Posted: November 13, 2012 in Bible
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Where are the tears?

I was listening to a short excerpt by David Wilkerson called the “Anguish.”  He said in five minutes what some people have taken an hour to say and not say anything.  His cry was from the heart of God, and for the heart of God. 


I found myself debating with a dear gentleman the other day who says he is a Christian, and Yet because of Moslems friends he is standing up for them.  Would a Christian take the side of Moslems?  I highly doubt it!!!  Light and darkness cannot live together in harmony.  We could not be comfortable with a religion that demands the death of those who refuse to bow.

In another conversation I had someone else who also claimed to be a Christian, claiming to be a god, defending false teachers, and basically it seems happy to lie manipulate and do whatever it takes to try to win a debate.  He wanted a platform for his wickedness and I would not give it to him.

David Wilkerson cry and anguish, is that the church has come to tolerate the false, we have compromised with the world, tolerated and allowed others to make merchandise from the church.  We sat back clapped our hands and said thank you.  We have not just been robbed blind, we have been made blind.  Because of such compromises we have lost something greater, the heart of God.

I was talking briefly to a young man the other day who was saying that his church is closing and they were about to have their last meeting.  Another church is closing you say who cares.    Tomorrow it will be some chippy or fast food outlet.  So another witness dies.  The church in the 21 century is dying and being replaced by mega churches that cater for fast food menu of a steady diet of upbeat music, light diet of motivational positive messages of have your best life now.  No conviction, No passion for service, No dying to self, No blasting of sin or compromise. Then we wonder why the world has a problem? Churches are full of a dwindling generation that is passing with no youth to stand in the gap.  We need men who are prepared to anguish over the state of the church and the nation and men who are moved in prayer because God has laid upon them his burden.  Men who are prepared to take on the grieving that the church has lost its way.  God has not but we have. Jesus says here is the path walk in it.  But men have come along and tickled our ears, played us a sound and lured us all to sleep.   Cowboys like Osteen and Joyce Meyers have been held up as heroes who have basically bushwhacked the church with a message of ease and positive thinking.    We preach revival but a revival without holiness.  A revival where sin is tolerated.  A revival were compromised has been held up.  Soft messages of prosperity and ease.  Then we wonder why there is a cold wind blowing down our church isles and where God is alienated from his own residence.

Where is the weeping for souls?  Our tears have dried up and we are left with laughter rolling around like drunks, mocking and making strange sounds.

We have replaced God with ourselves, held up the flesh and claimed that it’s holy.  We have no idea what holiness is.  Where is trembling before his word?  Where is the conscience that is moved?  The world laughs at the church and mocks it.  When was the last time that God moved so mighty that the Social clubs were shut because men and women came under the conviction of sin?  Instead we are filling them with clubbers and drink parties in the guise of socializing.

When do we see churches full of people bowing their knees at the altar, not caring who might see them, and desiring only to be right before God?   We have taken the word Compromise and made it into a god and worshiped at its altars.

God will not share his heart until you are prepared to share his burden.  There is an anguish that cries out that God must be vindicated.  His name honoured.  Our allegiance is either all to the glory of God , for anything  less is mockery.   Do we grieve, do we lose sleep when we compromise and when we have more in common with the world than we do with God. When we are entertained by the swearing and foul language that goes on in TV.  When we can listen to coarse language and not feel bothered or moved.  Brethren we have a problem.  We have become so taken up by the thought of a rapture and a quick exit that we have failed to ask the question Lord revive me now.  Don’t get me wrong I firmly believe in the rapture of the church, but revival needs to take place to make us ready for it.   Brethren are we really truly ready?

If we were raptured tomorrow where would we be when that rapture took place?  Viewing porn before a computer screens?  Listening to some filthy comedian using foul language to make his jokes all the more comical?  Or would it be down at the local drinking with the rest of the world?  The question might even be more startling would we be raptured at all?


Just because we have had mighty revelations yesterday does not mean we have not compromised today.  Just because God has shared his heart with us in the past does not mean we are automatically going to have his heart shared with us today.  We need to plough up the ground, and cry out to God move me change me and nothing less with do.

I think the worst part of all this is that somehow we have forgotten that this world is passing and everything about it is passing.  Eternity beckons every soul.  For many it will be today ,  for others it will be tomorrow but it beckons us all.  Now as Christians are we truly conscience of that stark reality.  Because the world is not.  Other are so misguided they don’t care. Other don’t believe it exists.  But there is a reality.  A glimpse over the horizon that will either beckon us to a glorious reunion on a celestial shore, or a frightening darkness of the abyss.    Brethren we should be troubled for we know people who are going there.  Are we uncomfortable with such a dilemma?  I have debated with many and it causes me great amount of unease that I get to know something about the people I talked to.  I see their hardening against the message and I can almost see their eventful fate in a lost eternity and it troubles me greatly.   We should be troubled !!!!!


I don’t want to be at ease knowing people are going to hell.  I don’t want to be in a place where I no longer care.  I want that burden!!  I want to be moved to discomfort that the person I debate with might soon lose any chance, die and be forever lost.   I want that burden that comes from God of a holiness , of a purity that whiter than snow.   Glimpse that there is a heaven and a hell.  To see the glory of one and the anguish of the other.  I want to be moved to tears that even one soul snatch from the flames is precious indeed to God.  I want the burden that sees sin as a detestable thing before our eyes let alone before the eyes of God.  I want to know the heart of God and know his thoughts for they are precious.  Diamonds and emeralds are mere filthy rocks in comparison to the beauty of what God has to share.


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