The Bible says God is love, a love that is selfless gracious and pure.  In the days we are living in truth is being seen as error and error as the truth.  So also with the love of God, that too is being changed and vilified as something altogether different. 

For many who hold to the theory that women in Genesis 6 were raped by fallen angels and that the children born to them were destined to roam the earth upon life as well as death as vile creatures of the dark.  To believe that in spite of Gods clear direction that the life of man would be shortened we have humans wandering this earth as demonic entities should shock anyone who truly has a love for God.

Let me explain.

A man is assaulted as he walks passed a stranger.  He is left crippled in the attack.  The police are called.  To everyone’s astonishment it is the victim of the assault that is arrested.  He is handcuffed and imprisoned.  He is taken before the judge who promptly throws the full weight of the law at him and sentences him to a life’s imprisonment.  There is no parole and no hope.

Now surely there would be an outcry that this was an injustice.  His only crime was that he was the innocent victim of someone else’s aggression.  Would the  newspapers not cry foul, the lawyers would cry injustice?  Would the law itself be mocked and derided.  Would the police and the judge be vilified as incompetent’s fools?  Would justice itself be thrown into doubt? Would government officials stand up in deplore such treatment of the innocent?   Yet we are to believe that God himself who is the perfect judge now sentences the innocent to become demons for nothing worse that someone’s mother was forced to have sex with a fallen angel. Can we call that justice?  Can we call that acceptable?  

Some would say that Gods reasoning is beyond ours, and suggest that is not the case.  We are created with a moral responsibility, and man in general hates injustice.  If the lest of us can see that such injustices are wrong, then it is clear that God himself must deplore such injustices.  For if God was in such a mind then he would become satan greatest ally. Justice would become injustice.  God would be deplored as a senile old man that was too busy looking the other way when the innocent are assaulted.  Unable to stop such actions he is forced to sentence their children to an eternal wandering as vile creatures of the night.  With No hope and no pardoning!!!

Can you not see how such actions attack the very core of Gods nature?  His righteousness would be in question.  His love would be maligned, and his reasoning doubted.  The very principle of grace would be thrown out.  God himself would become the villain. 

If such actions were only a single incident in the past, that would be bad enough, but to believe that such actions continue to this present day is a gross injustice.  Where more women become the victim of angelic molestations and their offspring are destined to be consigned to the ever growing ranks  of demons.

This can only send out one message that strikes at the sovereignty of God, maligns his goodness, mocks his justice. He is deemed powerless in the face of his own creation. God becomes nothing more than a standing joke

I cannot emphasis this enough that this vile theory is a personal attack on God himself. 

It would undermine the cross and all attempts to save the lost, because some would already be judged in life never mind death.  Jesus stood up that day as the fulfilment of prophesy that he came to set captives free, but there stands a question mark that some were already beyond his  ability to save.  Is this truly the message that Christ came to save the lost, but not all can be saved?   The “whosoever believes” of John 3: 16 is simple not possible.  Does this not throw into question how can God love the whole world when part of that world is now beyond his ability to reach?


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