Benny and Sue Hinn are now reconciling, but is it just for the cameras?

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Benny Hinn, Suzanne Hinn
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Just for the cameras or for real?

The internet is rife with the new of Benny and Suzanne Hinn reconciliation.  Whilst we hope and pray that they will be truly reconciled, the honest truth is I have my doubts.  Something does not add up.   Benny’s own web site has an open letter which states

“Reconciliation Is Rapidly Taking Place.” 

But reconciliation is not the same as reconciled.  It’s a process which has not got a conclusion yet.  So things could still go wrong. 

The other thing which deeply troubles me.  Benny during his divorce was seen blaming himself for his absence as the main reason his marriage broke down.  He was as he says too preoccupied with the ministry.  Now according to Benny  and Suzanne the real problem was Suzanne’s addiction to prescription medication which made her act erratic. 

At the same time, my wife, Suzanne started taking certain prescription medications to help her cope with some of her personal struggles. She became dependent on those for nearly 15 years, and those medications made her behave erratically at times. As her husband, I did not know the extent of her reliance on these medications, nor did I fully understand just how much harm they were causing to her, physically and emotionally

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Now here is where things get a bit odd.  Benny says on this open letter

After our marriage ended, Suzanne decided that she needed professional help to gain freedom from her chemical dependence and checked herself into the Betty Ford Center in early 2010. And for three and a half months she underwent exhaustive treatment. Today she is totally set free from the need for these medications—she is completely whole.

Yet we now know from Suzanne herself that this visit took place in February 2011.  Simply mistake on Benny’s part that he can’t tell what year his wife went to get treatment perhaps? We know it was not 2010 because Suzanne was preaching at the Esther conference which ran from March 26-28 of that year.

Now I don’t doubt going by past videos that she was addicted to something and needed help.

Now this brings me to another issue Benny Himself.  Why did Suzanne need the Help of the Betty Ford Clinic when her husband claims that Gods uses him to heal?  So very often the major players in these ministries more often than not are unable to heal those closest to them.  Now why did Benny not know or mention this before hand.  Suddenly we have this new revelation which not only explains all, but now becomes the means to possibly excuse everything as well?

Now what really makes me smell the proverbial rat is the way it is being publicized?  It’s all over the net.  Should not such reconciliation be kept for a season reasonably quiet?  Suddenly the whole emphasis has changed from GOD –MINISTRY- and then the FAMILY to GOD -FAMILY – and then the MINISTRY.  Now I don’t disagree with that, but from what I have seen it is still GOD –MINISTRY-  and then the FAMILY.    That’s the spin Benny and Suzanne is putting on it.  Instead of taking time out to be reconciled they are taking time out to publicize their reconciliation of their ministries.   publically and in front of the cameras.  Suddenly Suzanne is now his preaching partner in the ministry.  In fact when you listen to the various videos going around Benny time after time repeats the fact “ We are more than ever committed to the Ministry,”  So where is the family part of this?  It is still  at the bottom of the list where it was before.  Continually Benny talks about the “ministry must continue and the preaching of the gospel must be preached , ”  But that was the very thing he declared broke his marriage up to start with.  So has anything really REALLY CHANGED?

 Talk about the spin he makes on this on his website.  This is what he goes on to say:

 The last three and a half years were painful, not only for our family but also for this ministry.  The ministry suffered greatly as many partners walked away, not knowing the truth about our situation. Sue and I are praying that many of those who left will come back and stand with us.

Often what’s on a person’s mind is the thing that comes out.    In this case the need for money and the ministry.

 But we must have your help. The ministry has suffered financially greatly because of the struggles in our marriage. We are beginning to see an upsurge now, but we truly need a miracle to be able to do what God has called us to do.

 I can say now that the ministry was on the way to total collapse, but now we are seeing a beautiful turnaround—in fact, members of my team have rejoined the ministry, including my beloved friend Jim Cernero, who is back with me leading the praise and worship in my meetings. I want you to be part of the breakthrough we are experiencing together, and that’s why Suzanne and I need you, now more than ever, to stand with us prayerfully and financially

As I ask you to prayerfully consider planting your most generous seed this month, I am believing with you for three very specific miracles:

  1. 1.     All losses will stop in your life.
  2. 2.     You will have total restoration and recovery in your finances, your life, and your family. God will restore the years the locust has eaten (Joel 2:25).
  3. 3.     Total abundance will come your way.

About two years ago the Lord spoke to me to give a monthly gift to a man of God, which I continue to do to this day. As I obeyed the Lord, I remember the Lord saying to me, “Because you obeyed Me, there will be no more losses in your life. Because you obeyed Me, there will be total restoration in your life. Because you obeyed Me, there will be total abundance.” I thought at the time that the Lord meant in the area of finances. What I am seeing now is that He meant a whole lot more. Not long after that, a couple paid for the legal fees for Sue and me. Now, God has gone so much beyond that, and today our marriage is restored, our family is restored, and I believe abundance is truly on the way! And I’m believing the same for you. It all begins with obedience. It’s not a matter of luck or chance. It’s pure obedience. Prosperity is not an accident. Prosperity is the promise of God. And only when we obey will He bless us and reward us and prosper us: “If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures” (Job 36:11). Plant your best seed toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ today. I await hearing from you! Let’s work together to preach the Gospel, bringing the message of hope and healing to the multitudes and homes around the globe! You are truly the greatest, my wonderful, sweet partner. Sue and I love you very much, and you mean so much to us—today more than ever,

MOST OF HIS LETTER WAS ABOUT GETTING MONEY AND MAKING PROMISES THAT IF YOU GIVE TO HIS MINISTRY YOU WILL BECOME PROSPEROUS.  Now according to Benny he has just got back to his wife and all he can talk about is Money.  Hmm what does that say?   In fact in this letter what or who is he claiming was responsible for healing his marriage, God or his giving?

Now I honestly hope that their marriage is healed and really restored, But not at the cost of SPIN!!!  I think the thing that makes me concerned is that what they are doing is just for the cameras.  Showing a united front for no other reason than to restore their finances.  The make believe world that TV shows pump out for the viewing public.  

Now you would think that such an open letter would all be about the reconciliation.  How they got back, what their plans are together.  How they intend to make sure their marriages work.  In fact on one video he was busy plugging his video on marriage.  Yet how can he plug a video on marriage when he says he and Suzanne will be seeking counselling for their marriage?

The sad part is that Benny is still a false teacher peddling his prosperity teachings.  From the way Suzanne talks she is in total agreement even to giving God permission to work in their lives.  Does God even need our verbal permission to do something?  If Suzanne was addicted to prescription Drugs, then Benny is addicted to the ministry.  I wonder what he will do to treat his addiction, because until both addictions are dealt with I doubt if true happiness will materialise.


  1. murathi09 says:

    Gossip. Am regretting why I read this space… NKT

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