When a nine year old decided to stand up to the WBC

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Westboro Baptist church
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UCMINISTRIES: They say a child shall lead them, and boy did this young lad stand up against the ongoing antics of the Westboro Baptist Church,   Its nice to see that even a nine year old knows the difference between what is just plain hatred and scripture. Personally someone should reward him for his stance.

Josef Miles says it all

“ The WBC has a long and disgusting history of just hating everyone and  everything.”1 Cor 13: 1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become [as] sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

God may hate that which is wicked because he knows it will inevitable bring separation from him.  No father delight in a child that chooses to go his own destructive ways, but longs to see him restored and safe.  Sin by nature is always destructive.

When you have a group of people who go out of their way to hate and their message and lives expound a message of hatred.  Be careful because they just might be given over to what they love most “HATE”.  HATE CAN BURN AND DESTROY as surely as any forest fire.  It will blind corrupt and harden them in their folly.  I have the suspicion that when Rev. Fred Phelps, Sr. dies there might be a change.  At least that is my hope!!  My hope is that the true message of love will trully soften them to a place of repentance and hope.  To the realisation that there is a better way in proclaiming the gospel.

The way Patty Akrouche tells the story, her Mother’s Day gift arrived a day early Saturday when her young son mounted a quiet counter-protest to the pickets of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Nine-year-old Josef Miles and his mother were walking around the Washburn University campus Saturday, which was Graduation Day on campus. As they returned to the area where they had parked their car, they couldn’t help but notice the WBC protesters picketing in an area where they had an audience.

After reading WBC signs proclaiming God’s hatred for homosexuals and other assorted groups, Josef asked Akrouche if he could create his own sign proclaiming his different view of God’s outlook.

His sign, written in pencil on a small sketchpad, read simply, “God Hates No One.”

“He’s growing up to be a fine young man,” his mother said in recalling the story. “I got my Mother’s Day gift a day early.”



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