UCMINISTRIES:   Recent few days has seen a new video called Innocence of Muslims.  The Moslem world has taken a hissi fit and is running around like mad dogs in the mid day sun.  Lets be honest the film was basically a cheap third rate film, most of which was screened before a green screen.  The acting was third rate and some scenes really did not make sense.  I suspect there was more edited and cut out than left in.  Now had the Moslem world basically laughed it off , shrugged their shoulders and went onto something more thought provoking the world was never have even noticed it.  The video along with its editor would have remained unknown.  But because the Moslem world erupted in intolerance and violence, now everyone has looked up and taken notice.  The world knows because the Moslems themselves have made it known.  Their actions have made the editor and the video famous.  It must be emphasised the world took notice because what the video claimed Moslems acted out in real life.  Had they responded differently it would have gone a long way to discrediting it.    But they went out created havoc burned and people who had absolutely no involvement in the film were either killed or injured.  Whatever the foolishness of the film it has made a mark which few if any could have forseen.

Here are some of the recent news on this issue:

By their fruit you will know them

Morocco, Libya, Iran, Tunisia, Algiers, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Australia have all seen demonstrations some of these were anything but peaceful. The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya when their embassy was attacked.

The US government wanted Google to remove the offending film.  However Google decided to stay firm refusing to comply with the government request as it did not breach any of its policies. However they did choose to limit its access to comply with local bye laws. 

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has ordered that YouTube be suspended in the country, as protests against a US-made film about the Prophet Mohammed raged in Indonesia and Afghanistan

Mr Ashraf’s office said in a statement that the ministry of information had been ordered to block YouTube in Pakistan so that the “blasphemous” video could not be viewed.

The announcement came after thousands of people took to the streets across the world, hurling rocks and petrol bombs, as well as burning buildings and flags.

In Benghazi Libya a small group of Moslems took to the street carrying signs which apologised to the American people for the deadly attack on the US Consulate.  Personally many will thank and appreciate their efforts in that matter.

An Iranian foundation has reportedly increased a bounty for the death of Salman Rushdie, saying that if the British writer had previously been killed for blasphemy an anti-Islam film currently enraging Muslims would never have been made.

Iranian media quoted Hassan Sane’i, a cleric heading the 15 of Khordad Foundation, as saying in a statement that he was “adding another $500,000 to the reward for killing Rushdie.”

With the increase, the foundation was now offering $3.3 million for the death of Rushdie, who since 1989 has been the target of a Iranian fatwa calling for his murder for allegedly blaspheming Islam and its Prophet Mohammed in his book “The Satanic Verses.”

The foundation’s statement was quoted saying that, unless Rushdie were killed, “the movie offending the prophet will not be the last contemptuous attempt.”

In London more than 200 protesters marched on the US embassy chanting “Burn Burn USA,” as the American flag went up in flames, soon to be joined by the Israeli flag.  There call was for sharia law to be imposed over Britain.  The demonstration was led by Anjem Choudhary  activist and spokesman for the now banned Islam4UK

One of the film’s actresses has spoken out, insisting she had no idea about the movie’s content when she agreed to act in it.  She has said that she feels ‘awful’ about her role in the movie.

Declining to identify herself, the woman claimed that she was misled about her appearance in ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and was told it was a historical drama.

‘I feel awful, and I didn’t do anything. But I feel awful,’ said the girl to CBS’s Inside Edition.

‘I was betrayed. I was Hilary, and the main character was George. I had no idea George turned into somebody else.’

An advertisement for actors to appear in the film was posted on trade magazine Backstage and filmmakers detailed the role of Hilary as ’18 but looks much younger, petite, innocent.’

The same casting call wanted lead character George to be ’20-40, a strong leader, romantic tyrant, a killer with no remorse.’

That role was transformed from George to the Prophet Mohammed, who was portrayed as a child molesting warmonger in the controversial film.

Paid $671.66 for her time on the film, the emotional woman broke down in tears during her interview with Inside Edition.

Other actors have followed that they have been shocked and claimed they knew nothing of the director’s true intentions for the film.  In which case they may be innocent parties to this affair. 

Now many claim that the film was simply an excuse rather than the touch paper that ignited the Moslem world.  It may be that if the film had not come along something else would have provoked and ignited the issue .  Whatever may be the case there is simply no going back.  The film is out there and multitudes have seen it.  The question is was the video true to character.  On that for those who have looked into the Koran and other Islamic teachings will be able to say Yes or No to the depiction.

A number of names have been connected to the movie including Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a convicted felon from Cerritos, who was recently  taken into custody and question by federal probation officers.  It seems the editor has something of a criminal past.  They want to find out if he has breached his parole agreement.  How true we will no doubt find out.  In which case we will post any update on this story  

  1. According to the latest news : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/nine-killed-minibus-suicide-attack-kabul-031003194.html

    At least 13 people are believed to have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted a minibus near Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

    Unconfirmed local-media reports have suggested the bomber was an 18-year-old woman.
    Afghan police say the minibus is believed to have been carrying foreign aviation workers, nine of whom are believed to be among the dead.

    Insurgent group Hezb e Islami said it carried out the attack claiming it was in retaliation for a film mocking the Prophet Mohammed..

    So now killing just about anyone is somehow justifiable because of some dumb film. It makes no sense then and it makes no sense now. So when the film claims that Islam is a cancer, are people supposed to come away with a better understanding that Islam is somehow not belligerent because of these actions? Does this make sense to a rational world? We are a peaceful religion but we will kill you if you say we are not. These poor dumb Moslems are doing nothing but proving that the video is 100 percent correct.

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