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God TV is calling this the great Awakening ,  after the revival where God used Jonathan Edwards who to bring revival to America and beyond.  Edwards at least had integrity unlike the God TV presenter. Now we have a prophecy relating this movement to the Birth of Jesus.  What pride and arrogance.  Are we to fall down before Bentley and worship such a move?

I agree with only one part of this prophecy  … GOD IS INDEED TESTING HIS CHURCH. 

Wendy Alec says  “The awakening has been birthed in a LOWLY PLACE. There are no soft pillows or cushions. No comfortable conference chair, American church seats. But thousands of cheap, plastic glaring white seats….No sophisticated sound system or overhead projectors, handheld mikes, no earpieces, fluctuating crowds.


Those who have chosen to embrace this movement do so at the cost of their own spiritual well being.  Personally it should come with a HEALTH WARNING.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bentley is the judgement of God upon a church that has noT only lost sight of the truth , but is quickly coming to reject the truth.

It is not that what Todd Bentley is doing is hidden;  in fact everything is out in the open for all to see.  It has been well documented and verified.  What we see is a form of new age Hindu mysticism.

As one time friend told another some years back when he made the decision to embrace the Toronto curse.  They needed this , it was not a matter if it was right or wrong, truth or error They wanted to embrace it . They made a fateful decision.  truth was sacrificed, and what was embraced was anything but  truth.  They paid the price for disobedience.  It saddens me that so many who called themselves Christians, can no longer measure the heights, breath or the depth of this apostasy.  They will embrace it because they have chosen to do so.   So long as It meets a need that is all they are concerned about, and to hell with the rest.  That my friend is the judgement of GOD.

Here is a prophecy by WENDY ALEC, co presenter of the God channel,  or the God TV

Great Awakening Prophetic Word from Wendy Alec of GOD TV,   THE GREATEST MOVE OF GOD – JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF WAS BIRTHED IN A HARD, HARD PLACE.    In this awakening, the Lord is not testing Todd or GOD TV. He is testing the CHURCH.

Jesus was born in a stable. There was not even room for him at the inn. The normal expected place of birth for a King was in a Palace, even an ordinary baby would be born in a home.

The next option, being born at least in an inn. Jesus was the King of Kings anointed to change the universe FOREVER. He had NO soft pillows but HAY to lay His head on. He was born in a manger.

ONLY the ones who were really following the Spirit of the Lord found Him.

The awakening has been birthed in a LOWLY PLACE. There are no soft pillows or cushions. No comfortable conference chair, American church seats. But thousands of cheap, plastic glaring white seats.

No sophisticated sound system or overhead projectors, handheld mikes, no earpieces, fluctuating crowds.

Even the worship the first few days was being sung out of key. It is not even possible to disguise the lowliness of the birth of this awakening on television. It is evident to ALL. There are no beautifully lit convention centers or even air conditioned church buildings.

The Awakening has been born IN A MANGER. In the manger. Jesus was not surrounded or feted by the Pharisees or Sadducees or the religious Jewish leaders of the day, they did not recognize Him.

And yet, He was called to be King of the Jews. The only people who recognized Him in these lowly beginnings were the three wise men and the shepherds who were in no way connected to the religious elite of the day. But the THIRD HEAVEN was there through the Portals in mass. The ANGELIC HOSTS, Gabriel, the Father’s messenger. Singing Glory to God in the highest. The Anointing was there. But it was unseen by all except the faithful few.

Today there are not many of the spiritual elite not many of the preaching circuit. In Tongaat, many are at a safe distance. Watching weighing. But the shepherds and wise men who follow the Holy Spirit understand the gift of the Father in this awakening that is being birthed.

The Hindus. The Muslims. The unlovely are gathering to be touched. It is they who sit on the plastic white seats. It is a test. It is a protection. The same way that Jesus being born in a stable was a test for the religious Jews. And a protection to outsmart the devil. To protect the very Son of God. It is uncomfortable here for Todd. It is uncomfortable for GODTV.

The same way that in the natural it was uncomfortable for Mary and Joseph. And yet in the spirit realm, something almost unimaginable is being birthed, which has the potential to change the face of the earth. Yes, Plastic white seats are offensive to us all. When they are empty they SCREAM. But the Father is JEALOUS over the birth of this baby. THIS AWAKENING. And He will allow no man, no women to receive the Glory that is His alone, so it will be evident TO ALL that it is no man. No media channel. No church. No hungry ex lake landers, that have birthed this outpouring in this HARD, HARD PLACE. But it is the Father. Lord of Hosts. Almighty God. Hallowed. Omniscient. Omnipotent. The HOLY ONE Himself. THIS has been birthed by God.

PS I don’t think anyone other than Todd would have had and have the courage and sheer guts of spirit to see this through- to stand in the HARD PLACE. And probably no one other than GODTV would have had the revelation of the shepherds and wisemen to broadcast it to the world. The Lord is very, very PROUD of his beloved Todd and Jessa.


For my son beloved son,

Do you not realize I knew when I birthed you all those years ago? I knew when Lakeland was aborted; I saw this very day.

And I chose to choose you. I chose to bring this move THROUGH you. And when you look back in days, weeks and years gone by, you will know beyond any doubt that this, that you stand in this river this flowing torrent that has yet to explode, you shall look back in wonder and know that it was by NO MAN’S hand that this was birthed but ONLY by me.

So be strong. Be strong. Be true. Be very courageous. Stand your ground. Don’t doubt when the enemy’s lies assail you, for you stand on the edge of the ocean and all looks calm. The ocean is calm; there is no great visible evidence yet of the MAGNITUDE of what lies beneath. But know that as you walk each day hand in hand with me, there shall yet be a day and be an hour. There shall be a very MINUTE when the SHIFT shall come and the TSUNAMI shall break and the whole WORLD, YES the WHOLE WORLD shall be shaken.

So do not be discouraged, my son. Do not be dismayed but know that as you stand in this HARD place, my spirit is upon you. My spirit is poured out upon you and it is IN your standing and refusing to let go that the enemy is defeated, that the witches flee for cover. That the covens stand confused and helpless. It is in this place of standing firm that you SEAL the title deeds to this AWKENING.

Oh wow, I see TITLE DEEDS to THIS GREAT AWAKENING. TITLE DEEDS that have been ASSIGNED TO YOU by the COUNCILS of HEAVEN – COURTS of HEAVEN- with your name signed by the FATHER, witnessed by JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Word for Todd and Jessa from Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec  GOD TV Founder

 Prophesy by Wendy Alec to Todd.: Lord is very, very PROUD of his beloved Todd and Jessa. How can God be proud when a relationship is birthed out of adultery and fornication?  How can GOD be proud when it is birthed out of disobedience and occultism?    I Suggest the person Wendy is listening to is not God but satan. He alone is the one proud of what these two people did.  This is not just an attempt to shove a new moved down people’s throats, but it is also an attempt to justify Lakeland  as a true move of God.  Those who follow and embrace Todd are desperate to see Lakeland exonerated. 

Whatever we one likes to put this.  Wendy Alec has chosen to place Todd central to this movement and even God himself has been forced to take second fiddle.  The one thing true revival always points to is God.  No man gets the glory in Emmanuel’s land.  60514_10151880602175884_647096403_n

  1. technorebel says:

    I cannot believe Todd Bentley is back with more of his nonsense. I’ve watched videos of the “services” he holds, and it’s pretty clear that demonic forces are at work there.

    How can so many be deceived by this?

  2. I just recently saw a documentary called ‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’ about Tania Head the woman who pretended to be a survivor of the World Trade Centre disaster. It was fascinating because I have met sociopaths like this woman who manage to charm and convince everyone around them. Many of them claim to be christians, in the same way that Ms Head claimed to be a survivor. They learn how to use the same language, pretend to feel the same things ‘the presence of God being one of them’, to have the same experience, to talk with angels (that only they can see) and claim that God has given them prophetic messages. I think its hilarious how many wicked men and women I have met who always have a bevy of ‘prophets’ around them to ‘confirm’ their calling/word in God. Anyone who disagrees with their hero is attacked by the entourage for not being able to see how ‘godly’ they are.

    Even when Tania Head was exposed for what she was, people were coming to her support and resuce claiming that others should forgive her because she clearly needs help. Yet I read that a few years after she was exposed she was discovered pretending to be a victim’s mother in yet another WTC support group somewhere else. People like this have no conscience. They will pretend to be something they are not because it suits their needs and brings them a huge payoff. Attention. Which seems harmless, like a three year old throwing a tantrum, but when you have a powerful and influential man who is deceiving and lying to God’s people it is no longer just attention seeking, it becomes malevolent.

    There is absolutely no proof that Mr. Howard-Browne is well intentioned. Isaiah 53:6, ” We all like sheep have gone astray, each one to his own way”. Every man’s way seem right in his own eyes. Mr. Howard-Browne and his supporters are not the people we should turn to for proof that this movement is blessed by God. We need to see with our eyes, and know in our own spirits that the proof of a man’s witness is not the works which he does (I am thinking of Simon the Sorcerer here) but the fruit of his life. I see mocking arrogance and treating the Holy Spirit, who is God, as though he were an impersonal force. Anyone who claims to be ‘the Holy Spirit bartender’ thinks in terms of dispensing a commodity, not worshipping God or walking in humility. He seems to have a far greater investment in being the centre of attention than he does for genuine relationship.

    Mr. HB needs to understand that he, like Simon the Sorcerer, is simply in love with power. Remember that in Acts 8, Simon ‘himself believed and was baptised’. Yet Peter recognised that his heart wasn’t right in the sight of God and cursed him “your money perish with you” and told him to repent because he saw (or discerned) that he was “poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity”. Simon the sorcerer seems to have repented. I hope Mr. HB does also before the end.

  3. wesirvine says:

    Does anyone know of a list of scriptures that I can use when I approach my pastor regarding word of faith teaching?
    He has been in it for over 25 years so I’m gonna need some good ammo 🙂

    • holyghostman says:

      Bro recently I was able to challenge my pastor who was wof. He didn’t teach everything the wof.. taught but alot of what they taught. If he went to rehma then he is well indoctrinated.they have key scriptures that they rely on. The most success that I have had was to show him love. Everyone reacts to love and prayer sometimes does more than all the preaching that we can do.

  4. This hireling Todd and his bad supporter are all demonic but so are the Dispensationalists .1.http://witnessed.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/the-plymouth-brethren/

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