Consequences of fallen theories.

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Book of Enoch, false teachers
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Theories have obvious consequences.  For many they may hold to such theories for a variety of reasons.  Not always necessarily bad.  But the trouble is that theories in themselves do not make for truth.  In the case with the fallen angels  (Genesis 6) people have to add in what is not there.  Angels which are spirit have to materialise physically.  Marry carry on physical relationships, and have the ability to have children.  That means having the ability to conceive with the right equipment.  That included having the right sperm to fertilise a woman.  As Angels false or otherwise don’t have sperm let alone were created to reproduce it makes for an impossible situation.  The obvious response to this difficulty is the excuse that these angels exercised free will, or broke the rules somehow.    The classic answer becomes a general fit me all plaster to slap on when they cannot answer the question. 

Creation  cannot become something other than what they were created to be.   Angels even in their fallen state of anarchy and rebellion must still adhere to how they were created.  It is not a matter of breaking some sort of speeding law, but breaking Gods creative authority.  That means becoming gods themselves in order to do so.  Which is highly unlikely?   As a child gets something from both parents genes  in their make up   you would have to expect an angel to pass something of his genes to his child.  Is there anything that says these children were born with some physical likeness of their dad?  Could they fly , soar like some eagle.  Materialise and disappear into the spirit world at a moments notice?

Giants you say.  unfortunately  we are told  that  these giants were already in existence when the sons of God went unto the daughters of men.  How can you have children already existing before their parent met?  Clearly they were someone’s child, maybe not the child of these parents.  To further complicate things we are even told what the children of such unions resulted in (Genesis 6: 4) and they were not giants.  “the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.”  You mean there was not a wing among them?  Not even an angelic likeness.  Not one that had the characteristics of their father?  Nothing to show of a previous fallen state of a parent?  You  have to have the ability to pass on your genes, can a spirit even have genes to pass on to their children?  Even the ability to appear in a physical form does not mean they had genes to pass on.

All we know of these children is a reputation for being strong brave and valiant.  The word mighty is used throughout the Old Testament and is used in both a positive and negative sense.  Which makes it difficulty to be precise, so lets for the sake of argument say in a bad sense.  Did it give them anything which is not found elsewhere in scripture?  The answer is NO!!  Which is not what you would expect if such a condition did exist.

To take such a jump from point A to point Z is not just a long way but an astronomical jump of fictionalization.  It must also go against everything which God himself says cannot happen.  It must ignore any valid argument in which shows the obvious error in the theory.  Now unless they can prove that angels can ignore God, recreate themselves in a way that will work and bridge the boundaries which God lays down, there is no valid theory here. 

This is simply the first hurdle which proponents have to jump, and personally an impossible one. 

Now if we simply stayed at Genesis and what took part before the flood there probably be no real argument, however the Genesis account has further ramifications which took place after the flood.  You then have to create an even greater leap of fictionalization by theorising a new rebellion.  This posses another problem as the first lot got  locked up.  You have to either create a new rebellion or have the first lot escape from their imprisonment.  So this theory forces those who hold to it to keep improvising and extend their theories beyond scripture.  Can that which God has locked up really be unlocked by his own creation?  If not then we would have to have further rebellion.  Again the plaster of conveyance is added.  Angels have FREE WILL and can do whatever they like.    So a theory of consecutive rebellions which scripture itself makes no mention must continue to take place.   Now all this happens under the watchful eye of God who appears to stand by while his creation is messed with, ignored the obvious supposed results.  Then proceeds to blame the victims of what many call a hybridisation experiment.  Another fit me plaster.     As they know that such fallen angels are not lining the church Isles to be married today, they have to change the end result to some sort of Frankenstein experiment.  For what reason a hybrid human whose genes have been spliced with a cow.  What would it give them that the original fall did not already achieve?  Can man be any more alienated from God than he is already?  To take possession of a human host, demons can do that already.   To gain wisdom?  Such knowledge so-called  is already being projected to people by direct contact with so-called spirit guides who think there speaking to aliens from some distant universe.     A world influenced by satan ?  He had that already as the god of this world.  The spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.  So inevitably we have a theory that goes no where, has no possible reason to exist and no purpose that anyone can logically see.   What is probably the most disturbing aspect of this theory is that satan and his rebellious lot are given even greater glory for their initiative at the expense of God himself.  God is sadly portrayed as  dithering , who then takes his anger out against the victims of such vile molestation.    

Man sins because he is a sinner.  His nature is to disobey God.  His will when presented with a moral  choice will obey what serves his own purposes best, rightly or wrongly.   He is the product of ADAMS sin.   Notice that I say ADAMS nature, not the result of angelic nature.   Jesus only by becoming the second Adam made a way to redeem man.  He did not come to deal with angelic interference. 

Heb 2: 16-17  For verily he took not on [him the nature of] angels; but he took on [him] the seed of Abraham. Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto [his] brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things [pertaining] to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.

The ramification that if man was recreated in the nature and image of an angel,  then Christ work is seriously undermined.  Scripture would itself be challenged.  Jesus was made like unto his brethren human and physical.  No where does it say the nature of an angel.  If anything it shows clearly that man has always been what Adam his first parent was, human in every way.   If we were to argue that this only applies to some, rather than all.  What would the consequences be?  It would place such individuals and all in their lineage outside of the pale of Gods grace.  Jesus only came to save those of Adams descent, not angelic decent.  This poses major consequences which few who hold to this theory even realise.

 Man is alienated from the life of God and therefore does not know God.   Man has a moral responsibility to obey God.  But the moment you take that choice out of his hand and says that his nature is the responsibility of someone else.  His will is the result of some experiment.  The choices he makes are not really the result of free will, but of a preconditioned genetic experiment, you have technically absolved and excused his moral actions.  He is then seen as the victim, not of his own actions but of a foreign agent.  The moment we arrive at that conclusion all sort of alarms should sound.  Can Gods justice be seen as Justice if man is nothing more than a victim?  So God himself is placed in the dock .  That can only come from one direction the accuser of the brethren who would think of nothing by establishing a theory that attacks the Nature and Justice of God, especially when those who hold to such a theory have not taken the time to realise where it is taking them. 


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