The world seems to be taken by storm by a trilogy of books called the “fifty Shades of Grey.” The main characters of the trilogy are called Anastacia Steele and Christian Grey. The name of the book is called Fifty Shades of Grey after the leading character. The term fifty shades of Grey becomes a colloquial term to describe just how mixed up Grey is. Apparently because he was abused by an older woman he now seeks to return the favour by doing the same to others. Although like any mystery you have to read the whole trilogy to find out just how that relationship worked, which personally I don’t.


“The writer of these novels is Erika Leonard, but penned them under her pseudo name of EL James. A former TV executive, wife and mother of two, based in West London, she dreamed of writing stories that her readers would love, finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with her first novel Fifty shades of Grey. Film rights for this book have already been sold to Universal.

Some 1,162,637 copies were purchased in its first 11 weeks on sale, making it the fastest-selling book since records began, beating Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

And its popularity shows no sign of abating. At the end of June, it sold more copies in a single week (397,889) than any other book has in the UK. To top it off, the novel is only the first installment of a trilogy. Some booksellers have run out of stock and the publishers have resorted to having it reprinted in Germany as well as in this country ” (source–Author-goes-house-hunting.html )


Most will realize that the books are an erotic piece of smut design to excite the appetite of one’s lusts. The fact that they have become so popular may have more to say about the society we live in as it does for the mind of EL James.

Are we to disregard something as being PORN just because it was written by women, or because it was even written?

The popularity according to  another article.

The question is surely now about how big the movie will be. With an adult appeal the movie could be set to overshadow the story in which it had its origins, that of moody vampires Edward and Bella in ‘The Twilight Saga’.

Hollywood’s biggest and most beautiful stars certainly think so, as they are queuing up to take on the roles and even direct the movie. Deadline even reports that it could be directed by Angelina Jolie, although likely screenwriter Brett Easton Ellis has said he would like legendary director David Cronenberg.

The likes of Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansen have been with linked with the role of Anastacia, with Easton Ellis writing on Twitter that he thinks both would be perfect, stating: “Thinking more conventionally for Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey…Scarlett Johansson or Kristen Stewart.”

The book Fifty Shades of Grey introduced the reader to a rich well to do individual called Christian Grey. He takes an interest in a woman Anastacia Steele who fills in for a reporter friend. Now Grey can have whoever he wants whenever he wants. But his interests lie in a darker side to his character. Throughout the first book we see the finer points of bondage,  Spanking  Ssado-masochism and just sheer sex. However it seems that Anastacia Steele has never been with a man in the truest sense and Grey becomes the man to introduce her to all that is involved with sex.

Now whilst many get involved in the story the moral aspect can be quickly missed, or should I say the sheer lack of Morality. Abusiveness in any relationship by a man against women is both criminal and dangerous. Let’s take for example where Grey seeks to buy Steels friendship with gifts, especially after they have had sex. He buys her a new Car to replace her old one. Now Abusive men do this. He seeks to get her to sign a contract that is unworkable in any court of law that will allow him the right to inflict pain and bondage on the women. What the book cleverly hides is the fact that Miss Steele has just prostituted herself to this man, bought with gifts which she could never hope to buy herself.    The writer does it in a way that almost justifies such actions as being morally acceptable.  With the message if you have the money you can but any women.

 Well you say they were consenting adults. It’s their privacy, and it’s their right to choose. However the leading lady is actually overwhelmed by steel personality and wealth. He buys her a laptop so he can keep tags on her. He follows her about and uses his wealth to his advantage. He takes her on a helicopter ride to his apartment. The Book makes it quite clear that he is also very very controlling. Now abusive men are controlling and suspicious of any relationships outside of their control. Anastacia Steele is simply overwhelmed by the fact that this man has an interest in her. Personally she should have seen him for what he was and ran from the building. It would seem that the message the writer wants to portray is that women are unable to find true satisfaction unless she has sex with a stranger, is tied up placed in restraints, abused controlled and calls her captive “SIR”

If anything we see the typical false belief that love = sex and sex equals love, which in reality is not the case. The fact that the writer is able to place the reader into the shoes of miss Steele rather than a third part observer and thus see what happens from this woman’s point of view. However is it really a woman’s point of view? Or is it what a woman want people to think is a woman’s point of view. Having known a number of women whose husbands were abusive, this book is nothing more than a slap in their face. The belief that if your rich enough you can get away with anything. Had Mr Grey been a shop floor worker it is unlikely that the book would have quite the appeal it is made to have.

There is little left to the imagination and it is doubtful if genuine love can be drawn from the conclusion of this trilogy. Eventually the trilogy ends in a happier ever after role with the couple having their first child. True rags to riches tale with sex and immorality thrown in. No wonder film producers are lining up to direct a possible future film. Now no doubt the writer will say that the book is only the work of fiction and should not be taken that literal. However it has been shown that sometimes the fruit of someone’s pen is nothing more than a reflection of what goes on in society.

Such megalomania and controlling and abusiveness even as I write is a reality for so many women. Believe me it is no rags to riches story; no happy ending, no wonderful sex, nothing but the pain, the hardship, and an abusive man.

Let me pose another possible ending to this story based upon what the trilogy and what happens in real life.

A number of years pass and Mr Grey starts to become bored with Family life. The darker side of his nature longs to express itself in his playroom, the place of bondage where he is allowed to explore his fantasies in peace. Business trips take him away quite a lot, which makes for just about any excuse going. Mrs Grey slowly finds the bed she once shared becoming more and more empty. Mrs Grey has her suspicions but nothing is made clear until the local tabloids release a story exposing Mr Grey. Apparently after a string of local women were seen coming and going from an unknown apartment in a seedier side of the city. A woman battered and bleeding was picked up and taken to hospital. Mr Grey is arrested as the abuser. However the case is dropped. Wealth has more uses than one can imagine. The hooker is silenced with a good pay off. Mrs Grey has for some time found increasing solace in Mr Whisky bottle and this final news becomes the straw that broke the camels back. She picks up the kids and flees to a local hotel. Mr Grey is however if anything is good at stalking and works every angle to control Mrs Grey movements. The business she now operates is suddenly bought out from under her. In a fit of depression tries to take her life, the attempt fails and she is committed to a local hospital for treatment and social services temporality takes the kids into care.

Money works well for Mr Grey. With a string of Lawyers gets custody of the kids. Mrs Grey is secretly committed to a private hospital to be looked after and cared for. The final act of control has been put into place. The children grow up with a room they are never allowed to enter and with the screams of women from a room they are never allowed to see. Mrs Grey finally succumbs to accepting her place as a woman controlled manipulated and broken at the hands of an abusive man.

Now as nasty as this seems this is more than likely the truer version of what happens. So if you are someone who is contemplating reading this TRASH think twice about it. Remember that riches are not everything. Sex is not the same as love. Abusive and controlling men do not always land up as good husbands


  1. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    Why exactly is it remarkable that this was written by a woman? Your a sad, sexist, idiot. I guess we should take your word for it when you can’t even interpret the Bible correctly?

    • holyghostman says:

      Dante lets be real now. What do you find so interresting in these books. If you are a minster of the gospell you should be dead behind U.C because he is bringing things to the for front that the church should know about. These books are meant to bring the animal instinct out and cause more problems than solutions. God doesnt work through this kind of trash and the next book burning I hope I have a copy to throw it in the burning barrow.

  2. Lets see. Your hatred is so empowering that you would actually side with a woman who writes PORN. Who believes that the only way a woman can have fulfilment is through acts of bondage, slavery, beatings being stalked and generally being forced to call her master “”Sir”. WOW now that s real low even for you!!

  3. vicky says:

    Agree entirely, think they sound like an awful set of books and to be quite honest I am sick of hearing from friends etc how I should read them, I see it that I would be upset to find my husband reading a porn magazine or book (as would most women if they are honest) so what makes it ok for women to read this ????


    The article goes on to say “If you ever book a reservation at the Damson Dene Hotel in England, don’t expect to have a copy of the Bible waiting for you.

    Instead, the hotel’s owner has replaced the holy book with none other than the best-selling novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ The owner said he didn’t think many people read the Bible, so now there is a book in the rooms that everyone wants to read”

    Compare to this piece of trash we see a Christian pastor arrested simply because he read the Bible in public.

    One California pastor says his recent arrest has proven that – at least in his town – you can read the Bible, and you can be in public … but you can’t do them simultaneously.

    Controversy is stirring after he was arrested for reading his bible in public in front of a local DMV. Video captured police confronting the preacher, telling him he needed to “go someplace else.”

    The man’s lawyer called it another example of Christian persecution in modern America, saying his client was cited for impeding an open business — even though the office was closed.

    “It’s crazy,” said attorney Bob Tyler.

    This clealry shows what is to come. Publish porn and filth and your in, but open you Bible and you can expect to be arrested.

  5. Guest too says:

    Where are the women libbers in protestors of this trash?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Apparently you have never been in an abusive relationship, or we didn’t read the same fifty shades trilogy. I have been in 2, yes 2, abusive relationships and they were nothing like the relationship between Christian and Anastasia, even if you stripped the story of all the glamour of the rich life. I like that Christian wants to cherish, protect, and care for Anastasia in such an unselfish way. Christian has his issues…what man (or woman for that matter) doesn’t? I like that Anastasia is a strong woman who stands up for herself and puts Christians issues in their rightful place. I also believe that if more married couples took out their frustrations in the bedroom in a consensual way and compromised more outside of the bedroom as the Greys did that the divorce rate would seemingly decrease. Maybe you should read the books again?

    Christians issues in their rightful

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