecution by Moslems.  The same term can equally apply.  For when in history have we seen such large-scale persecution of believers across the world.

If anything what we are seeing  is mass deception in the last days on a large-scale, where evil spirits will go forth to deceive the world into worshipping and giving their allegiance to the antichrist.  Those who receive the mark are given over to be judged.    How can these same people be converted when even scripture makes it clear they are damned? 

Now if there is to be a revival during this period it will not be one that is orchestrated by God.  What we see is lying signs and wonders by a false prophet or workers of iniquity.  These so-called miracles will convince the world in a direction that speaks of doom.  Is it any wonder that so many have gone after the newest pope to sit on the papal seat?  He has so far done nothing to clean house and yet the media and the people are running after him like he is the new messiah on the block.  Whilst I have no doubt that he is not “the” Antichrist, he  is very much part of the false prophet who has usurped the throne and title of God on earth.  Much of what we see going on today is the basis of evil spirits going forth to cause strife and upheaval.  All in preparation for the man of perdition to step out from behind the curtain to convince the world that together they can bring forth peace.  As one united people they can even shake their fist at God and win.  Determine their own future under the leadership of this false man of peace.  Peace sadly is not what will materialise.  

There is no doubt that the last few years has seen an increasing number of false so-called revivals from the Toronto Blessing  to  Todd Bentley.  All of which did nothing but mock true Christianity and held it up  to the world as a joke.  Never mind the number of false christ claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  False date settings whose predictions came and went and nothing happened. other than the world once again laughed their socks off.  Harold Camping was not the first to set dates, As far back as Hall Lindsey with the Late Great Planet Earth book and the more recent Left Behind series.  Many of which offered up intriguing senarios of the last days. and how the rapture would come about.  Sadly time has moved on and Halls books now collect dust on books shelfs.  Whilst these books offer up a glimmerof what could happen, time has shown that things have not quite worked out as they had hoped.   Whilst I am convinced concerning the prophetic end times , I am also persuaded that there is much room for greater understanding.  That may mean getting completly away from writers who made their money out of such books but got it predominetly wrong.

The number of false prophets  that have risen in recent days continue to astound , sometimes so numerous that one cannot even begin to count them.  As more and more make an appearance almost daily. 




Matthew and Pearl Nagy with Todd Bentley

It seems Todd the Bam Bam man is being hosted for two nights at the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre Horsham   Sussex England.  The health centre in question was shortly to close by order of the local authorities due to the bill of up to £1.5m for repairs.  However due to a signed petition by the locals to keep the place open a short reprieve has been granted whilst further Business opportunities are looked into.

The Health centre has rooms that potentially catered for private function for up to 220 people.  The Boast of the organisers “THE GLORY COMPANY”, who hosted the service claim that it was full.  >>Reserved seats only<<    This was on the Friday and Saturday nights.   As the health Centre would have been opened at this time I wondered what the rest of the visitors thought. 

The Glory Company is led by Matthew and Pearl Nagy, Apparently Matthew hails from New York, and Pearl from Mexico. They were brought together in Texas and they now reside in England.  I wonder if the name Glory Barn by Pastor Hobart Freeman had any influence on their name?

From their own website they have clearly stated that they clearly embrace the teachings of Mike Bickle’s and his international House of prayer (IHOP) They embrace such things  as FIRE TUNNELS. As well as PATRICIA KINGS teachings >>What a combination!!!

If you’re not aware of FIRE TUNNELS:  It’s where people line up like the Grand Old duke of York dance kids played.  As the two rows hold hands to create a tunnel upon which people will walk down, as they walk down this tunnel they get zapped.  It’s just another rendition to the Toronto (I hesitate to call it a Blessing) more like a curse.

I came across this testimony recently on this subject which adds a bit more information as to why Fire tunnels should come with a spiritual health warning.

You know, from my experience, it is not just the young folks that are involved in fire tunnels. When I came out of a “River” church several years back, pretty much all ages participated in the fire tunnels. It was just one of many ways used to experience the “fire”.

Something else that I noticed in this video was the segment with the drumming. I remember very well being in a meeting where at first there was what I still believe was genuine worship of God. At some point the singing stopped and the young people on the drums just kept drumming, and drumming, and drumming. I have no idea how long it went on, but it was quite prolonged. And I remember that there came a point in time when the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically. From sencing the presence of the Lord, the presence I senced there changed to something distinctly different and I believe to this day it was demonic. It was an experinece that I don’t want to ever go through again.

MUSIC plays a bit part in a lot of this mysticism.  Loud repetitive and droning.  Whilst Music is a great means to worship there are aspects which even the heavy metal and rock musicians realized.  Music can also be used to influence and persuade like no other.  But that is for another article.

The Glory Company goes on to say:

Our vision is to see people released and freed from the trappings of religion and into the freedom of a life with Christ. We encourage people to live in constant awareness of His presence, and to remain in perpetual conversation with the members of the Trinity; to stop accepting the mundane as their portion and to embrace a supernatural lifestyle instead; and to realise that the mystic realm is open to them all the time and that by simple faith they can enter into this realm, and in this place of rest, discover their true identities in Christ.

While the need to get away from dead religion is good.  I suspect that Matthew and Pearl Nagy are looking for a more extreme approach to ministry.

Freed from the trappings of religion, What trappings>>>> realize that the mystic realm is open.  THE MYSTIC REALMS !!!  The more one looks into their ministry the more the likes of John Crowder come to mind.

On Face book they gave a heart-felt response to some friends

Our awesome Jesus loving friends mystic Milly and engaging Emma joy

Spirit School – Milly Bennitt and Emma Joy

These guys are the real deal new generation of supernatural Christians. Join Miily Bennitt and Emma Joy as they share on the wonder and bliss of living in the transcendent realities of heaven on earth. Get your senses activated to the incredible world all around you. A world with Jesus, angels and inexpressible delight

Listening to mystic Milly’s pod casts is just like listening to John Crowder and David Vaughan on their Drunken Glory Tours

The glory Company had this to say:

Listen, gang. This event has been listed as a free event. But there will be a Love Offering on each night. This Offering is going to go to cover all the costs of the event and to bless Fresh Fire USA. Please come prepared to give generously as Holy Spirit leads. You are sowing good seed into good soil. You are sowing into revival in the UK, into the return of the Glory and Supernatural across the UK, and into the full restoration of Todd’s ministry. Come get blessed and be a blessing.

So it was not a free event after all.  Whilst this might be a minor point to some but an interesting one considering that Todd gets his cut of that night proceeds. 

We back Todd in his restoration. We believe that his ministry is an amazing gift to the body of Christ. And we are proud to host him in our area and be part of welcoming him back into the fold. He’s a good little sheepie. And we know that Papa loves him and is proud of him.

Both Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner have overseen his restoration and believe that he’s ready to be ministering again. And that’s good enough endorsement for us.

So Todd is just a “Little Sheepie”, I don’t think so!  More like a wolf in sheep clothing.  The fact that he flaunts his adultery everywhere he goes is absolutely remarkable.  As for his restoration which was nothing more than a white wash.  There was no genuine repentance.  He left his wife and kids for a “younger” woman, So where the repentance?  It’s irrelevant he divorced one and married another.  There was adultery going on and his poor wife and kids were betrayed.  According to these guys it’s all forgive and forget.  Todd wife and Kids are still in Canada and Todd has his new younger, less disabled wife to string along at his side.

To say that “Papa” is proud of him seems almost staggering.  Has the church, and I use that word Very loosely, become so backsliden that we will tolerate any false prophet in our midst so long as he can give a good show on the night? 

So far the churches that Todd has visited are very much up the same line as he is.  UP THE CREEK.  When experience becomes the stable diet of whoever and whatever, then all sorts of things can come in, because experiences then becomes the guiding lot of those who hunger for it.  Scripture is made to fit.  Like addicts they have to score and shoot up whatever is sold to them.  Todd is just another pimp offering up spiritual white stuff for them to score.

Recently News has spread that Todd Bentley was in Britain preaching.  It took me a little while to track down what church in Wales he was visiting.  Now we have thanks to Todd Bentley own face book site.  The church was pastor by Robert and Helen King  and is called TWO LOCKS CHURCH.

The church advertises itself :

Two Locks Church is Independent, Christ-centred, Bible-based, and charismatic. Every Sunday we have people from all different walks of life and of different nationalities meeting in harmony to celebrate Christ and his Kingdom.

One of the main feature along with a puppet ministry is a “TACF Soaking Centre.

Mr and Mrs King with Mr and Mrs Bentley

SOAKING  Is just a christianised form of  Transcendental Meditation, which is also popular with the Todd Bentley.

Affiliations & links: Evangelical Alliance, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship .  (This description just about says it all.)

On its blog where some of the pastors teaching Robert makes this statement:

God has given us His faith, you either have it or you don’t and when we become disciples of Him He gives us His faith.  There is never a day when we are faithless as the faith He put on the inside of us doesn’t come and go! We can step out in faith every day, it’s not about how we feel, it’s about what He has given us…..  This is not about ‘my faith’ it’s about ‘His faith’ living in me….For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NKJV)

Is a Christian’s faith always alive?  James 2:17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. (NKJV)  In other words, it doesn’t do anything if we don’t use it!  Jesus said, ‘You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover!’ But if we don’t lay hands on the sick then nothing will happen!  

Confess this truth out loud now, ‘He’s given me His faith and His faith works’”

 The terminology of receiving “Gods faith” is usually reminiscent of word of Faith teachings so common with Kenneth Hagin .    God himself does not need faith.  As faith means trusting in someone, who is God going to put his trust in?  God can impart faith to the believer to help us have faith in God, but God himself does not need faith.  Then there is the confessing “this truth” Also very reminiscent of Word of Faith.  Where those who confess believe they will possess.  In the end it is not God they put their trust in but the words they confess.   By making and speaking the right words you will create your own reality.  However that is nothing more than New Age witchcraft.  Words spoken in the right way is nothing more than reciting a spell. 

It has been my understanding that Todd has been gravitating towards Kenneth Hagin’s  Occult teachings for some time.  This has now been proven by his latest teaching called:


As you read a part of Todd’s Article, you will soon notice that it’s full of typical buzz words which the prosperity teachers are noted for.

This is a two-part teaching entitled, The Power of Prophetic Decrees. Part 1 will help you understand why God gives us prophetic words, visions, and revelations, and examines and uncovers those things that hinder the fulfillment of God’s prophetic word in our lives. Many are missing the mark of their calling, and the words that have come to us from God remain unfulfilled. Next week’s Part 2 teaching will continue with the quest for success in appropriating what God has promised us. We’ll learn how to war for our words, and how we can effectively shoot prophetic arrows into the heavens to “scatter the demonic cohorts.”

How many prophetic promises and words spoken over your life have you yet to see birthed? Every believer has prophetic promises from heaven whether God has revealed something that we would accomplish for Him, something that we would become, or something that we would see Him do in our lifetime. Prophetic words are authoritative words that Scripture says we would “do well to pay attention to” (2 Peter 1:19).

Countless believers have waited years to realize the fulfillment of prophetic words spoken over them, or revelations from visions or dreams. Do you ever wonder what to do with them, how to act upon them, or how to ensure the fulfillment of them in your life or ministry? How do we bring the words of the Lord to pass? What hinders the fulfillment of them?

Recently, the Lord showed me that through our prophetic decrees, He also releases angels to battle the forces of the enemy to bring us what is rightfully ours! That’s part of their job description!

I hope to give some insight in this teaching on how you can make prophetic decrees and proclamations into the heavens, which will hasten and bring to pass the Word of the Lord. I want you to understand your responsibility with God-given promises and visions and how you can partner with God to realize your destiny.

Prophetic words and promises are personal, specific to our lives as individuals, our families, or our ministries. They may also be intended for cities, regions, peoples, and nations. They are always in line with the Word, the Bible right from Genesis through to Revelation. However, I want to focus primarily on those words that God has given to us personally, those rhema words. Rhema words and God’s Word are a powerful combination that can activate our divine destiny



Know your authority, and be vigilant. Even Mary understood this principle regarding prophetic words. After her prophetic word from the angel she responded and prophetically decreed, “Let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). She lined herself up with the Word from heaven, pulled it out of the spiritual realm into existence, and birthed it.

In Him Todd Bentley Fresh Fire USA

The major flaw with Kenneth Hagin was his teachings on THE RHEMA WORD.  Like many false teachers who want to introduce extra Biblical teachings he had to separate the Bible (logos) written word for the NEW PROPHETIC WORD of Kenneth Hagin.  Thus he elevated the word  Rhema and with it his teachings above the Bible.  Thus the bible itself was judged according to his revelation and not the other way round.   

For a Further study on the RHEMA  and how the New testament writers used  them  click here. or go over to my Box account and scroll down until you see the article on the truth about the rhema  word.

What many do not realise is that Rhema and Logos where used interchangeable throughout the New Testament and applied to both the written and spoken word of God.  The New Testament writers did not make any separation in how both those words were used. 

For many who feel the need to go around making decrees or a Positive confession about their healings.  There are plenty of grave yards full of people who confessed but never possessed.  But the saddest part was the lies they told in confessing their healings when they were never healed. 

It looks like both Todd Bentley and Two Locks Church have a lot more of a connection than just being charismatic. We must also remind ourselves that despite all his bold confession of prophetic decrees his own marriage failed.  I suspect he had no intention of saving it either.  What we must remember is that Todd Bentley is a blatant adulterer and now parades his adultery everywhere he goes

Churches are NOW  supposed to look the other way and say AMEN and BLESS YOU!!!!.  It only shows how far the church has slipped and prostituted itself.  Any Pastor with an ounce of integrity would send this pimp packing.   The sad state of the charismatic movement today is the ever-growing desperation for signs and wonder.  Such is the desperation that just about anything and everything is tolerated.   I fear that this desperation will set many up for an end time deception.  The Bible clearly warns us and yet today many ignore that warning at their own peril.  This drive for signs and wonders has become nothing more than an addiction, and men like Bentley feed it.   Like all addictions eventually people will not bother where they get their highs from, so long as they get their weekly fix

There may be some who will say  “ But he has repented “ ,  but I would say how did he show his repentance?

Go back to his wife and ask forgiveness?  NO.   He simply carried on with his adultery, divorced his wife and married his mistress.  That’s not repentance.  To repent is to change direction.  Todd never changed direction.  In the end he got exactly what he wanted.   Repentance is more than simply saying sorry and carrying on regardless.  What many saw with Todd and Rick Joyner famous video chats was nothing more than a sham of a show piece.  Far too many people had invested too much money, time and predictions to simply let Todd simply disappear from the scene.

The one thing we can be certain of is that those who desire to get into bed with the Todd Bentley’s of this world is that they  have no love for the truth,  and no love  for God,

Mat 24: 24  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Read the following and make your own mind.

And then you know what I saw? A pillar of fire “just like God brought Israel out with a pilla…I have 4 ft. maybe it was 3 ft. this pillar,… that went through the church roof. A round pillar of living fire, blue, red, sparks I mean it was pillar of fire, moving fire went right up through the church roof. I’m looking at Bill Johnson , he speaking I have a pillar of fire here God’s telling me it’s a portal and its like the bush that was consumed but did not burn I thought can this be happening to me . I’m having a Moses experience in Seattle. There’s this pillar of fire here and the lord says put your hand in it and your first thought is I’m going to burn my arm off. So, I put my hand in it RRRR and it was a real pillar of fire.get in the Pillar of fire” so I get in to the pillar of fireas soon as I get in to the pillar of fire my entire body starts going RAAAAAAR and I go up through the church roof in the pillar of fire, its transporting me- I’m in the pillar of fire, its like beam me up, up through this pillar, I’m through the church roof and all of a sudden I, I land, when I say land I mean crash on an operating table in heaven” this is a prophetic experience just in case you didn’t know. I mean, you were there charlie you probably remember the sounds; and the sights, okay. So, I’m gone, I’m in heaven on an operating table. The first thing I’m thinking, I don’t watch CSI very often I just started, its interesting, and I’m thinking I’m in an autopsy room or something that’s the first thought, I thought I’m on one of those tables. That’s my first thought y’know I’m in this room appear 4 angels that look like men don’t worry they weren’t like glorious living creatures like seraphim thy were just like guys in white coats but they were angels they had appearance of men two angels stood on one side of the operating table. And two angels stood on the other side of the operating table and honest truth they wrenched me down, I don’t know what it was they tied me down with but all of a sudden my hands and my ankles were fastened to this table but don’t tell me, this is a little graphic. I’m thinking they’re going to do a surgery on me and I’m awake that’s my first thought they are going to do a surgery on me – your going to be operated on by these angels and here’s what happens, I’m thinking they are going to pull out a scapel and go like (sound) and cut me open And all of a sudden I hear this sound like a mitre saw rrrrrrrr a mitre saw like one of those things before brain surgery, they rrrr . y’know they cut your skull , they pick this thing up and I I literally thought (sound) and they put this thing and they stuck it in me right here on my neck and it didn’t hurt but here’s what happened they went (sound of cutting him open) right down to my lowards and all of sudden my stomach went puchh and everything inside of me popped out onto the table, my heart, my liver like everything. And I’m lying there and you want to scream because you think it should hurt but it doesn’t hurt. and your lying there and your arrr arrr all your insides are, here’s the strangest thing. so then here’s what happens the angels start taking these white boxes, they were white boxes (small), I mean like a little Christmas present, but they were white boxes and they were stuff, have you ever seen anyone stuff a turkey… and they start stuffing these things inside of me They t stuffing these boxes all over and I heard the verse “I desire truth in the inward parts.”

 RECOUP >>>>The angels tied him down and began surgery: <<<<<<

“[T]hey pick this thing up… and they stuck it in me right here on my neck and it didn’t hurt…. they went right down to my lowards and all of a sudden … everything inside of me popped out onto the table, my heart, my liver — like everything…. . [T]he angels start taking these white boxes… and they start stuffing these things inside of me… and I heard the verse ‘I desire truth in the inward parts.’

Now compare:

 Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 1.345 Narrated byAbu Dhar

Allah’s Apostle said, “While I was at Mecca the roof of my house was opened and Gabriel descended, opened my chest, and washed it with Zam-zam water. Then he brought a golden tray full of wisdom and faith and having poured its contents into my chest, he closed it. Then he took my hand and ascended with me to the nearest heaven, when I reached the nearest heaven,……… Anas said: “Abu Dhar added that the Prophet met Adam, Idris, Moses, Jesus and Abraham, he (Abu Dhar) did not mention on which heaven they were but he mentioned that he (the Prophet) met Adam on the nearest heaven and Abraham on the sixth heaven. Anas said, “When Gabriel along with the Prophet passed by Idris, the latter said, ‘Welcome! O pious Prophet and pious brother.’ The Prophet asked, ‘Who is he?’ Gabriel replied, ‘He is Idris.’

 Despite being written hundreds of years apart we have two similar stories.  Bentley Just tells his a bit better than Muhammad did.  Nevertheless If I did not know any better I would suspect that someone had been giving Bentley tips either directly from Islamic Hadiths or it was the same spirit he was listening too. 

  1.   Both talk about being operated on
  2.   Both were operated on by angels
  3.   Both mentioned having their bodies opened
  4.   Both mention having something done to their bodies
  5.   Both refer to having something put inside their body
  6.   Both  claim to have  been taken to heaven
  7.   Both claimed that what was placed inside was truths and wisdom.

>>>>>>>>>>>MERE COINCIDENCE  WHAT DO YOU THINK?<<<<<<<<<<<

UC Ministries:  Todd is not just a Con man but a bad one at that.  Whilst holding a supposed revival he was carrying on a sexual relationship with one of his students. Since then he had dropped his wife and kids and married the student he was having a relationship with.  Under the guise of repentance he divorced his wife and marries his new wife ,>>> THEY CALLED THAT REPENTANCE !!!! 

Whilst the world hoped and prayed that we would see the last of Todd Bentley.  Sadly he is still out there spreading his own version of the health and wealth gospel.

This article came up in the Local Newspapers.  Well he is still out there making the headlines. 

Thousands have been flocking to hear tattooed former Hell’s Angel Todd Bentley speak at a church in Cwmbran in South Wales, where he is holding revivalist meetings until Thursday.

Last Thursday night he told his audience he had brought 33 people back from the dead and cured more than 100 deaf mutes of their handicap.

Tory MP David Davies, whose Monmouth constituency covers part of Cwmbran, said: “I go to church and respect Christian beliefs, but I am concerned that some of the claims made by Mr Bentley are far fetched and should be treated cautiously.”

Evangelist Bentley, 35, says he had a “miraculous conversion” which saved him from “youth prisons, drugs, sex, satanic music and bondage”.

He told his audience: “In 13 years of preaching we’ve had 33 stories of resurrections from the dead – 20 of them medically verified.

“Everywhere we go we get testimony from someone who has been close to death, had stage four cancer or some incurable terminal condition and received a miracle.

“There would be nights where 30 people would get out of wheelchairs, incredible miracles, thousands of people would be saved every day.

“I prayed for 139 deaf mutes and we had 139 deaf and mute people hear and speak for the first time.

“Some people say miracles are not possible but for me it’s impossible that someone is not healed.”

After his performance at Two Locks Church, Bentley told the Sunday Express: “When we had people raised from the dead doctors called them resuscitations. They were miraculously resuscitated, the doctors didn’t say they were, because they don’t have the terminology for divine miracle

“I believe in healing whether I have medical verification or not.”

Bentley, who is in Wales with his second wife Jessa, said: “People get cynical because of my background and my appearance and they have an idea of how they think a minister should look.

“I’ve had a lot of public things in my life, I’ve not been perfect and I haven’t done this perfectly either, but I acknowledge my failures and I use my failures to give people strength and hope because really we are all failures in one sense or another.”

He has claimed he can cure cancer by kicking tumours out of bodies with his biker boots. He said: “It’s not something I do regularly but I do have some stories where I’ve been preaching and the faith will come on me.

“I’ve been in a meeting and a woman has a tumour on her face and I heard a voice inside of me, I knew it was the Lord and he said, ‘Pull it off’.”

People travelled from as far away as Germany and Norway to see Bentley on Thursday. Those with conditions ranging from stomach cancer and heart disease to broken bones and arthritic knees queued to be “healed”.

Lucinda Rodregis, 68, has angina. She said: “I can’t climb the hill near my home because it’s too strenuous, but tomorrow I’m going to try and if I can do that then I’ve been healed.

“But I didn’t come here to be cured I came to see Todd Bentley, I just love what God does through him.”

Mat 24: 24  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

I have to seriously wonder where is the decernment in the church these days.  Tipped into the nearest bin bag and sent of to the local refuse tip.  Because its seems the desperation people have to follow this man staggers the intelect.  The Bible makes it clear False prophets>>>  WILL ARISE >>>> WILL DO FALSE SIGNS AND WONDERS.


   Todd teachings, bizzare vision and angelic excuses are no where grounded in scripture but via extra biblical revelations.  Such will be the deception in the last days that even some of the very elect will be decieved.


2 Tim 4: 20 Erastus abode at Corinth: but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick

Praying for the sick has always been part of Christian ministry.  It is both Biblical and normal.  As a Christian I can affirm that God can and does answer the prayer of the sick.  So this article is not based on some anti healing stance.  But it is the acknowledgement that as Christians we do need far more wisdom and practical common sense when praying for the sick.

James 5: 15  And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him

So while praying for the sick is encouraged, not even the apostle Paul could heal on demand. 

This article drew my attention recently, especially considering who the pastor of this movement is.  So once again the whole controversy of healing has cropped up.

At least six people have died in Britain after being told that they had been healed of HIV, and could stop taking their medication.

There is evidence that evangelical churches in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow are claiming to cure HIV through God.

We sent three undercover reporters into the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) , which is based in Southwark, south London.

All of them told the pastors that they were HIV positive. All were told that they could be healed.

Once a month the church has a prayer line, where people from across Europe come to be cured of all kinds of illness.

At registration they have to hand over a doctor’s letter as evidence of their condition

They are filmed giving before and after testimonies, which are put on SCOAN’s website.

The healing process involves the pastor shouting, over the person being healed, for the devil to come out of their body, and spraying water in their face.

One of the pastors, Rachel Holmes, told our reporter, Shatila, who is a genuine HIV sufferer, they had a 100% success rate.

“We have many people that contract HIV. All are healed.”

She said if symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea persist, it is actually a sign of the virus leaving the body.

“We’ve had people come back before saying ‘Oh I’m not healed. The diarrhoea I had when I had HIV, I’ve got it again.’ I have to stop them and say ‘no, please, you are free.'”

SCOAN told our reporters they would be able to discard their medication after their healing and that they would be free to start a family.

Former health secretary Lord Fowler, who led the HIV/Aids awareness drive in the 1980s, says this message is dangerous.

“It is foolish advice and it is tragic advice because the consequences of this kind of advice can only be that people pass on HIV and can only be seriously bad for the individual concerned – including death.”

Medical professionals have told Sky News of at least six patients who have died after being told by various churches to stop taking their HIV tablets.

Emmanuel came off his medication a year ago, on the instructions of a pastor at his church in North London.

“He told me I’d been healed: ‘You’ve got to stop taking the medicine now. I’ll keep praying for you. Once God forgives you then the disease will definitely go.'”

Emmanuel admits he suspects he may have passed his HIV onto his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I think I’ve passed it on. He got ill. Physically he’s lost some bit of weight. He’s very small. I think he’s worried… Yeah I feel guilty, if I’m the one who passed it onto him I’m feeling guilty. Yeah very much guilty.”

The Synagogue Church of All Nations is wealthy. It has branches across the globe and its own TV channel.

On its website it promotes its anointing water, which is used during the healing, and it also makes money from merchandise, such as DVDs, CDs and books.

Church members are expected to give regular donations.

It is also a registered UK charity. The Charity Commission is looking at our findings.

The Department of Health says it is very concerned: “Our advice is clear that faith and prayer are not a substitute for any form of treatment, especially for HIV treatment.”

Sky News asked the church for its response to our investigation. Here is its statement:

“We are not the Healer; God is the Healer. Never a sickness God cannot heal. Never a disease God cannot cure. Never a burden God cannot bear. Never a problem God cannot solve.

“To His power, nothing is impossible. We have not done anything to bring about healing, deliverance or prosperity. If somebody is healed, it is God who heals.

“We must have a genuine desire if we come to God. We are not in position to question anybody’s genuine desire. Only God knows if one comes with true desire. Only God can determine this.

“That is why, if anybody comes in the name of God, we pray for them. The outcome of the prayer will determine if they come genuinely or not


SCOAN’s or The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is pastored by T.B.Joshua Whose church is situated in Nigeria.    Both the Pastor and the church have had a cloud of controversy hanging over it for some time.  Maybe the worst part is that many are learning their trade from TV evangelist, Building mega churches, coupled with big claims, an over the top positive messages and money making schemes.

However the idea that one must prove ones faith by giving up the medication as some act of faith has been disastrous.  There are countless grave yards filled by people who claimed healing or were told they were healed; persuaded that they no longer needed life saving medication; Only to die of the disease they were told they were cured of.   This has done nothing but brought reproach to the name of Jesus and the work of the gospel.  The fact that people have been healed via prayed should never be in doubt.  However wisdom also demands that verification should not be seen as a lack of faith.  Medication should never be stopped until ones healing are verified.  God is as much in the skill of the hands of a surgeon as he is in healing a wrecked body.  God is not embarrassed by someone confirming their healing.  Even Jesus told the people he cured to go to the priests.  Like many faith healers when the healing does not occur they blame everyone except themselves.  The excuses range from you lacked faith, or its Gods responsibility.  Or the symptoms are really the devil trying to put that sickness back on you.  So everyone else’s fault but their own.

Every so often a church or ministry pops up about healing services.   Often wild claims of healing are boasted.  Sadly few can be authenticated and far too many are exposed as fraud.   God is not glorified by lies or deception.  Today the techniques used to implement many of these healing services are recognized.  The hype and anticipation of a service; the type of music used; the long period of repetitive style of music which dulls the sensitivity.  The style of preaching that almost guarantees miracles will happen.  All can become part of the drama that can lure the average person into believing something has happened, when nothing has changed.

The sad and sordid story of ministries who have been based on healing has been both tragic and scandalous.

Those who were unable to bring healing to themselves.

John Osteen, Word of Faith mega-church pastor in Houston – his wife, Dodie got liver cancer and through the mercy of God and medical attention survived.

Frederick K. Price, Word of Faith mega-church pastor in Los Angeles – his wife, Betty got cancer and was medically treated (chemo-therapy) and by the mercy of God was patched up.

Jamie Buckingham, Discipleship Movement & charismatic author – died of cancer. Jamies too was under a medical doctors care.

Charles Capps, Word of Faith teacher, teaches power of our words to create reality – his wife got cancer and was medically treated.

John Wimber, Signs & Wonders Movement, author of “Power Healing,” –  died from cancer. He too, was medically treated – no “power” healing for him, only chemo-therapy.

Mack Timberlake, Word of Faith pastor – suffering from throat cancer, getting medical attention.

R.W. Schambach, Faith Healer – got a quadruple heart bypass (from a real live human doctor)

Dr. Hobart Freeman, Word of Faith teacher & pastor of Faith Assembly – over 90 people died in his church following his teaching and then Hobart died due to a medically treatable disease.

Prophet Keith Grayton, Prophetic Movement – died of the complications of AIDS
He spoke at our Church in Detroit, and declared he was totally healed. He died a year or so later.

Kenneth Hagin, “father” of the Word of Faith Movement – sister died of cancer, (he wears glasses) Hagin’s great faith and special anointing could not keep her on the planet. Hagin  recently died in a “cardiac intensive care unit from the very condition he claimed he was healed from.

Katherine Khulman – an acknowledged divine healer DIED from heart disease in Ann Arbor Michigan.
A.A. Allen – an acknowledged divine healer and exorcist DIED from alcohol & drug abuse.

Aimee Semple McPherson – an acknowledge divine healer – died of a barbituate overdose. Why was she taking pills in the first place? Wasn’t the “peace” of God enough for her?

Jack Coe – an acknowledged divine healer DIED from disease.

Lonnie Frisbee -Died from AIDS in 1993,

Todd Bentley – Despite his many claims he was unable to heal his marriage.  One particular cancer patient who was kneed in the groin by Todd was later to have died from his illness.

Benny Hinn –  Has also been seen wearing glasses. Sadly he too was unable to save his marriage.

 Almost all of these ministries in one form or another were based around the same principle of confession, naming and claiming. The basic premise that God is bound by what we do and say.

 Some went so far as to reject medicine, doctors and treatment because it was a sign of lack of faith.  Some who had not received their healing on cue simply lied and went about telling people they were healed when no such healing had taken place. Others spend quite a bit of time running back and forth, from one healing minister to another to acquire that all important healing.  When the one person they should be talking it over with is never consulted.

What is needed is to learn from these men’s failure, and make a real difference as to how we conduct healing services.

Healing is based not on mans failure but in God faithfulness.

 Practical wisdom was all that was needed.  True faith in God rests the matter with God.

No minister should make a promise , if he is not the one to provide the cure.

No minister should ever tell anyone to give up medication until the healing has been proven.

No minister should make excuses for lack of results.

No minister needs to see himself or God in conflict with the medical establishment.

All ministers must recognise that healing comes in Gods time and not ours.  If a surgeon heavenly or earthly is Gods chosen hand, then we must be prepared to say Amen to it.

It must also be recognised that God does not heal on cue.  He is no mans debtor nor any mans servant.

Healing is not prime time TV.

A number of years ago Rodney Howard Brown appeared onto the American scene with what we now know as the Toronto manifestations.  The Pentecostal/ Charismatic church embraced it quicker than a hungry man embraces a piece of mouldy bread.  They feverishly downed whatever was served up. Discernment went out faster than it ever came in.  The movement was hailed as the last day revival but it did not take long to realise that the unsaved were never convinced.  This movement only impacted on Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.  Worst of all this so called movement robbed the church of all and every credible sense of discernment,, and turned men into drunken fools.  It was almost as if people could not wait to lose their reason and sanity, and boasting what fools they were for Christ.  Scripture which was so vital in every other revival was upstaged by laughter drunkenness and childish behaviour.    These same churches have never recovered from this state.   Now we see ministries which were once orthodox in confession are rushing to abandon even the mere pretext of sound doctrine.  Many in drunken stupor can’t even stand to read the Bible never mind preach, and they try to tell people that this foolishness is revival.

 In the last days many will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.  But how could we have foreseen that this was more than just a trickle but a literal spiritual tsunami, which would breach almost every defence, literally spilling across denominations and sweeping away discernment reason and every Biblical warning.  We just can’t underestimate the sheer weight of damage which this deception has caused.   People were pressured into embracing this new so called move or get out.  Worst of all this departure took exactly one generation to be accomplished.  The bulwarks of Christianity simply fell into the sea of apostasy and only a few barely notice.


Mystical Experiences has become the benchmark upon which many churches move.  I suspect one of the main reasons is that many wanted more than just faith to live on.  They wanted overwhelming proof that there was a God and experiences gave them it.  Now all Christians who are truly born again already have the witness in them.  They know that God is real and are content with that witness.  However when we look at those who run after experiences there is no real contentment.  They keep coming back for more and more of the same.  The contentment they seek is never really there.  They become spiritual junkies who continue to crave for an ever-increasing fix.  When people circumvent Gods ways the doubts they seek to quench will not go and their fears will never be removed. So we see people running from one pillow prophet to another, sleeves rolled up and demanded they receive another fix me up.

Here are some of the experiences which many crave for:

  1. 1.       Deadly visitations.

Recently Todd Bentley’s new wife Jessa Bentley recently spoke of having communication with the now dead Oral Roberts on the issue of a new faith movement.  Whilst shaking her head violently,   and talking about elephants, and a golden lion

Now it seems that this is not a new phenomenon.  In some charismatic circles today, people are claiming to have spiritual experiences that involve communication with the dead. One Michigan pastor  mentioned that he knows of some  church leaders he knows promote this bizarre practice and base it on Jesus’ experience on the Mount of Transfiguration. The logic is that since Jesus talked to Moses and Elijah on the day He was glorified, this gives us permission to talk to dead Christians and our dead relatives.

Although little is said about these experiences from the pulpit (since the average believer is not ready to handle this “new revelation”), people in some streams of the prophetic movement are claiming to have visitations from Aimee Semple McPherson, William Branham, John Wimber or various Bible characters. And we are expected to say, “Ooooooo, that’s so deep”-and then go looking for our own mystical, beyond-the-grave epiphany.

Communication with the dead was strictly forbidden in the Old Testament (see Deut. 18:11), and there is nothing in the New that indicates the rules were changed. Those who seek counsel from the dead-whether through mediums and séances or in “prophetic visions”-are taking a dangerous step toward demonization.

2. Ecstatic rapture.

Not long after ecstasy became known as a recreational drug, someone in our movement got the bright idea to promote spiritual ecstasy as a form of legitimate worship. The concept evolved from “spiritual drunkenness” to the current fad in which people gather at church altars and pretend to shoot needles in their arms for a “spiritual high.” Some preachers today are encouraging people to “toke the Holy Ghost”-a reference to smoking marijuana. I hate to be a party pooper, but the Bible warns us to “be of sound judgment and sober spirit” (1 Pet. 4:7).

There is plenty of freedom and joy in the Holy Spirit; we don’t have to quench it by introducing people to pagan revelry. Christian worship is not about losing control. Those who worship Jesus do it “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24), and our love for God is not measured by how violently we shake or how many times we fall on the floor.

Recently I told a friend in Pennsylvania that when people get tired of this drug imagery it won’t be long before we see some Christians having sexual experiences at the altar. “It’s already happening,” my friend said. He described a recent “worship concert” in which one of the musicians simulated sex while stroking a microphone and whispering sensual phrases to Jesus. What is next-orgasmic worship? God help us.

Patricia King made popular ecstatic dance craze which brought people into an altered state of consciousness.  Few seem to realise that there is nothing new in this craze.  The HOLY SPIRIT is a spirit of holiness, yet we see very little of that holiness in a lot of what takes place.  The HOLY SPIRIT brings self-control, clarity understanding and insight. The HOLY SPIRIT brings obedience to the word of God.  It will never draw us away to ventures which are alien to scripture,nor to another Jesus or another gospel.

 3. Angels among us.

Angels have always played a vital role in the life of the church. They are “ministering spirits” sent to protect, guide and strengthen believers (Heb. 1:14).

But suddenly angels have become the rage in some segments of our movement. People are claiming to see them everywhere, and often the stories don’t line up with the Word of God. During the Lakeland Revival last year in Florida, a man from Germany took the stage and claimed that an angel walked into a restaurant while he was eating a hamburger, took his intestines out and replaced them with a gold substance.

Others have testified that angels took them to heaven and operated on them. And many are claiming that angels are dropping feathers, gold dust and precious gems on worshippers.

God can do anything. He can make an iron axe head float, hide a coin in a fish’s mouth and use a little boy’s lunch to feed a multitude. Those were genuine miracles that He can still do today. But we still have to use caution here. There are counterfeits.

If we promote a false miracle or a false angel in the Lord’s house, we are participating in strange fire. There has been  case where a man was caught planting fake jewels on the floor of a church. He told his friends he was “seeding the room” to lift the people’s faith.

Others who have been caught putting gold glitter on themselves in a restroom and then running back in a church service, only to claim that God was blessing them with this special favour.

Where is the fear of God when Christians would actually fabricate a miracle?   They do no justice to the cause of Christ when people have to lie and deceive others.  They are simply deluding themselves.

This is a time for all true believers with backbones to draw clear lines between what is godly worship and what is pagan practice. We want the miracles of God, but we also want the fear and reverence of God.

4. Angel orbs.

Angels orbs has become another craze that many have run after, however angels orbs have been around since someone with a camera went down to a grave yard and started to take photos.  Mediums and ghost hunters have been doing it for years.

5. Soaking prayer.

Soaking has become another new fad but few realise that its origins are Hindu; its philosophy is nothing more than a Christianised form of transcendental meditation.    Many claim the soaking gives them a greater love for God.  However both the Bentleys are into this soaking phenomena,  and Todd  even creates  his own soaking music, and yet soaking has not diminished their heretical exploits. So to who are they are being drawn too?

 Here are a few quotes from another article regarding ‘soaking prayer’, something which the writer of the article used to do but not any longer.  This is what they have to say.  I share it as it was originally posted

In order to gauge whether or not soaking prayer is a valid form of prayer or communication to God, we must first look to God’s word. Prayer in its purest form is calling on the name of God and in every scriptural example is a done as a form of communication with the Lord. Although at first glance soaking prayer may seem that it follows this model of prayer it does not. Like most lies of the enemy a closer look will reveal a different picture. Soaking prayer involves a trance like meditative or contemplative state in which the adherent is encouraged to empty their mind. This type of prayer seeks to experience God’s presence through mystical exercises which teeters dangerously on the edge of the esoteric. As believers we understand that God’s presence is ever with us and when we come to prayer it is with His will in mind not ours.”

“Soaking Prayer is nothing more than contemplative / centering / listening prayer and is used for occult meditation. The Elijah List website sells a broad range of Soaking Prayer CDs, packaged as contemplative soaking, soaking worship, spontaneous worship, saturating, prophetic worship.”

“Soaking & being slain in the spirit are occult. There is a short answer and a long answer. The long one is given in True to His Ways. The short one is that it is Satan and his demons only who are at work in both yoga and Charismatic spirituality. We know this, because both are occult. The occult is Satan’s territory, and is where we meet with him and his demons. God simply cannot be found in the occult. Occultism is how Satan and his angels deceive, seduce, beguile, terrorize and defile their victims.”

“So how did Bentley purport to get into that secret place? He explains that in another session from the same conference in his message entitled, “Soaking.” In that message he said that he began to practice “contemplative prayer” something he said he learned from studying the lives of mystics such as Brother Lawrence and an Indian mystic named Sundar Singh. He said that this silence launched his ministry after three months of soaking (meditating in an altered state of consciousness) culminated in a physical encounter with Jesus Christ who stood behind him and spoke to him audibly.”

  • Reference that are used by adherence to try to justify soaking.
  • Psalm 26:10Be still and know that I am God.”
  • Isaiah 30:15  “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

 Being still before God does not mean emptying ones mind.  Nor can we conclude that this is a reference to such practices.  Quietness means coming aside from the busy activities of the day and with a bible read it , study it and pray.   It does not mean lie on ones back and listen to some weird tripped out music which aims to take a person into an altered state of consciousness.  In quietness “study to show yourself approved of God” and you can’t do that with lying on the floor.  It requires a conscious effort and a focus and thoughtful thinking and not passivity.

Many tell tales of having a wonderful time soaking

Just because there is an experience to be found does not make it right.  Our first parents were persuaded by an experience which they too thought was good, but the ramifications produced the fall of mankind.  Ask yourself this question why would God send an experience which is so similar both in content and experience to transcendental meditation.  Today experience rather than scripture has become the benchmark of acceptability.  The belief that if it feels good then it must be OK, what harm can it do.  However as scripture tells us there is a seduction about it.  Seduction implies that something deceives because it feels good. The moment we place experiences above scripture we are on faulty ground.  For this very reason is why so many denominations and churches were washed away.  We placed experience above scripture.  Many of those who embrace soaking also embrace personnel encounters with angels gold dust diamonds gold teeth and everything in between.

Here is one response to an article which I have quoted from.  See what her response is?

I would encourage you to seriously search the scriptures as soaking prayer has been an incredible tool that God has used to completely change my life. In the stillness and quiet He has brought peace to my heart and set me free from sin and really developed a passion and a hunger in my heart for more of Him”

First she appeals to experience and then urges the person to search the scriptures to prove it. Rather than search the scriptures to prove if the experience is valid.  Her response to scripture has already been circumvented by the experience.

Here is another comment:

“God’s ways are not are ways. The Holy Spirit moves in awesome and powerful ways to change lives to be more like Jesus. Spending time in His presence cannot hurt anyone. The Gifts of the Spirit are still very much alive because He is alive and working in and through us. Soaking in His presence and becoming more like Jesus is wonderful! When soaking in His presence you are spending time meditating on His Word and His character. You are also allowing Him to communicate to you. That is what prayer is. A two-way communication between you and God. I, myself, am very careful not to criticize a move of God or the Holy Spirit. Total surrender to Him and allowing Him to make us and mold us happens as we are in His presence. Believer’s today are really lacking in spending time with the Lord in worship. We must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. God is a spirit. We must connect spirit to spirit in the truth of His Word.”  It is also my prayer that the lost get saved and the saved get discipled and learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit and His gifts to reach a lost and dying world. Blessings, Donna

Again experience is foremost in this testimony.  First “Gods ways are not our ways”, otherwise experiences are above reason or criticism.  Secondly she says,  “ Am careful not to criticise a move of God”, So this lady has already placed experience above scripture.  “Total surrender to him and allowing him to make us and mould us….”  So she has already decided to surrender to that experience.  No attempt is made to hold up what she has experienced to the bar of scripture.  In many instances any criticism of such is regarded as criticism against the Holy Spirit.  She mentions that we need to connect Spirit with spirit , however soaking is connecting spirit with the flesh. As the manifestation is centred around what they feels in their bodies.

Here’s quote by Kent Philpott:
Some leaders get tingling in their hands, some have their hands get warm when healing is about to occur, some feel “power surges” going through their bodies. Some claim that they see a person’s “aura” when soaking a person in prayer. Soaking means pouring out lots of prayer over a person, often with laying on of hands and/or passing the hands over a person. It is reminiscent of what is called “Therapeutic Touch” [Reiki] practiced by new age and alternative medicine enthusiasts. People who believe in soaking prayer get the sense that power is passing through their bodies and actually helping to bring healing, comfort and love. And those who are soaking someone testify that they feel waves coming from the person or going toward the person being prayed for. Certainly something may be felt or experienced, however, is it the Holy Spirit?”


You see these experiences are centred around the body and not in our spirits. One person recently talked about soaking and getting legless.  His desire was not in his spirit but in his body.

Cathy Palmer  a one time adherent to soaking says… I personally have been to Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer a few times and willingly participated in soaking prayer there, at Brownsville and FIRE in Pensacola and at other ministries while missionary in Germany. Then the Lord opened my eyes to the deception of soaking prayer and contemplative prayer which have ties to the occult and Hinduism.

Sensuality, common in society, has indeed invaded the church. As noted previously, Teresa of Avila experienced “spiritual ecstasy” which was defined as “divine intimacy.” Many in the charismatic church, in a practice known as “soaking prayer” where one is directed to empty ones mind completely and trance-like states are not uncommon, have reported such experiences. According to Paul Gowdy, Carol Arnott, a leader at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, reports that “she had her bride experience where she was taken into the very presence of Jesus and said that the love that she experienced was even better than sex” .  Gowdy, an acquaintance of mine, was formerly pastor of a Vineyard church in Toronto which was a sister church to TACF, then known as the Toronto Vineyard.”  source:

There can be no doubt that many have an experience.  Many experienced raptures and visions whilst being prayed for by Rodney Howard Brown.  Yet Brown was a member of the rhema Church in South Africa.  As we know rhema is a false teaching.  Many started laughing and barking, or crowing and acting like dogs under his ministry.  Many were unable to minister after being touched by Rodney Howard Brown. What was so striking was that those who prayed in his meetings never received, but only those who were told not to but simply accept were the ones who went under his spell.  What does this tells you? 


Todd Bentley

While the bam bam man was kneeing and kicking people in the groin he was also carrying on with a young student behind his wife’s back, and this he called revival. He then divorces his wife marries his mistress and calls it repentance. Now he is back in the game selling himself as the great revivalist imparting the blessing and raking in the money.

Todd as we will see has thrown himself headlong into the prosperity game of health and wealth. Here are just a few comments he has made in his teaching straight from his own website “Fresh fire USA Ministries

“Angelic Functions: Releasing Finances : The angels do God’s bidding (Ps. 103:20). When the Father wants to command blessings, often it is the angelic messengers who are sent out to help us get our inheritance.”

 Despite the words of Jesus NOT to lay up treasures on the earth, Todd ignores this to turn this around to a physical inheritance now, where angels rush out to impart physical wealth. Notice how he slowly turns “Angels do Gods bidding “ to doing his bidding. There is no teaching here of obeying but rather the opposite.

The Bible teaches us:
Mat 6: 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

“The Bible assures us in Philippians 4:19 that God will supply all our needs “according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” When I need a financial breakthrough, I don’t just pray and ask God for it; I also petition the Father to release the angels that are assigned to finances. “Father, give me the angels that are assigned to get me money,” I’ll say. “Let those angels be released on my behalf. Send them to the four corners of the earth to gather money.”

Needs are not greed however in Todd vocabulary this becomes whatever makes him rich. Whilst it is true that God will supply our NEEDS there is no provision for a gospel to make people into millionaires.

Do you know why it’s important to pray like this? Because the devil wants to cut off our cash flow and block our finances. He wants to do whatever he can to hinder the blessing and provision that God has for us. Sometimes praying about it isn’t good enough because we need to overcome in heaven where the angels and demons are actually fighting. We must push back the demonic forces, so sometimes we need to say: “Father, let those legions of angels assigned to release financial breakthrough come to the earth right now and loose the devil from the money assigned to me. I call in that money in the name of Jesus.”

Whilst it is true that the devil can oppress people he certainly cannot stop God from blessing. But notice he places the ability to acquire this blessing straight into his own hands. “We must push back the demonic forces” or “we need to say: “Father, let those legions” or “I call in that money in the name of Jesus.. Otherwise turn what we pray into a confession. Notice the language. “ we must… we need … I call “ This is typical of this false teaching. He has gone from the language that God will supply to the point where he obtains through his confessions what he needs.

Sometimes when I pray this way –bam! I’ll have the money I need within a few days. Yes, I get financial breakthrough because God is my source. If man doesn’t have it for me, God does. Yet the devil is trying to keep it from me. Even though God heard me on the first day, the devil wants to delay it as long as he can. But I’ve got to get the angels involved through prayer. “C’mon God, let those angels come and help fulfill Your word. You promised me the blessing of the Lord that makes one rich and that You add no sorrow with it” (Prov. 10:22).

So Todd is back to his old antics with angel Emma and company.

I was at a meeting in Atlanta when someone saw two angels walk into the service and pour oil on the pastor. She saw gold in the oil and knew there was financial breakthrough coming. That night two people wrote the pastor checks for sixteen and seventeen thousand dollars. Others also wrote checks for thousands of dollars to Fresh Fire for our missions work.

Gold appeared on people’s hands and faces, and many experienced great financial blessing within twenty-four hours. The day after this angelic visitation, one gentleman had millions of dollars released to him. He’d waited almost ten years for this breakthrough.
This financial release came because financial angels visited. Can you imagine? The angels broke the spirit of poverty over the church. Often the churches that I visit will see their income double within twelve months. With this angelic assistance, as God’s people we will prevail and overcome the warfare trying to hold back our financial breakthrough.

Now why would a man who can call angels to send him money would have a “CLICK HERE TO MAKE A ONE TIME DONATION” button. Because like all false teachers the theology does not work. If you can call angels to bring you money you would not need a donation button.

“So Jesus answered and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My sake and the gospel’s, who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time—houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions—and in the age to come, eternal life’” (Mk. 10:29, 30).
I firmly believe that God wants us to prosper in all things and be in good health, just as our soul prospers, exactly as 3 John Chapter 1 states: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (v. 2). His desire is to possess you, empower you and prosper you.
This is a typical spiel of the health and wealth brigade. This verse is simply a greeting rather than a set formula. However the prosperity camp turns this statement into a formula and a mandate to acquire riches in this life usually at the expense of others. All John was saying here was that those to whom this letter was written would be fine and doing well. But because the word “Prosper “ is used they grab a hold of it and make it more than what John intended it to mean.
So, today, I will share three keys, and two more will follow next week, that will help you unlock some doors in your life. I’ve also included some exciting testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the lives of a few of my friends. They believed God and then took the principles He imparted to them to heart, and as they put those principles to work, they became prosperous.
1. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY You will eat the fruit of your mouth.
“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” Galations 6:7. Then the LORD said to me, ‘You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word’” Jeremiah 1:12.
God is He who raises the dead, brings into existence and removes from existence, controls all creation, and is the Creator of all things in heaven, earth and below the earth. God spoke all things into existence with His word. Because man is created in His image, we, too have the ability to speak things into existence. That’s why we must sow good seeds by speaking good words. To be blessed in our own lives, we must sow words of blessings over our nation, our children, our neighbors, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ—“You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:28).

 Again another typical misuse of scripture. Words become very important in the health and wealth camp. The belief is that what they confess they will possess, the trouble is that there are grave yards full of people who confessed and have not possessed.

Sadly this is nothing more than the prostitution of the gospel. For many what they confess they don’t possess. Despite all his confessions he could not heal his own marriage and was busy carrying on with a young student behind his wife’s back. Words can be a blessing as well as a curse but they cannot or were never ever meant to be taken in some metaphysical connection as Todd has here. Words can build up and encourage and edify. Great speakers have motivated people to do great deeds. But there are not made to become some supernatural force to influence angels or God.

We must believe and profess words of life over all things because God is always listening, and He desires to bless, enrich and empower His children according to the words they speak. So it is important to decree the blessing over yourself, over your circumstances, over your finances and over your family according to the word of God. You will see it come to pass in your life. If you decree “blessing” several times a day, it will become a habit and the results will be tremendous.

Todd says we need to profess  or decree words of life, otherwise a positive confession.  Wrong we need to confess  and believe the truth of Gods word. Todd turns what he says into a creative force that God listens to.  Notice what he says  If you decree …. blessings”  Nothing is said here about what God decrees or decidesTodd becomes his own saviour.  In fact in another sermon which I read he pats himself on the back for saving his dad.  He spoke the right words which God responded to because God could not do it.

“So, in order to experience God’s full blessing, we need to have a deep hunger and desire to see change come to pass in our lives. As well, we need to be fully prepared to focus on that change. I have heard it said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”
“Say to them, ‘As I live,’ says the LORD, ‘just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you’” Numbers 14:28.Negative Conversation: Speaking words of negativity limits what God can do. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” Proverbs 18:21a. “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers” Ephesians 4:29

Proverbs 18: 21 is simply stripped right out of its context. Notice he only used a part of that verse. Kenneth Hagin built a theology by daisy chaining verses together to make them say something they did not. The power of words here has absolutely nothing to do with confessing health and wealth. Hagin’s concept was that what we confess negative or positive once released from our lips would impact the world around us. Otherwise we create our own world by what we speak. We then become our own little gods creating our own little worlds. Whilst Mormons have to wait until after they have died these men believe you can do it now. Man becomes god and God and angels becomes man servants bound by the words we speak. This is not the gospel but an occult of metaphysical mysticism. Hagin died and went to hell where all false teachers go.”

 When we speak negative words, we are agreeing with the enemy whom the Bible says is the father of lies. For example, if a gardener doesn’t pull the weeds in a flower bed, the flowers won’t flourish and remain beautiful. Their life will be choked out! Just the same, there are things in our own lives that we must remove in order to for us to grow. To guarantee maturity and a winning life, you must eliminate all of the weeds of negativity from your life.

 Where in scripture does it say that when we speak negative words we are agreeing with the enemy?  How many verses can we find in scripture that speaks negatively of something?  This is pure Kenneth Hagin teaching .

Rom 3: 10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

This is a negative statement and it certainly does not agree with the devil.

Isiah 41: 26 Who hath declared from the beginning, that we may know? and before time, that we may say, [He is] righteous? yea, [there is] none that sheweth, yea, [there is] none that declareth, yea, [there is] none that heareth your words. 

Again another negative verse.  Who inspired that verse?    All scripture is inspired by God and so it is clearly not inspired by any devil.

When we speak God’s word, His power is present to perform His word in our lives. A great man of God in Korea made mention of how he carries a tape recorder in his pocket every day so that he can record his conversations. Every night he listens to it to see how many positive and negative words come out of his mouth during each conversation. He uses this technique so that he can minimize negative words and conversely, increase positive speech each day.

People who go down this road become bound to what they say and do not say. It becomes a form of superstition where people will run around making positive confessions in some vain attempt to override the negative confession. The negative brings sickness and poverty and positive confession brings health and wealth, sadly this is not the gospel. Notice that the emphasis is not on right living and rejecting sin but in getting rid of negativity. Where is that theology in scripture?

 2. GOD–CONSCIOUSNESS: In his book, Practicing His Presence, Brother Lawrence wrote about a question that challenged him: “Could a man keep his mind focused and centered on the Lord at all times?” In his quest for a truthful answer, his life actually modeled the answer! He lived a successful life and got to a place of a sacrificially surrendered lifestyle. Like Brother Lawrence, we are all called to work from the resting place of God, a state without any striving. This is done by setting our eyes on the Lord—the Author and Perfecter of our faith, ruling and reigning from that place of rest—where we are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
So keep God in your thoughts at all times. By continuously centering your thoughts on God and scriptural truth, wrong thinking will be crowded out, you’ll be empowered during temptation, and you’ll develop wisdom for important decisions.Equally, you need to meditate on God’s word; this is the daily bread for your life that will cause you to thrive. In the book of Luke, Jesus overcame the enemy who tempted Him in the wilderness by knowing the word of God. Likewise, it is important to know who you are in Christ and who He is in you.

 For those who may struggle in this area, I suggest finding a meeting place, an upper room in your house where you can encounter God daily. Since Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” I would suggest a good start would be with three chapters a day in your Bible. After all, knowledge and faith go hand in hand.

Again Todd takes scripture straight out of context by quoting only one part of this verse. The verse should read.
Hosea 4: 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children

While the advise to know Gods word better is good, however the reality is that he is not following his own advise but is borrowing his teaching from men.
Todd Bentley has clearly rejected the knowledge of God. The reality is that there have been plenty of studies showing that the prosperity gospel of Kenneth Hagin is a false perverted gospel. However as I believe that Todd was never saved in the first place it is unlikely he would take much notice. Like all those who have gone before him there is only one thing that Todd really believes in and that is Money.

Strange fire in the house of God.

1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

The question that constantly gets put out that there is going to be this great end time revival that will sweep the world,  furthered by many signs and wonders, and everyone will get saved.  Prophecies have been put forward to bolster this assumption.  Yet with heavy heart as I look at scripture and prophecy I just don’t see it.  In fact if anything apostasy and false signs and wonders are what we are being told we will see.  What I see is a great fallen away from the truth rather than a gathering back to the truth.  This is in fact the very thing we are seeing.

 Many talk about a great wave that is about to hit our shores, But the question is of what type of wave?

 Now I believe in personal revival and even a local revival, but it all hinges on how close we are to the end.  If the end is not yet then we will indeed see revival sweep the land, but if we are close to the end then this mighty revival is not what is being prophetically suggested.    Now God will not judge a world for sin if that world is in the midst of revival.  In fact God will judge the world because it is not in revival but apostasy.  The deception we will see is a world that thinks it is in revival when it is not.  This is the deception of the last days. 

 Ecumenicalism is sweeping the board and will continue to sweep more and more people into a global confederacy of religion.  The newest move to arise is called ChriLam a confederacy between Christianity and Islam, where some churches have both the Bible and the Koran in the pews.  A total oxymoron  of iron and clay, truth and error .  They can’t combine and yet will we see ministers quoting from the Koran in their Sunday services.  It appears so!  Men like Rick Warren will sell their idealism to whoever.

 The rise of homosexuality is another sign that we are in the last days.  For many the deception is that God will support their sodomite affairs, but worst still that churches have grown up in the name for Christ to celebrate and condone what the Bible does not.

 False signs and wonder have become almost a daily occurrence, and yet even as we speak these signs are being exposed for what they are.  But the blind refuse to accept that they are man made.  Gold dust is no longer even tested as it keeps turning out to be gold glitter, or the woman who believes she has the stigmata in her hands.  What was originally only a Roman Catholic sign has now be taken up by many within the signs and movement fraternity.   Yet I suspect that no one has told her that crucifixion did not take place on the fleshy parts of the hands but the wrists. Or Visions of Mary that seem to sprout up everywhere to encourage the faithful in their sin.  Or Moslems so desperate for any sign see the name Allah in just about anything that is not tied down.

The latest being on the leg of a young child where Allah decides to post verses from the Koran.  I suspect that if we were to take the time almost every religion will be trumpeting some sign or some wonder. 

For many this does not matter that these signs just keep getting busted.  Healings that do not turn out to be anything but auto suggestion or bad prophecies that in time people will hope are forgotten.  Then there are the Promises that many make that never materialise and a prosperity gospel where only the few get rich, usually at the expense of everyone else.  TV Evangelism type Christianity has become nothing more than a cash machine for those who feature on them.  People just seem to swallow up whatever drivel gets shovelled their way and then thank God for it.

 Do we honestly think that God simply looks the other way, tuts at the whole filthy mess and thinks nothing of it?  Do we honestly think we can live in our imaginary world, living with our fairy tales of revival when a world is on a collision course with hell?  Do we honestly think that while people cry revival, and we see ministers go around shouting bam bam whilst carrying on an adulterous relationship with one of his students and thinks God approves of it and then tries to pass off the marriage borne out of adultery as repentance?  Do we honestly think God is such a big fool? Or ministers raking in money left over right and God sanctions it.  God will call all this and more to account.

 I believe that many are simply not prepared for what is to come.  The church is unprepared for the tribulation which it is going to go through.  It does not take a prophet to realise that there is a good percentage of the church is going through tribulation right now in Moslem run countries.  Those numbers run into the thousands.

Many have suffered horrendous persecution and even death.  Now the gospel is advancing in those countries as believers stand for the faith.  Unfortunately at the expense of the west that has become weak and sickly.   The church in the west has not just lost its direction it no longer knows what that direction is.

 We put on bingo on our churches and call this holiness.  We have forgotten what holiness is.  We have forgotten to hold close to our lips the name of Christ as something to be revered.  We have a film that has depicted Mary Jesus Mother, played by a porn actress and we think nothing of it.  We betray Jesus by a man who swears and we run around to bus people to watch the whole passion and think this truly represents Biblical teaching.  In simple terms we have lost the plot and we don’t even know it.

 When was the last time that we were so struck by the name of Christ that we barely whispered it, in case we spoke it out from unclean lips.  When was the last time we stood in awe and hushed as Gods word as it is spoken?  Or are we so busy joking and laughing and thinking that God is nothing more than a weed to be snorted and laughed at.  The world has not just invaded the church, the church is the world. 

 Such is the mess of the church that Christians don’t even know what name God goes by.  We have become a babble of confusion that the atheist laughs at and the devils mock.  Until we wake up and see ourselves as we truly are, blind naked and deaf we will never see even personal revival. 

 We want revival but we don’t want the cost, we want revival but refuse to accept the price.  We want revival but only as something we manufacture and control.  If the real thing came along people would run from it.  Knees would be bent; there would be no laughing and joking.  No falling and barking and crowing.  Men and women would be weeping and crying and pleading for their lives.  If the real thing came alone all these prostitutes of the gospel would be gone from their pulpits.  These whores that plunder the poor and lie and cheat and deceive would all be gone.  Their mansions would all be sold, their expensive toilets would all be flushed away.