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Many when asked the question about this subject,  many will describe what scripture says, but have not asked this one vital question. Possibly some have attempted to answer and possibly some have even touched the answer. But I am not sure this is one question which can be answered fully. 

I think its only when someone has managed to creep into the illuminating holy presence of an almighty God can one even begin to view the answer to this question. Possible it is only as we begin to view the question from Gods perspective do we really begin to fully understand the question.

What is the question? “HOW FAR DOES SIN GO?”

ATHEIST will boast that science has dismissed God, and yet atheism brought about communism and its history has been shrouded in the murder of millions in atheistic purges.

ISLAM will boast of their final prophet , the best of humanity. Yet this prophet has had his share of countless death and his follows the millions they have persecuted and killed in the name of their allah and his unholy prophet Muhammad.

CATHOLICISM boasted about being the church of Jesus, and yet history records the inquisitions and the torture of believers in its name.

FEMINISM boasts that their uterus is their own and they alone have the right to choose to abort . 

Yet all would demand they had a legitimate right and their actions were legal. No matter how unholy it appears.

There was a falling out by a brother over the issue of a sacrifice. Until that point no one had died and no scar blighted humanity of an innocent life taken.
Yet we see one brother take the life of another, and once taken there was no way to give it back. Life stolen robbed and in a split second of pain that life had ceased. We take such a story of Cain and Abel so lightly. Since then the ground has never been silent. The pain and suffering as one life after another is robbed and taken all in the name of convenience.

This is the ultimate expression of where SIN takes us , But it does not quite answer the question does it. Sin is more than the taking of a life; It’s the enjoyment in the way life is taken. Sin is not just a robber, it is also changes a person to become an expression that enjoys the way it takes a life. Conscience seared and devoid of guilt. Robbed of compassion, destitute of morals, and one that takes an ultimate enjoyment in the suffering of another. The lingering of torment before the light of life is snuffed. Love becomes a twisted expression of hate.

Jer 17: 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

The word DESPERATELY WICKED means something which is :
incurable desperate,desperately wicked , woeful, sick.
The word DECEITFUL means something which is :
deceitful, sly, insidious deceitful, sly, insidious, slippery ,foot-tracked
steep, hilly.

NO WONDER GOD SAYS “ SIN” MUST BE JUDGED. WHY “SIN” MUST BE PUT AWAY FROM HIS CREATION. WHY “SIN “ is so hideous, we would rather clothe it in ideology religious or otherwise than have it exposed

He sees where sin will take humanity if it is allowed free rein. What many once called sacrilege now has become just a mere sexual orientation. But I wonder how many have reached the mountain top looked over and see the panoramic darkness where this will take us, were everything is permitted and sanction? What is seen as barbaric, soon becomes the norm; Morality an outmoded concept of by gone ages. Perhaps this is one question many just don’t want to answer, because in answering it demands we act.

In thus we find ourselves lost in a sea of transgression and in need of a life guard. Jesus the only answer to man deliemma. But in saving us he will expose our sins for what they are. Root out and pull up all that offends his righteous cause.


The inevitable fruit that a society produces when they come to reject God.

Rom 1:28-31  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

UC MINISTRIES:  I came across and interesting piece of information.  That article was called AMERICA: A NATION IN DECLINE AND SLOWLY CRACKING UP.  Now it was interesting because I have also started to notice that society is developing some strange behavioural patters.  Whilst the article describes instances from the American point of view, there have been patterns emerging all over the place.  Subtle signs that society may well be changing. 

The recent shocking news of the shooting of Thusha Kamaleswaran as she danced and played in her uncle’s shop.  In a moment her life was forever changed. The little girl, now six, is expected to be permanently wheelchair-bound after a bullet hit the seventh vertebra of her spine.  She was not the intended target but an innocent bystander.  The horror of such an instance one might have thought that this was somewhere in America.  But this was in London England. 

The attackers were members of the infamous Brixton-based GAS gang – short for Guns And Shanks – and were hunting youths from the rival ABM – or All ‘Bout Money – gang, based in neighbouring Stockwell.   Old Bailey jury returned an unanimous verdict of guilty. The trio stood with their hands in their pockets, showing no emotion as the verdicts were announced.  Read more:

The recent arrests of gangs who have kidnapped women, some are no more than children with the sole intend of selling them for sex.  Apparently in the heart of the nation that was so instrumental in abolishing the slave trade, a new slave trade is emerging.  Where once border patrols strive to keep out the drug dealers and smugglers, only to find people are growing the stuff locally in their attics or in their cellars.  The question is how much are we changing?

 How many stories do we hear of relatives or friends who in some fit of mental anguish or insanity kill, and then turn the very weapon on themselves.  Has society become so bereft of a moral conscience that they no longer recognise that there is a right and wrong?  In the age of secularism  have we have lost the message of a personal God.  Death  then is nothing more than the extinction of life.  NO God, no soul that survives death and no hereafter to be concerned with?  When man takes God out of the equation strange things do indeed begin to happen..

Whilst I may not come to the same conclusions or agree with everything the article says.  There is a recognition that something is happening.   In that respect I totally agree. 

 “While following accounts of the U.S. soldier in Afghanistan who went on a bizarre rampage and murdered 16 civilians including children, you might have missed the story of the Indiana man who brutally assaulted a coach at a Catholic school on March 7.

The man, Shelly Miller, 37, had arrived at the school to pick up his daughter from afternoon basketball practice. The girl had been in an argument with another player. Assistant coach Jeffrey Yackus had told the two to run laps around the gym. This is hardly a cruel or unusual punishment; coaches have been doing it for decades. When the girl told her father about it, he jumped Yackus. He struck the coach in the face and knocked him to the ground; then climbed atop him and pummeled him into unconsciousness.

Yackus, who was taken to an emergency room and diagnosed with a concussion, might have been injured worse had a senior coach not pulled his attacker away. Miller fled the scene and was arrested two days later. He has been charged with class C felony assault.

According to a follow-up story, some who accompanied Miller to his arraignment defended his actions to local media. One of them said—are you sitting down?—“If the coach is [expletive] with your kid, what are you to do?”

That same week in Springfield, Mass., one Timothy Lee Forbes, 34, allegedly attacked the coach of the opposing team after his son’s team lost a basketball game and bit off a portion of the man’s ear. He then fled. He later turned himself in, but pled not guilty to a variety of charges including assault and battery, disorderly conduct, and felony mayhem.

The Western Massachusetts CYO Basketball League released a statement saying it was “stunned by this act against one of our most dedicated coaches” and that this was the first time in the history of the league anything like this had happened.

Another Massachusetts father, Joseph Cordes, 42, whose daughter’s hockey team had made the state playoffs, is facing criminal charges after directing the beam from a hand-held laser pointer at the eyes of the opposing team’s goalie. Fans spotted the moving green light on the goalie’s helmet, prompting officials to stop the game until the parent was removed from the stands.

These are just three very recent cases of parents displaying weird and violently irrational behavior at sporting events. There are plenty other signs that we live in a country some of whose people seem deeply unhinged. Some accounts make you wonder if you are jeopardizing your safety by going into certain public venues.

Fast food restaurants have been witness to an epidemic of customer violence. Strangely, many of the perpetrators are women.

In January, in Toledo, Ohio, a woman punched through the glass of a drive through window at a McDonalds when she was told they didn’t sell Chicken McNuggets in the morning.

Last April at a national hiring day at a McDonalds in Cleveland, a woman got into an argument with a group of other job seekers, threw her vehicle into reverse and backed through the group on her way out of the parking lot (video—warning: disturbing images).

In a Baltimore, Maryland McDonalds, a woman described as transgendered was brutally assaulted by a group of women after coming out of a restroom. One of her attackers accused her of trying to talk to “her man.” The attack was captured on video by an employee who chuckled as he filmed (warning: language!). He neither stopped the attack nor assisted the victim. According to a report an older woman who did try to intervene at one point was shoved away. The beaten woman was lying on the floor having seizures after the attack ended.

Some of these cases aren’t especially recent. Consider this one, from 2008 in Los Angeles—a city clearly gone over the cliff in many respects. In this case, a fight broke out over who was first in line in a McDonalds. A 16 year old girl confronted a man whose son had allegedly broke in line in front of two of her friends. The confrontation escalated to exchanges of curses; then he began hitting her until she was knocked unconscious. He fled with the boys in a pickup truck.

Not to single out McDonalds. According to another story also from a few years back a male customer at a Wendy’s in a Pittsburgh subdivision returned to punch out a female employee who had been working the drive through in the face after he didn’t hear a “have a nice day” from her.

As I said: not just violent but weird. The obvious question is, what is making people do these irrational things?

Brawls are breaking out in Chuck-E-Cheese restaurants, which used to be safe and enjoyable places for parents to bring children. Now it is not just kids getting into fights, often over video games. Sometimes parents fight, defending their kids. Michael Snyder, who writes the blog, just reported that one particular Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant in Susquehanna, Penn. has experienced 17 incidents where police had to be called during an 18 month period.

The worst of these ended a birthday party. Unruly children were helping themselves to food from the table where the party was being held although not invited. Eventually, after repeatedly telling the children to stop, one of the parents complained to the other parents, and the result was an abrupt physical attack. Snyder quotes the victim: “All I remember was hitting the floor and being kicked again and again in the head… I think her husband jumped in and was kicking me too….

My daughter threw up, and another one of the children wet their pants because they were so scared.”

The same source recounts how a 60-year old Michigan woman was brutally attacked at a birthday party at a Chuck-E-Cheese and taken by ambulance to an emergency room after complaining that a group of adults were not controlling their kids. A 200-pound woman had jumped on top of her and started beating her.

One of the curious features of all these incidents, and many others besides, is how onlookers are either indifferent to sometimes injured victims or find them entertaining—filming them and uploading the films to YouTube.

Many of these people are behaving as if they are playing a video game!

In Detroit this past February, an 86-year-old World War II Veteran named Aaron Brantley was attacked and carjacked at a gas station. His leg was broken in the attack, and since he couldn’t walk, he had to crawl across the parking lot, which was busy with people walking and driving through. Just as no one had intervened to stop the attack, no one came to help him. “People were passing me just like I wasn’t even there,” he said later. “I was crawling and they just walk by me like I’m not there.”

He wasn’t bitter about the attack, just happy to have gotten through it alive.

This is only a handful of cases. There are many, many more. A search for restaurant violence on YouTube yielded 1,320 hits. I won’t recount more. We’d be here all night. “

 March 27, 2012

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