Men may view greatness with a gun and a bomb, God views greatness by a single act of love.

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Jesus Christ
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Men view greatness by  the strength to command armies to conquer and subdue their enemies. Greatness is when one man knocks another out in a boxing ring. Greatness is when an individual receives accolades and fame from his public. But few recognize greatness when one man is taken, beaten and his life taken like some common criminal.

To a Moslem the concept of a prophet  allowing himself to be taken and brutally beaten and killed at the hands of his enemies is profoundly a sign of weakness and defeat. To them such an act is inconceivable. To them having armies conquer the unbelievers and have them forced to their knees in subjugation is more understandable.

The Bible however has this to say.

1 Cr 1:25Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

Men deem humility as an alien concept unfitting for those destined for greatness. The washing of anothers feet the station of a meager slave, unfitting for one deemed great in the sight of man. Pride refuses to contemplate that such actions is both glorious and great. Yet we see that Jesus humbles himself to wash the feet of those who would soon deny he  existence.

By one single apparent act of weakness in laying down his life and surrendering it to his enemies, he conquered more than any general could ever have imagined. By that one single act he won the hearts of more than any general or conqueror in history could inspire. He faced death and defeated its hold. The accuser of the brethren was sent spoiled and naked before the victor. Unlike any other general who died this man Jesus remains forever King of KING and Lord of LORDS.

When conquerors subdued nation they could boast of making those nations their slaves, but they could never boast that they have won the hearts of those they conqueror. The enmity endured longer than the life of the conqueror, but this man Jesus by his death turned the hearts of his enemies into his friends. He won what force of arms could never do, the love and respect of those whose hearts he touched.

Generals may boast of their technology, their arms, and their weapons, Jesus simply by nothing more than his spoken word did more than all the boasting of dictators and generals. He convicted illuminated inspired and brought the revelation of his father into the very hearts of those who listened. He changed their lives and empowered them to further his kingdom. He brought hope to the hopeless, brought sight to the blind and opened minds that were closed.  Hearts that were once hardened now rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Rome with all its might, who subdued kingdoms, terrorized and brought to heel the infidels. Kept its boarders safe from the barbarians, and yet could not stop the simple proclamation of the gospel. The apparent weakness of the message was still greater than Rome.

Atheism may boast of its rejection of religion. Its humanism and evolutionary concepts and yet they have no answer to life basic questions as to why we are here. They can formulate how life works, but they cannot answer why we are here. God alone has given that answer.

Politicians may boast that they have the well-being of their voters. Yet the reality is that they are faced with an ever-growing problem that has them stumbling from one economic crisis to the next.  Economics that turns dark-haired men in office one day to white-haired by the time they leave. Resources are faltering, technology can’t keep up and the economics of the nations are in a meltdown.  God answer to mans dilemma is still in a lowly man who rode on a donkey, on his way to Golgotha cross. His resources will never falter, His wisdom has no ending, his plans will never fail, and his strength will never weaken. He continues to snatch the lost from the edge of the abyss.

What greatness can be seen when a conqueror makes his enemies his friends, no his brothers and sisters and welcomes them into his family. What men could not do with a gun and a bomb God did with one single act of LOVE!!


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