Raptured but will the world even noticed?

Posted: February 1, 2013 in End times
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I believe in the rapture of the church.  Its truth is firmly grounded in scripture.  Every true Bible believing Christian longs for the day we depart this scene of sin and sickness.  We long to be clothed and raised to stand before the one who died to save us.

1 Thess 4: 16-18   For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.raptured ready

However I am persuaded that for many the images of vast numbers disappearing before people’s eyes simply is not going to happen.  In fact religious Christendom will remain intact.  Christian TV will continue to broadcast their message. Many Mega churches will continue their services and the happy clappy sermons of prosperity health and wealth.  Worship reminiscent of pop and rock will continue along with all the smoke and mirrors we have become so accustomed too.  

 With the exception of a few the world will continue as if nothing has happened.  People go missing every day and little is done to find them.  I have no doubt that the prescribe message has already been written to excuse those who have disappeared.  As the world looks upon what they believe is Christendom they will sign a relief that any stories of rapture was simply another Harold Camping fiasco.  Jokes will flow and the Rapture will just become the  butt of every comedian show.

 No one will bother to go looking as sudden world events will take a twist capturing hearts and minds.    Those who relatives who have disappeared, will take comfort that any excuse is available but the real one.

For those who have been raptured we will be attending to other matters, as we enter into the marriage of the Lamb.  Resurrected and finally clothed in resurrected bodies that cannot be touched or hindered by age sin or infirmity.   The dream will have passed and the reality has dawned and we will be home.  bodies that were onced racked with pain and age will rise with incorruption.  Gloriously clothed in purity holiness and righteousness. 

Let  the world laugh and joke, but the saints will be the ones to have the last laugh.  Not at the lost who will be left behind but with joy unspeakable at being in the presence of the saviour whose blood won our redemption and make us acceptable in the beloved. 



  1. holyghostman says:

    I am looking for the rapture and it will happen when we least expect it. When we see the bride groom in the bible and the virgins we see 5 were ready and had oil in their lamps trimed. and 5 were foolish and didnt even have oil in their lamps. They typlify most of the church today. We must be watching for the groom to return for the bride which I believe is the church. We as a church not only must have oil (holy spirit) In our vessels but must be watching for his return. The Midnight call will soon happen and quicker than you think.

    • holyghostman says:

      I believe in pretrib rapture for many reasons. But the latest one is this. God says that we will not know the time or the hour when this event occurs. Not even the son knows but only the father. If it was the mid then we would know. If it was post then we would know. The best time is pre because it could happen anytime and we have to be ready. God will not pour out his wrath on the church we will be long gone when that happens. Also if it was mid then Christ would come after a headless church. There are many signs that point to the rapture happening at anytime so be ready.

  2. truthseeker says:

    holyghostman, Jesus did indeed say that we would not know the day nor the hour, but he also chided the pharisees because they could not discern the seasons. Concerning the Wrath of God being poured out on the church, you must also realize that God judged Egypt while protecting His people in the land of Goshen. Read again and tell me what Paul meant when he said, “at the last trump.” Also, in Thessalonians when he told the believers that “that day would not happen until there be a great falling away and the man of sin be revealed.” Seems to me that we’re going to see a lot more than most Christians are willing to admit. The pre-trib rapture doctrine is one that many cling too, but for me, there is no scriptural evidence for it. “In the season of the sounding of the seventh trumpet…” I firmly believe in the rapture, but I’m not going to subscribe to the main line teaching that appeals mostly to the flesh. Nothing bad is going to happen, Jesus will rescue us. Tell that to the Christians suffering in Iran and other nations.

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