Christmas what does it mean to you?

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Jesus Christ
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I think maybe more than any year this year has seen so much happen, and especially with the recent killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  For many families it will not be a time of cheer or comfort, for others it will be the thanksgiving that their child survived.  Christian Christmas2

This Year Christmas will become more than mere presents, More than some Christmas tree decorated with baubles and trinkets.  This year people will hug each other and be thankful they survived; Sometimes only in the greatest darkness that light shines even brighter.  When seasoned cops were seen comforted each other as they looked upon the devastation that took place.  Words fail to express the grief and pain that many feel at this moment.  Somehow the term Happy Christmas just does not quite express the pain.  This year many Christmas presents will remain unwrapped.  How one comes back from such a nightmare I just cannot begin to express.  What should have been the usual Christmas scene of rushing to unwrap presents the cooking of a Christmas dinner and a time when family come together, will sadly see absent reminder of a love one missed, tragic departure and the numbing of mixed emotions.

However 200 years ago a child was born.  Now we know Dec 25 is not his birthday and I know that so many things have got mixed up in with the season.  Many will argue that it has become too commercialised, over the top and an excuse for indulgence.  Nevertheless many have chosen to make this time a specific celebration of his birth.  He was born to change the status quo and to make a difference in the affairs of mankind.  He came so that death would loose it sting.  He came to conquer what man could not.   We celebrate CHRIST-mas because Christ was born to save us from the mess we made of our lives.    We cannot help but put up our hands and cry out that we have simply not just got it wrong, but we have made one absolute hellish mess of the whole picture.  Mankind needs a saviour to save it from itself.  We need to have a lifeguard to save us from drowning in our own filthy stinking mess.  Christmas is not really about us, but about the one who came to make a difference.  Focus on that more than the rest.

I know many will or will not celebrate this season for a variety of reasons and that is their choice. I know this will be one Christmas that many will want to forget.  I know that many will have questions WHY?  The answers will not easily suffice other than to say that mankind’s problem is his SIN.  That becomes a bigger blight than any cancer or physical illness. 

 For me it must always come back to Christ.  He is my reason for the season.  Not just for one a day in a year, but for every day of the year. 

So I will not offer up the expression this year “HAPPY CHRISTMAS,”  but may I offer up the expression  that this Christmas may become the means “TO” a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.  For only in knowing the one who is the true object of the season Jesus Christ can there be a Happy Christmas.

For in Christ death must give way to life.  What is held dear in Gods hands he will keep save and secure.  That in Christ nothing is lost.  Nothing can slip between his fingers and become lost.  We live with a living Hope that all will become right.  Whilst this sorry world seems to be heading down the road to ever greater darkness, the light of that child born in a manger shines ever brighter.  One day there will be a gathering a comforting and a coming together of all who have been kept save in Christ, to celebrate a greater celebration than the one that is soon to come upon us and a victory so glorious that happiness will indeed be a reality.  Death will surrender and finally give way to life.  Mortality will give way to immortality.   So may this become a BLESSED CHRISTMAS, for in Christ even in the face of great sorrow and pain there is blessing.  I hope and pray that somehow for many this will become a time of new beginnings as well.  The realisation that what has slipped between our fingers will be caught by Gods hand.  For in only Christ Jesus can there be a means to a BLESSED TIME.


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