When People talk about having to go through Mary or some other saint all it tells me is that they have no knowledge of the life that God offers them.  When someone tells me that they have to labour and struggle to be accepted by God, it is simply saying they just don’t know God.

An electrical appliance can sit on a shelf all day long and it will be as dead as the day it was placed there.  You can take it down and move it around and it will not react or perform its given duties.    But the moment you take the lead and plug it into a source of electricity, that dead appliance becomes alive.  It starts to do what it was manufactured to do.  The difference is that it is now attached to the source.  One minute it was just a dead piece of equipment and the next is alive because it is plugged into a source it recognises as life.  That is also the same with human beings.  We can put on religious attire.  Attend church and sing a few songs.  But our lives are the same going out as when they went in.

John 17: 3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Does an apple grow on its own or because it is attached to a source which will nourish it, feed it and make it grow.  On its own it will dry up shrivel and rot.  It has to be attached to a source of life that will make it grow and blossom.

Eternal life is not just the duration of life which we will have, but the very quality of life which we enter into now. 

1 John 5: 11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

Not if, but , maybe but has given us eternal life.  The moment we are connected to that source things begin to happen.  The moment we get grafted into this glorious and wondrous source of LIFE things begin to change.

All the filthy words we once enjoyed spewing out now become ugly and disgusting. We suddenly find that what we once loved begins to change.  Those filthy habits now become a source of grief.  Attitudes change and we begin to focus on things which we know will please God.  That trashy music that once spoke of sex and drink suddenly begins to have no appeal anymore. 

We begin to learn from God himself on what pleases him, what he enjoys and what makes him tick.  There is a tremendous buzz in worshipping him.  This is not merely a physical emotion, it something deeper.  It’s something which comes deep from within our very being.  We become “ALIVE”.   It becomes fun to be in the presence of God and delight in what pleases him.   We develop a love for Gods word and hold it up as precious.  The very idea of going to another for intercession on our behalf is foolishness.  Why when we are connected to LIFE itself.  When we are openly welcomed into the very presence of God himself, when you realise that you have the ear of God another does not matter.  When you are connected to the one who give LIFE then everything else is just mere imitation.  When a Christian begins to know God he becomes ALIVE.  Now we begin to hear from God. Glimpses of what is to come, realities beyond what we see physically.  Understanding of things we never knew existed.  We begin to go beyond this realm of life to see the life which is to come. We jump for joy unspeakable and full of glory.  We long to be fully clothed in that reality which God promises, because we are convinced that there is more than what we see now. We long to enter fully into that resurrection experience, and to be fully conformed to the image of his son. 

Believe when I say we become a privilege people and glorious people because we can touch the source of all joy and peace.  To look and wonder at the graciousness of God.  I who was dead and separated from God, alienated from the life of God.  Now understand what we are connected to is not an inanimate object but GOD himself.  To a person in whom all our dreams are fixed.  He becomes more than a mere object of some unrelated being somewhere in the cosmos.  He becomes friend and companion on our journey.  It is a Journey which we share together.  Whatever this life throws up with all its hardships, sufferings, highs and lows we know he will never leave nor forsake us. There is a peace which does indeed go beyond what this world can give because it is a peace we can be secure in.  There is a security that what we have committed to him, he will bring to the shores of eternity.    You begin to love as God loves.  Try and grasp this for a moment.  We begin to love as he loves.  Now it’s not me trying to beat myself into loving what God loves, but it’s a process of growth.  We are becoming more and more like him in his nature.  We love what he loves and hate what he hates.  We enjoy loving as he does.  This goes beyond mere formality religion or ritualism, but a growing and maturing.  We may glimpse something of the final product but it still remains a shadow through which we peer but not quite the fullness of it.  But we are persuaded that it will be fully glorious and mind blowing.  Beautiful in its completion.  What I can say we will not be disappointed in any way by the final result.  Not only because of the upward relationship but the relationship as believers will have with each other.  Now that will be glorious indeed.  No suspicions or mistrusting or wars or doubting the other intents.  No arguments over what meant by someone’s words. 

God bless!!


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