Saudi minister calls for mass rape of 14 year old girls in Syria.

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Islam
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Mohamed al-Arifi1.jpgSaudi minister calls for mass rape of 14 year old girls in Syria..

Religious leader calls for an assessment of Syrian teenage girls gang rape

Saudi minister Muhammad al-Arifi is a controversial religious leader. His latest fatwa, a religious argument, however, exceeds all previous statements extreme violence. The priest said he understands the “Islamic militants” tuskastumisen experienced a situation where they are unable to get sexual pleasures For this reason, a religious leader has given approval lessons sustainable “for sexual unions”.

A well-known religious jihadist made it clear that the gang rape and be approved by Syrian women and girls. He clarified his statement so that it includes only the hours-long unions, and ordered that each fighter getting their turn.

Rape on a fatwa adopted by all 14 years or older widows or divorced women.

Where do they get these people.  Are they deliberately searching local asylums to drag the deranged out to make such statements?

It is generally believed that Muhammad made promises to his followers what they could not get in life.  Women who were perpetually virgins, and a lot of them.  Boys if they were that way inclined.  Food that would never dry up to feast on.    it seems we have so called leaders perpetuating the same immorality of women on the go.  Take whatever you want and justify it under some religious teachings.    It it just happens to be someones child who cares!!!   Sickening if true.  And totally diabolical and wicked is practiced by sex starved extremist.


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