Posted: September 5, 2012 in Social Trends
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When you see something like this, the first think that comes to my mind is where are the parents?  Why are there no cries shouting out stop this is not right?   Could it be that there is something wrong in our society that tries to portray females and especially children in a way that makes them mere sexual objects. That somehow we have this need to dress them up in clothing which would even shame a Barbie doll.   With tee shirts   sometimes portraying messages which we would not even allowed our teenage daughters to wear.  The message that says you are undesirable unless you are dressed loosely and flaunt yourself sexually. This was posted recently in response to the mage in question.  It was part of a larger document which if you go to the source makes for interesting reading.

 “Little girls are being groomed into passively accepting their place as objects in our  pornified culture,and boys are being taught exploitive and abusive sexual scripts.”  CordeliaAnderson, Founder,Sensibilities PreventionServices Asasociety,

we are inundated with images and messages that are…

1) Sexualizing minors and children at younger and younger ages.
2) Portraying sexual exploitation and sexual violence as normal.
These messages are everywhere‐‐from TV shows and commercials,to movies and music,
billboards and bus shelters,even products designed for and marketed to kids.

For many the subtle indoctrination starts early.  Tv shows where comics spew sexual connotations which were once quietly obscured, but are now openly verbalised.  In  one MTV Reality TV show named  Georgia Shore based around a group of individuals from Newcastle  (four girls and four boys)  who are pushed together and left to demonstrate how crude  they can become.

TV  personalities  randomly joke and give their running commentary on what individual cast members have done and said.   The cast are also randomly interviewed on how far they have got in their sexual exploits   Little if anything is left to the imagination and that includes what spews out of their mouths.  And People dare to call this entertainment.

Women rock stars whose lyrics are becoming more sexually verbalised, whose routines sell their bodies are goods for sale and leaving in some case little to the imagination.  Where the paparazzi are there to report on what women don’t wear rather than what they do.  Making special effort to capture embarrassing moments that reveal the women sexuality

The subtle Photoshop of women whose wrinkles and shape are subtly changed to give an unrealistic reality that does not really exist.  All of which encourages the young to emulate what they see.  That portrays a message that if you want to get ahead in life then you do so by using your body and flaunt your sexualisation.  Even if your too young to even know what the word means. What makes it worse is that the parents have already been so well indoctrinated with this culture that they can’t even see the danger they are doing to their own children.   Now I m not talking about putting women into some burka  or heavy duty corset , but respectability does not have to go far to insure modesty for all.  Being respectful does not have to come at a cost of nudity.  The recent Olympics was a prime example.  Men’s clothing were loose fitting shorts, whilst some women garments were so short and tight that they barely covered even their modesty.

At every turn our children girls and boys are being bombarded with sexual images that affect them both mentally and physically.  That sadly reaffirms a reality that is not real.  Girls especially are bombarded with ideas that the thinner you are the more attractive you are , and we wonder why anorexia  has become such a problem in this day and age.  Most of these messages bombard our children day after day and often we fail to realise they are even there. We may realise it or not the world we live in is not always a pretty one   There are pressures on our children  which they should never need to face until older and wiser and yet there are being forced to grow up sooner rather than later.


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