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There re many undeniable connections between these people.  Some the connections are more fluent but there can be no doubt the influences existed and are proven to have existed. The List is by no means exhausted or complete.

In turn an entire generation of believers were influence with the teachings of another gospel.

Word of Faith tree

Word of Faith tree



Recently News has spread that Todd Bentley was in Britain preaching.  It took me a little while to track down what church in Wales he was visiting.  Now we have thanks to Todd Bentley own face book site.  The church was pastor by Robert and Helen King  and is called TWO LOCKS CHURCH.

The church advertises itself :

Two Locks Church is Independent, Christ-centred, Bible-based, and charismatic. Every Sunday we have people from all different walks of life and of different nationalities meeting in harmony to celebrate Christ and his Kingdom.

One of the main feature along with a puppet ministry is a “TACF Soaking Centre.

Mr and Mrs King with Mr and Mrs Bentley

SOAKING  Is just a christianised form of  Transcendental Meditation, which is also popular with the Todd Bentley.

Affiliations & links: Evangelical Alliance, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship .  (This description just about says it all.)

On its blog where some of the pastors teaching Robert makes this statement:

God has given us His faith, you either have it or you don’t and when we become disciples of Him He gives us His faith.  There is never a day when we are faithless as the faith He put on the inside of us doesn’t come and go! We can step out in faith every day, it’s not about how we feel, it’s about what He has given us…..  This is not about ‘my faith’ it’s about ‘His faith’ living in me….For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NKJV)

Is a Christian’s faith always alive?  James 2:17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. (NKJV)  In other words, it doesn’t do anything if we don’t use it!  Jesus said, ‘You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover!’ But if we don’t lay hands on the sick then nothing will happen!  

Confess this truth out loud now, ‘He’s given me His faith and His faith works’”

 The terminology of receiving “Gods faith” is usually reminiscent of word of Faith teachings so common with Kenneth Hagin .    God himself does not need faith.  As faith means trusting in someone, who is God going to put his trust in?  God can impart faith to the believer to help us have faith in God, but God himself does not need faith.  Then there is the confessing “this truth” Also very reminiscent of Word of Faith.  Where those who confess believe they will possess.  In the end it is not God they put their trust in but the words they confess.   By making and speaking the right words you will create your own reality.  However that is nothing more than New Age witchcraft.  Words spoken in the right way is nothing more than reciting a spell. 

It has been my understanding that Todd has been gravitating towards Kenneth Hagin’s  Occult teachings for some time.  This has now been proven by his latest teaching called:


As you read a part of Todd’s Article, you will soon notice that it’s full of typical buzz words which the prosperity teachers are noted for.

This is a two-part teaching entitled, The Power of Prophetic Decrees. Part 1 will help you understand why God gives us prophetic words, visions, and revelations, and examines and uncovers those things that hinder the fulfillment of God’s prophetic word in our lives. Many are missing the mark of their calling, and the words that have come to us from God remain unfulfilled. Next week’s Part 2 teaching will continue with the quest for success in appropriating what God has promised us. We’ll learn how to war for our words, and how we can effectively shoot prophetic arrows into the heavens to “scatter the demonic cohorts.”

How many prophetic promises and words spoken over your life have you yet to see birthed? Every believer has prophetic promises from heaven whether God has revealed something that we would accomplish for Him, something that we would become, or something that we would see Him do in our lifetime. Prophetic words are authoritative words that Scripture says we would “do well to pay attention to” (2 Peter 1:19).

Countless believers have waited years to realize the fulfillment of prophetic words spoken over them, or revelations from visions or dreams. Do you ever wonder what to do with them, how to act upon them, or how to ensure the fulfillment of them in your life or ministry? How do we bring the words of the Lord to pass? What hinders the fulfillment of them?

Recently, the Lord showed me that through our prophetic decrees, He also releases angels to battle the forces of the enemy to bring us what is rightfully ours! That’s part of their job description!

I hope to give some insight in this teaching on how you can make prophetic decrees and proclamations into the heavens, which will hasten and bring to pass the Word of the Lord. I want you to understand your responsibility with God-given promises and visions and how you can partner with God to realize your destiny.

Prophetic words and promises are personal, specific to our lives as individuals, our families, or our ministries. They may also be intended for cities, regions, peoples, and nations. They are always in line with the Word, the Bible right from Genesis through to Revelation. However, I want to focus primarily on those words that God has given to us personally, those rhema words. Rhema words and God’s Word are a powerful combination that can activate our divine destiny



Know your authority, and be vigilant. Even Mary understood this principle regarding prophetic words. After her prophetic word from the angel she responded and prophetically decreed, “Let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). She lined herself up with the Word from heaven, pulled it out of the spiritual realm into existence, and birthed it.

In Him Todd Bentley Fresh Fire USA

The major flaw with Kenneth Hagin was his teachings on THE RHEMA WORD.  Like many false teachers who want to introduce extra Biblical teachings he had to separate the Bible (logos) written word for the NEW PROPHETIC WORD of Kenneth Hagin.  Thus he elevated the word  Rhema and with it his teachings above the Bible.  Thus the bible itself was judged according to his revelation and not the other way round.   

For a Further study on the RHEMA  and how the New testament writers used  them  click here. or go over to my Box account and scroll down until you see the article on the truth about the rhema  word.

What many do not realise is that Rhema and Logos where used interchangeable throughout the New Testament and applied to both the written and spoken word of God.  The New Testament writers did not make any separation in how both those words were used. 

For many who feel the need to go around making decrees or a Positive confession about their healings.  There are plenty of grave yards full of people who confessed but never possessed.  But the saddest part was the lies they told in confessing their healings when they were never healed. 

It looks like both Todd Bentley and Two Locks Church have a lot more of a connection than just being charismatic. We must also remind ourselves that despite all his bold confession of prophetic decrees his own marriage failed.  I suspect he had no intention of saving it either.  What we must remember is that Todd Bentley is a blatant adulterer and now parades his adultery everywhere he goes

Churches are NOW  supposed to look the other way and say AMEN and BLESS YOU!!!!.  It only shows how far the church has slipped and prostituted itself.  Any Pastor with an ounce of integrity would send this pimp packing.   The sad state of the charismatic movement today is the ever-growing desperation for signs and wonder.  Such is the desperation that just about anything and everything is tolerated.   I fear that this desperation will set many up for an end time deception.  The Bible clearly warns us and yet today many ignore that warning at their own peril.  This drive for signs and wonders has become nothing more than an addiction, and men like Bentley feed it.   Like all addictions eventually people will not bother where they get their highs from, so long as they get their weekly fix

There may be some who will say  “ But he has repented “ ,  but I would say how did he show his repentance?

Go back to his wife and ask forgiveness?  NO.   He simply carried on with his adultery, divorced his wife and married his mistress.  That’s not repentance.  To repent is to change direction.  Todd never changed direction.  In the end he got exactly what he wanted.   Repentance is more than simply saying sorry and carrying on regardless.  What many saw with Todd and Rick Joyner famous video chats was nothing more than a sham of a show piece.  Far too many people had invested too much money, time and predictions to simply let Todd simply disappear from the scene.

The one thing we can be certain of is that those who desire to get into bed with the Todd Bentley’s of this world is that they  have no love for the truth,  and no love  for God,