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She has been freed but her life remains in danger.

UCMINISTRIES : As posted earlier this disabled uneducated 14 year was accused of Blasphemy , and in some parts of this world “accused” is all that is needed to attack and kill the person in question.  The government quickly arrested her and placed her in protected custody.  Personally it should have been those who were baying for her blood that should have been arrested. 

On August 16, 14-year-old Rimsha Misrak was torn away from her family and placed behind bars. The next day, an angry mob gathered near her home in Islamabad, Pakistan, demanding that little Rimsha be burned alive. Her crime? Allegedly burning pages with bits of the Quran written on them.”

 Can you believe the mentality of anyone demanding that a 14 year old child should be burned?  It is almost inconceivable that any human being would demand that a child be killed and burned!!!  There is no rational or reason to such wickedness.

At present she has been released on bail which is not quite the same as been exonerated and freed.  Personally Pakistan blasphemy laws need to be appealed.  But the last MP who tried that was shot by his own bodyguard.  Now what does that tell you?   Whilst Rimsha has been united with her family and we rejoice that she has been freed.  Her life is still in danger from those who are so drugged out in their religion that they can’t see sense to save themselves.

Local news

A Christian girl accused of blasphemy in Pakistan has been released on bail after more than three weeks in prison.

Rimsha Masih, 14, was arrested on August 16 for allegedly burning pages containing verses from the Koran, but she was released from a prison in Rawalpindi after a court on Friday accepted her bail application.

Paul Bhatti, Pakistan’s minister for national harmony, said Rimsha was flown by helicopter to be reunited with her family.

“She has been freed from the jail and was transported by a helicopter to a safe place. Her family members received her.”

A Pakistan television channel broadcast footage of the girl wearing a traditional baggy green shirt and dark green trousers stepping out of an armoured vehicle and sitting in a helicopter.

Her lawyer Tahir Naveed Chaudhry confirmed her release after two people submitted a surety bond guaranteeing the girl would reappear before court at a specified time.

Under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws, burning a sacred text is punishable with life imprisonment.

Blasphemy is a very sensitive subject in Pakistan, where 97% of the 180 million population are Muslims, and allegations of insulting Islam or the prophet Mohammed often prompt a furious public reaction.

Campaigners stepped up calls for the girl’s release after police on Saturday arrested a cleric for allegedly tampering with evidence.

Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti is accused of trying to bolster the case against the girl by planting pages from the Koran among  the burnt papers that were brought to him. He has denied the charge.

An interesting reponse  on facebook on this subject .  This is what she had to say.  I post it as it shows something of the feelings of many within that country.

This is a slap on our faces. Shame on us, an innocent child has to be protected from the wild wolves of Pakistan (land of holy). If a child of this age has so much threat in her own country that country does not have a right to exist. We are stone age people and do not deserve to be live in a civilized world. I am sorry to say but have to say the truth. If anyone wants to destroy Pakistan they have enough reasons to destroy it. Shame on all of us, savage people.


Petition on Behalf of Rimsha Masih Gains Momentum- A petition posted on the Web site of ICC calling for the release of 14-year-old Rimsha Masih from a Pakistani prison quickly garnered over 2,000 signatures. The signatures came within a week of the petition being posted online as Rimsha’s case continued to make headlines around the globe. The petition, directed to Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, calling for the “immediate release” of RImsha, a Christian who doctors say is mentally disabled and is currently imprisoned in Islamabad.     Her life is still in danger.

It is nice to know that there are people out there that care what happens to this girl.  But the story does not end here until this Girl and her entire family are safe.  Keep praying for her as this story is far from ended.

UCMINISTRIES:  The Daily Mail  exposed this sad and terrible predicament recently of a downs child who accidentally burned a Koran,  Being uneducated she had no knowledge of what she burned.  Being from a Christian family there can be no doubt that this will serve to promote the usual rent a mob to start rioting.  Its almost hard to appreciate the mentality that promotes the arresting and possible lynching of any child.  So what happens they lock the child up rather than establishing true law and order.  Justice is simply a word that does not exist .  Such rioting only promotes  even more violence and even more terrorism. I suspect that it is a matter of time before a price is placed on her head.  Any civilization that  cannot temper its laws with  compassion and  allow grace to temper its people.  When Children become the mindless object of harm that civilization is not long for this world.


The jailing for blasphemy of the girls of Pussy Riot led to protests from almost every superannuated rocker one could think of.

When a religion has lost it reason

There has been no such concern about Rimsha Masih, a young Christian girl who lives in a slum area called Meharbadi on the outskirts of Islamabad. Or rather lived, since she is currently in an insalubrious adult jail in Rawlpindi, apparently for her own protection. Her family have also fled their home, along with about a thousand of their (Christian) neighbours.

Rimsha Mashi is illiterate and has Down’s Syndrome; her family are lowly street sweepers. Her offence? While helping her family, she burned a heap of rubbish. Since she cannot read, she did not notice they included a textbook used to teach the Quran. Although few locals were bothered by this, a cleric and two shopkeepers immediately got on the case, inciting an Islamist rent-a-mob. ‘What good are your prayers?’ the cleric asked ‘if your Quran is being burned’. We have seen that kind of incitement so many times – think back to the murderous attacks on all Scandinavians after the cartoons affair.

The girl then had to be arrested to prevent her being killed, for it is the mob rather than the Pakistani state which most ferociously seeks to enforce blasphemy laws.

The police have every reason to fear for Masih’s life. In July a mob dragged a mentally impaired man from inside a police station in rural Punjab, where he was being questioned for alleged desecration of religious texts. They beat him to death and burned his body outside the police station.

Other religious minorities in Pakistan also feel deeply unsafe. Last week, 25 Shia pilgrims were taken from a bus by Sunni extremists and gunned down. Hundreds of Hindus have fled to India in recent weeks. The leader of the Ahmadi sect was assassinated in the teeming port of Karachi. Their graves have been desecrated with Quaranic slogans too.

The Pakistani government has not been spared the hand of diabolical fanaticism either. The Governor of the Punjab was murdered by his own bodyguard for questioning the laws on blasphemy. The only Christian in the government, Sahba Bhatti, was killed for calling for reform of these laws.

So far, I have not heard a word from the likes of millionaire socialite (“journalist”) Jemima Khan nor any of those who eagerly latched onto the brilliant self-publicists called Pussy Riot, who doubtless, do not deserve to be in jail. When I do, I’ll take them at their own estimation as serious people.

2Ti 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

Gen 6:11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

In January 4 2011 Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, who was part of an elite security detail provided to protect and guard Salman Taseer, governor of Pakistan’ Punjab province from harm. Instead he assassinated the governor, shooting him down in cold blood as he returned to his car after meeting a friend for lunch. In a hail of bullets Taser was gunned down without any mercy or consideration for the governor or passing bystanders.


Psa 11:5 The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth

. Pro 28:17 A man that doeth violence to the blood of [any] person shall flee to the pit; let no man stay him.

The former security official, who has worked in fighting militancy and who requested anonymity because of his work, said that within just four hours of the killing, 2,500 people had posted messages supporting Mr. Qadri on  Facebook pages. Mass rallies championing him .

Facebook pages supporting Qadri contained hate speech and calls for violent action in the name of Islam began popping up within minutes of Taseer murder.  Many believed that the suddenness of this action might be a clue that the assassin did not act alone.

Several web sites threw up these comments.

My friend supports terrorists on Facebook,” says a 22 year old medical student in Karachi who wished to remain anonymous. “After I added him I found out he was following a number of pages run by banned sectarian groups. I know he has a problem because of his status updates, but he is a totally different person in the real world. No one would know this about him until they ‘friended’ him in the virtual world and checked out what he likes [on Facebook]. His parents are not online.”

Taseer’s assassination and the outcropping of multiple Facebook fan pages for the assassin, some boasting thousands of followers within hours of their creation, has brought to light the fact that many young people have developed, and are disseminating, extremist viewpoints online.

There are a number of sites dedicated to his name

Mumtaz  Qadri lives in our hearts, all infidels you must keep this in your head, you cannot erase his name from our hearts! It’s written inside our hearts. Love for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the reason why we live in this world, there is no other reason because it pleases Allah the most Who sent us to this world and for His pleasure we can go to any lengths. You are the terrorists for hurting our sentiments; we warn if you don’t stop, we will act as the father of all terrorists.

hamid   says: Good work by mumtaz qadri i think salman taseer is bad luck person on the earth whose last pray is perform by his own party mulla because not a single one sect mulla give pray so he deserve it .the respect of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is more for any thing and Mr Taseer now in hell drink urine just like he drink wine.

kamy says: I am embarrassed to be pakistani where murdering of a political figure is appreciated in the name of God. What are we defending islam that preaches its OK to kill any one who says bad about our religion, where is the tolerance and forgiveness. If prophet Mohammed PBUH was alive we would have condoned such brutal daylight killing in his name


Salute to Mr Qadri we love you aashiq-e-rasool,”

 The blasphemy laws have been especially in the spotlight since November 2010, when a Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, was sentenced to death for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Mr Taseer championed Ms Bibi’s cause, saying the law was being misused. Many believe it was this support of Bibi and his attempt to change the Blasphemy laws which sealed his fate.

He had also backed a private member’s bill in the country’s parliament by a female MP, Sherry Rehman, to amend the law to make miscarriages of justice less likely and remove its death penalty.

Two months after Mr Taseer’s death,  Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, was also murdered after speaking out about the need for debate about the laws.

Correspondents say the killings have for the moment stifled this debate.

In August, Mr Taseer’s son Shahbaz was kidnapped in the Punjabi capital Lahore.  I wonder what was his crime was. other than being the son of a member of the government?   

His fate is unknown and militants are suspected of carrying out the abduction.

Pakistan’s government has said it has no intention of amending the blasphemy law

Qadri  admitted his guilt and  was eventually tried and sentenced to death, however I suspect this is one sentence that is unlikely to be carried out.

Qadri  says he is proud to have carried out his duty as a Muslim to kill Governor Taseer. He also provided a court with testimony saying he was inspired by two clerics, Qari Hanif and Ishtiaq Shah. 

Such is the support  that Qadri  had that hundreds turned out at his trial. later blocked off a main road in the city by setting tires alight. Some of the stick-wielding protesters forced shops to close but later all dispersed peacefully

Even more astonishing that That change is now no more apparent than among the 1,000 lawyers from the capital, Islamabad, and the neighbouring city of Rawalpindi, who have given their signed support for the defence of Mr. Qadri, who has been charged with murder and terrorism.

Their leader is Rao Abdur Raheem, 30, who formed a “lawyers’ forum,” called the Movement to Protect the Dignity of the Prophet, in December. The aim of the group, he said, was to counter Mr. Taseer’s campaign to amend the nation’s strict blasphemy laws, which promise death for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The sentence is not final. Qadri will have several opportunities to appeal, but he has never denied the charges against him. In fact, he says he is proud to have carried out his duty as a Muslim to kill Governor Taseer.

Since his assassination, no Pakistani politician has openly criticised the legislation, which is deemed sacred by the country’s powerful religious establishment.

Defence Lawyer in an interview with the BBC said.

“My client’s morale was very high”, another defence lawyer Tariq Muhammad Dhamial told the BBC.

“He was very happy with the decision and he accepts it – as it means he has sacrificed his life for the prophet Muhammad.

“My client is at peace – he started reciting verses from the Koran after the verdict was read out.”

Qadri was also ordered to pay a fine of 200,000 rupees ($2,300).

His family said they were very happy that he had carried out this act.

Dozens of people gathered outside the prison after the verdict chanting pro-Qadri slogans.

By punishing one Mumtaz Qadri, you will produce a thousand Mumtaz Qadris!” Reuters news agency quoted one man as shouting through a megaphone.

Qadri’s lawyers told the BBC when he was charged that although he admitted killing the governor, he argued that it was not unlawful because “he killed an apostate who insulted the prophet“. …….He has the right to appeal.  


The justification of a criminal act does not spell well for any nation or individuals who go down this road.  The very fact that those who would seek to run the nation have been silenced by the very forces that should be brought to trial. If this conviction is overturned, it will signal that killing is justified as long as the accusation is one of apostasy.  That is just about anyone whose views differ from some Moslem teacher. Any honest debating is silenced for fear of a fateful accusation.

 Before long the rule of law will be governed by the mob, the assassin, and the fanatic.  The very fact that we even see those who are suppose to uphold and defend the law, distain it and support a known assassin should make anyone in government extremely worried.  This is not a road to civilised government with just laws, but chaos and ruin.  When laws get passed or not as the case might be only to avoid an assassin’s bullet, such a government cannot claim the freedom to rule responsible. Under such circumstances hands are tied and legislation is dictated by the fanatic.  Laws must be established by just and righteous government.  Where truth and integrity is upheld at all levels and the law is applied fairly to everyone.

As Christians we are encouraged to obey the laws of the land and where possible to live at peace.  We love what is honest and true.  True democracy has arisen in many ways from the Judeo / Christian heritage, but no such heritage can be found in Islam.  Sadly I do not see such a heritage developing in the near future.

I will leave you with this passing thought from one whom I have already mentioned

“You are the terrorists for hurting our sentiments; we warn if you don’t stop, we will act as the father of all terrorists”

This is simply HATE speech!!!

We become the terrorist for no other reason than we have views which hurt their precious feelings, so they will become the FATHER OF ALL TERRORIST. The freedom to have opinions is what we call Democracy, a concept that this person obviously finds repugnant and abhorrent.

 On the subject of terrorism Muhammad has already made his views very clear long before we were ever born.

Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.

 Qur’an:8:57 “If you gain mastery over them in battle, inflict such a defeat as would terrorize them, so that they would learn a lesson and be warned.”

Ishaq:326 “If you come upon them, deal so forcibly as to terrify those who would follow, that they may be warned. Make a severe example of them by terrorizing Allah’s enemies.

Qur’an:8:7 “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last

That is exactly what Qadri accomplished.  It means that no one in government could trust even his own body guards, because they just might be the first ones to kill them if they do not vote a certain way.  Intimidation fear and mistrust becomes the companions of men.  The only HOPE that this nation has is the true message of the gospel.  The only true freedom they can truly enjoy is when Christ becomes lord of their lives and their nation.

UCMINISTRIES: The ongoing bravery of this Christian woman should be an encouragement to us all.  Yet her suffering is just one of many who are undergoing similar treatment at the hands of fanatical Moslems.  As of today she is in isolation in fear for her life, whilst Moslem teachers have taken out a bounty for her death.  So even if she is released her life is in danger.  So when people tell you that Islam is a religion of peace and reconciliation remember this story and others like her.   

Mat 5: 10-12 Blessed [are] they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when [men] shall revile you, and persecute [you], and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great [is] your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you

Math 5: 12 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Death row: Mother-of-five Asia Bibi has been condemned to hang after insulting the prophet Muhammad

A Christian woman on death row in Pakistan after being convicted of blasphemy has told how she must cook her own meals for fear of being poisoned.

In her first interview since being condemned to hang, Asia Bibi, 46, described the miserable conditions she has suffered as she waits for an opportunity to appeal.

Since her arrest in 2009, Mrs Bibi, a mother of five, has been held in the high-security District Jail Seikhupura, 22 miles north-west of Lahore.

‘I am allowed to go out for only 30 minutes every day, and allowed to meet my family for one hour every Tuesday,’ she told Christian group Life For All, in an interview seen by the Daily Telegraph.

‘I am given raw material to cook for myself, since the administration fears I might be poisoned, as other Christians accused of blasphemy were poisoned or killed in the jail.’

Hostility towards Christians in Pakistan is rife. Mrs Bibi told in the interview how one of her guards had tried been suspended after trying to strangle her.

“Islamic clerics had offered a bounty of about $ 8,000 to anyone who would kill her”

Mrs Bibi, a farm worker from rural Punjab, was first detained in 2009. She is accused of defiling the name of the prophet Mohammed during an argument with Muslim co-workers.

She denies the charge, but was sentenced to death after the case went to trial. She is now waiting for her appeal to be heard at Lahore’s High Court

 Two of Mrs Bibi’s supporters have been assassinated this year, including Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab, who was shot dead by one of his own bodyguards.

Mrs Bibi said she was praying for her freedom to see her family again, adding: ‘I am given raw material to cook for myself, since the administration fears I might be poisoned, as other Christians accused of blasphemy were poisoned or killed in the jail.’

Source :

As one person puts it “Where full-on Sharia is enforced, “blasphemers” get the death penalty. Here in America, your character is assassinated”  >>>>>Coming to a town near you<<<<<<

Freedom and liberty is something Islam hates because it gets exposed.  Democracy is just an alien invention.  If we dont fight to keep it, before long we might loose it.   The one think we must fight is to be heard , to proclaim and to expose, and compromise is not an option.

UCMINISTRIES: What we are seeing today is a wholesale holocaust by a growing intolerant religion.  Motivated by  power of darkness, blighted by superstition,  controlled by demons.  We need to continue to pray that God will intervene,

A Christian accused of blasphemy died in a Pakistan prison from a treatable disease after he was denied medical care.The autopsy indicated that Aslam Masih died from Dengue virus, but he was denied treatment by prison officials. Masih was arrested in early 2010 after two members of an Islamic missionary group falsely accused him of blasphemy; Masih was initially released on lack of evidence, but was later re-arrested after pressure from local Muslims. In Pakistan, many Christians accused of blasphemy have either been killed in jail, or in court. On March 15, Pakistani officials reported that Qamar David died of a heart attack, but his lawyer claimed he was was murdered. On September 20, 2009, Falish Masih was found dead inside his prison cell; despite severe wounds over his body, Pakistani police claimed Falish committed suicide, and on July 19, 2010, Muslims shot and killed Rashid and Sajjid Emmanuel outside a court house in Faisalabad. “I condemn the prison authorities for not providing medical treatment to Aslam Masih and urge Punjab government to constitute (an) inquiry committee to investigate (the) death of Aslam Masih,” said Dr. Nazir Bhatti, president of the Pakistan Christian Congress. “The death of Aslam Masih in jail has raised questions of safety and security for the life of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother sentenced to death and in jail waiting for her appeal to be heard in Lahore High Court

We must continue to publicise and expose Islamic militancy.  Shout out that this will no longer be done behind closed doors.  We will not go away and we refuse to be silenced.

PAKISTAN:Kiran, a Christian girl from Sheikhupura, Punjab, was kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam and forcefully given in marriage to Muslim policeman in 2009: Kiran was burnt to death by her Muslim husband and his mother in 2010; Parents of Kiran are knocking every door for justice to arrest killers of Kiran: God’s response to your plea for justice might not come the way you want, or in the time you want, but God’s justice will come, because it must come. Amen


Rom 5:3 And not only [so], but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

When I see something like this my cry heart cries out how long oh Lord.  How long must we put up seeing your saints suffer. How long will injustice continue.  How long will we see you name mocked, your holiness rejected and you love ignored?

Them I am reminded that there might be some just around the corner who need to be saved.  We are told to be patient.

John saw these saints  and this is what he was told.

Rev 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled. 

DEATH DOES NOT SPEAK OF AN  END BUT A PASSING INTERLUDE BEFORE THAT GLORIOUS DAY WHEN WE SHALL ALL BE UNITED IN CHRIST.  They can break and kill the body but they can do no more.  These saints  will however will be ushered into a glorious rest.  A triumphant peace which no man can rob.  Sure foundation which speaks of ansurance in the face of trials.  Harnest of safety when this frame falls.  Majestic new body that will never fall.  Joy unspeakable and full of glory.  The ornaments of Gods love.  Gems in his crown.

I have heard about this issue for some time, but never realized the full horror or the consequences of what is taken  place.  A recent article in the Daily Mail ; a Local newspaper has highlighted this issue.  I post this not to mock or deride anyone, not least any children involved, but as a social concern.  It seems whilst this issue has been very much hushed up, it has been a growing concern even among Moslem teachers.  This should break our hearts to pray for these people.

Marriage of first cousins

The man wept as he told how his beautiful, dark-eyed child died in a hospital cot with medical tubes snaking from his frail body as nurses fought unsuccessfully to save him. Sick with pneumonia, the two-year-old gave up the battle for life. A rare tragedy, you might think, in modern Britain, with all the advances of medical science.  But in the terraced streets of Bradford, Yorkshire, a child’s death is anything but rare. At the boy’s inquest, coroner Mark Hinchliffe said Hamza Rehman had died because his Pakistan-born parents (shopkeeper Abdul and housewife Rozina) are first cousins.

Four years before, Hamza’s older sister, three-month-old Khadeja, had died of the same brain disorder which causes fits, sickness and chest infections. The couple had another baby born with equally devastating neurological problems.

A heartbroken Mr Rehman told the inquest that he and his wife were unsure whether to have any more children. The coroner expressed deep sympathy before saying that Hamza’s death should serve as a warning to others.

He said: ‘This highlights a cultural and religious issue relating to first-cousin marriages and the potential risk to children that some medical experts say can result from such unions.’
The coroner chose his words carefully, since he was addressing one of the most controversial — and taboo — subjects in multi-cultural Britain: marriage between cousins in the Muslim communities which has left hundreds, if not thousands, of children damaged or dead.


This week, leading geneticist Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, warned that ‘inbreeding’ in Islamic communities was threatening the health of generations of children.  He said: ‘We should be concerned as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage and children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene.’

He highlighted Bradford as a city that was ‘very inbred’.

This is not the first time the distressing issue has been raised. Ann Cryer, the Labour MP for nearby Keighley, has said that cousin marriages are medieval, harm children and are arranged in order to keep wealth and property within families.

‘It is not fair to the children or to the NHS which has to treat them. If you go into a paediatric ward in Bradford or Keighley, you will find more than half the kids are from the Asian community,’ she said. Since Asians form only 20 to 30 per cent of the population, that figure is clearly disproportionate.

Mrs Cryer recalled the case of a young girl in hospital who had to carry an oxygen tank on her back and breathe from a hole in the front of her neck.‘Her parents were warned by doctors not to have more children,’ she explained.  ‘But when the husband returned
again from Pakistan, his wife had given birth within months to another child with exactly the same condition.’
Are the MP’s words, and those of Professor Jones, inflammatory or simply a truth that needs to be aired?

Sadly, the facts speak for themselves. British Pakistanis, half of whom marry a first cousin (a figure that is universally agreed), are 13 times more likely to produce children with genetic disorders than the general population, according to Government-sponsored research.  One in ten children from these cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-threatening disability.

While British Pakistanis account for three per cent of the births in this country, they are responsible for 33 per cent of the 15,000 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects.

The vast majority of problems are caused by recessive gene disorders, according to London’s Genetic Interest Group, which advises affected families. Everyone carries some abnormal genes, but most people don’t have a defect because the normal gene overrules
the abnormal one
But if a husband and wife both have an abnormal recessive gene, they have a one in four chance of producing a child with defects.  These include blindness, deafness, blood ailments such as sickle cell anaemia, heart or kidney failure,
lung or liver problems and myriad complex neurological or brain disorders. 
Even their healthy children have a one in four chance of being a carrier of a defect, with terrible implications for the next generation.

The problem is most serious in Bradford. A recent survey of 1,100 pregnant women in the city showed that 70 per cent have husbands who are first cousins — a higher percentage than the average of 50 per cent among Pakistanis across the whole of Britain.

It is no surprise therefore that more than six per cent of children in Bradford have health defects, with paediatric wards looking after countless children, including teenagers lying in nappies who are unable to speak and are fed through a tube.  Meanwhile, the city’s special schools struggle to cope with huge numbers of pupils with learning difficulties.

Bradford’s St Luke’s Hospital has seen an extraordinary rise in the number of different types of genetic disorders. Some are very rare and, hitherto, unknown in Britain.  In a typical health authority area, the range of different types of genetic disorder total 25 a year. But in Bradford, 140 have been diagnosed, according to Dr Peter Corry, a consultant paediatrician at the hospital.  Many are degenerative ailments which lead to a decline in the ability of the brain and spinal cord to function properly after a child is born, as in the case of Hamza and Khadeja. Their bodies weakened, and unable to fight off infections, they gradually faded away.
The British Paediatric Surveillance Unit says eight per cent of all UK children born with this kind of neuro-degenerative condition come from Bradford, although the city has just one per cent of the UK’s population.

Research into the city’s 9,000 disabled youngsters also revealed a ‘disproportionately high’ level of hearing and sight problems in Pakistani families.  But Bradford is not alone. In Birmingham, which also has a big Pakistani community, the city’s Primary Care
Trust estimates that one in ten of all children born to first cousins either dies in infancy or goes on to have a serious disability because of a recessive gene disorder

Yet cousin marriages — and the resulting consequences — remain a taboo subject. Few of the affected families will discuss the issue publicly. Many NHS doctors, while admitting privately there is a crisis, refuse to speak out for fear of being branded ‘racist’. However, on Muslim websites the issue is discussed more freely. An Asian health worker wrote recently: ‘I went to two special schools in my city. One was for children with physical disabilities; the other with kids who had learning difficulties.

‘The children at the second school were aged 13 to 19. None of them was capable of functioning beyond the behaviour expected of an infant. They all wore nappies. ‘They didn’t speak, a few grunts aside. All needed inordinate amounts of special care, from doctors,
speech therapists and so on. The parents are drained emotionally.
‘Of the six 16-year-olds at the second school, five were Pakistani and one was a Tamil. All had blood-related ancestry. I rest my case: cousin marriages don’t work.’ So why are cousin marriages so
As one British-Pakistani put it bluntly on a similar website: ‘A main reason why this corrupt practice is still followed in Britain is because the family wants to keep their property, land, jewellery and money in the family.

‘The lack of education in families, along with a Pakistani village culture, encourages these incestuous marriages. The children are born disabled and it must cost the NHS millions of pounds to treat them. Maybe if the NHS refused to treat the children the
families would have second thoughts.’
They were harsh words. But this week I was told by charity workers, doctors and counsellors working with families in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands that many parents also believe it is an ‘act of God’ or the ‘will of Allah’ that their children are born disabled.  According to Zed Ali, manager of a Lancashire charity, Project BME (Black Minority Ethnics), some parents think that if their children die, they will become angels in heaven.

‘It is hard to counter these religious views without offending the Pakistani community,’ she says. Zed, who has what she calls
dual-heritage Asian and British background, was a social worker in Burnley, Lancashire, before founding Project BME.
She said: ‘In Burnley, I saw a huge number of children from cousin marriages with learning disabilities. It was often not just one child, but two or three in one family. ‘When it comes to cousin marriages, the boy and girl often have no choice.  ‘Their families don’t take
their happiness into account. Marriage is arranged by the parents or grandparents, who are also often related to each other.

‘A girl will be told she is marrying her cousin when she is 14, 15 or 16. They catch them young before they are old enough to break away from the family. The girls are frightened of being ostracised if they don’t do it. A male cousin is chosen in Pakistan to marry
‘It is cruel because of the possible consequences. Arranged marriages can work, but they can be a form of abuse to both sexes.’

In Bradford, Dr Peter Corry says he knows of one family with six children all with the same genetic neurological disorder, which means none of them will survive to adulthood.  A Muslim doctor trying to tackle the problem is Mohamed Walji, who runs a health centre in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

‘The huge number of applications for child disability allowances in our multicultural cities and towns shows the reality,’ he explains.

‘We all carry mutations in our genome [the genetic blueprint for our body] — half of which comes from our father and half from our mother. But the chances of carrying the same mutations is higher in first cousins and those marrying within very close-knit
‘If they both carry the same mutations, there is a one-in-four chance of having an affected child — which
can result in anything from a mild disability to a catastrophic illness or a miscarriage.’

Dr Walji says the consequences are devastating — not only to the sick child, but also to siblings, parents and the extended family. There are endless hospital visits and one of the parents has to become a full-time carer. At worst, there is the trauma of watching a child die or suffer from a long-term illness with no cure.

Dr Walji has discussed how cousin marriages were damaging local families with the imam in his local mosque, who has since given lectures about the dangers of such unions to children. ‘It has had quite an impact,’ says Dr Walji, proudly. ‘It has led to fewer cousin marriages.’  Yet you only have to read the internet messages on Muslim medical forums to understand the scale of this tragedy.  One young mother, calling herself by the Pakistani name of Shenzah, wrote recently: ‘I have a huge difficulty. I am married to a first cousin. My parents and my husband’s parents were also married to their first cousins.  ‘Now I have one daughter with lots of defects and the doctor is sure it is due to these marriages.

‘I was against marrying a first cousin because I believed it would cause genetic problems, but my family forced me. According to them, what the doctors say is all nonsense. ‘I cannot understand why cousin marriages are not forbidden in Islam. The Koran doesn’t forbid it and this encourages people around me to disbelieve what the doctors say.  ‘My daughter is not going to survive for long and the doctors are unable to find out what she is suffering from.

‘They are sure if I get pregnant again, the risk for the next baby will be the same.’

She said she had two options: ‘One is to give up the idea of having any children, ever. The other is to get a divorce. Please, can anyone tell me what to do?’  These are despairing words which will bring little comfort to so many families across Britain who, like Abdul and Rozina Rehman, grieve the loss of their precious children.

Source Daily mail

Stylistics have shown:

1400 years of inbreeding have severely damaged the Muslim Gene Pool. Close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan , the numbers approach 70%. Even in England, more than half of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins, and in Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

 How true this is I cannot say, but the long term consequences will be horrendous.

 It does seem that marrying first cousins is although banned today was recognized and practiced by many
nations in ages past.  

For example according to

 Cousin marriage was legal in all US states in the Union prior to the Civil War.  Only Austria, Hungary, and Spain banned cousin marriage throughout the 19th century, with dispensations being available from the government in the last two countries.[  Although Protestant, the Church of Sweden didn’t ban first-cousin marriage until 1680 and required dispensation until  1844. England maintained a small but stable proportion of cousin marriages for centuries, with proportions in 1875 estimated by George Darwin at 3.5 percent for the middle classes and 4.5 percent for the nobility, though this has declined to under 1 percent in the 20th century. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were a preeminent example.

 However with the rise of modern medicine and proper studies on the subject it became clear that such practices over a relative time was detrimental to any civilization.  Whilst I have little time for Islam as a religion I have hope and pray that changes are made.

The lastest from OPEN DOORS concerning the persecution of Christians throughout the world.  Every year they compile a list of top ten nations which persecute Christians   Its worth posted as OPEN DOORS has shared it.

“Today’s release of the listing shows North Korea at No. 1 for the ninth year in a row. Moeller notes there were no surprises on this year’s list. However, “The biggest thing that we learned from putting the list together this year is that the entire level of persecution globally is accelerating at a really dramatic rate.”

Last year, Iran was No. 2 followed by Saudi Arabia at No. 3. Several countries might climb up on the list, including Pakistan (No. 14 in 2010) and Iraq (No. 17 last year) due to increased persecution over the past 12 months.

Moeller says, “Eight out of the top ten countries on our World Watch List this year are Islamic countries where Islamic extremism has gained the upper hand.”

That can be troubling in places where there are sympathetic leaders. A case in point is Tuesday’s assassination of the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province. A government official says Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own security guard because he spoke out against the country’s controversial blasphemy law. “It is horrible to imagine the kind of social situation that would justify or at least give an excuse to an extremist in the very bodyguard of the governor of the state of Punjab to assassinate him on the basis of the governor’s opposition to these blasphemy laws.”

Taseer put a spotlight on Pakistan’s controversial law in November when a Christian woman, Asia Bibi of Punjab province, was sentenced to death for blasphemy. He believed the law was being misused for the purpose of targeting minorities.

His thoughts about the law were correct, and Moeller agrees. “One of the worst situations that Christians throughout the Middle East face are these ‘blasphemy’ laws. It’s typified by the United Nations Resolution defending the rights of Islam to not be defamed. Quickly said, ‘defamation of religion’ in that context means someone converting to Christianity.”

The backlash over Taseer’s November statement was immediate and deadly. And it’s ongoing. Moeller says, “We’ve had a report from one of our contacts on the ground in Pakistan that a national strike is being called again by Islamic extremists to support these blasphemy laws and to continue to hold this woman, Asia Bibi, as an example, to hold the government to carry out her execution.”  

Major attacks on Christians occurred during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. In Egypt (No. 20 last year), at least 21 Christians were killed in a bomb blast on New Year’s Day outside Saints Church in Alexandria. There were also killings of Christians in Iraq and Nigeria (No. 27 in 2010).

As the tension simmers over an articulated strategy to eradicate Christianity, Moeller says the World Watch List’s release is an important tool in a Christian response. “The first thing we can do is to pray.  Secondly, though, we can use our voice. Again, the World Watch List is a great tool for us to speak to countries that are sensitive to religious liberty. And lastly, this World Watch List also tells us the areas that need our help the most. Many Christian refugees are fleeing their homes, and we’ve got to be there supporting them.”

The World Watch List ranks countries according to the intensity of persecution Christians face for actively pursuing their faith. It is compiled from Open Doors’ indigenous contacts, field workers, and persecuted believers based on answers to questions covering various aspects of religious freedom