Recent newspaper article has publicised major concerns about the recent rise of what could be called

The Sunday Post May 6

sickening mobile phone games.  The rise of technology has made it ever easier for children to download games, some of which involve extreme gang violence, boob jobs, decapitation, and execution.  Little if anything has been done to stem the outflow of this sewage.Parenting Groups have called for better regulations to stem this flow. However spokesmen for Ofcom has washed their hands and declared that this was outside of their remit.  Apple appears to be making these types of games readily available for children as young as nine.  I have no doubt that children even younger are able to get their hands on such games from older siblings. Developers of Mobster wars, Sack Dude, Crime City as well as Apple were asked to comment by the Newspaper, but did not respond.   Reg Bailey chairman of Mothers Union added: “I am keen to see the online industry enable parents to Block adult content across all devices purchased including smart phones.  These applications are downloaded with a simple click, and require no age verification or parental verification. 

Some of the games mentioned in the article.

Sack Dude

This game has its own Facebook following.  Here are a few of the comments made by those who follow this game.. 

Bring on a portal gun and knives and a gravity gun

I Love this game awesome !!!!!!!

Get better weapons on this game it’s boring now

Could you make body,more faces,more weapons and change gender

Need a few more weapons. Drills, knives, morning-star… You get the idea!

For the next weapon drop or update, please could we have blood when we hurt him and loads of other weapons? Like if we got a knife, you could chop limbs off and blood would drop from his wound – that would be nice haha 🙂

Chainsaw and military wepons(ex m16 p-90 acr 6.8)

I would like to have grenades and and a interchangeable background so u could go from hanging to an electric chair or another weapon a chain saw


Mobster games 

Here is the description of the game.

They took your brother, now you take your revenge! Take over the city, building your turf into a criminal empire for the most fearsome mob in the city – yours!  Massively Multiplayer Online Mobster Game  Over 200+ gritty missions and goals in a dark story of revenge!  FIGHT other mobsters in battles in the ARENA  RECRUIT friends to build a powerful Mob  Run RACKETS from your Casinos, Banks and more!  Watch your turf light up at night, when you play on your device after dark!  OWN 140+ powerful Weapons and Vehicles

Nothing more than an encouragement to break the law and take revenge.  Whilst many may simply see this as nothing more than just an arcade game.  The repercussions for some are not so clear.

Boob Job

Encourages  breast implants  and give instruction on how to ogle the opposite sex

The Bible says

Mat 24: 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold

Strongs translates this word  Cold  psychō 5594.

1) to breathe, blow, cool by blowing

2) to be made or grow cool or cold

3) metaph. of waning love

(Vines )”to breathe, blow, cool by blowing,” Passive Voice, “grow cool,” is used metaphorically in Mat 24: 12, in the sense of waning zeal or love.

What concerns many is that Violent video games that have been played on gaming sites soon become violent acts in real life.  Patrick and Giselle Pakeerah believe their son Stefan was murdered by his friends Warren Leblanc who bludgeoned him to death by a claw hammer and then repeatedly knifed him.  In the ensuing court case it was argued that Warren had an obsession with a violent game called Manhunt where points are given for savage killings.  Believe me from what I have seen the graphics are very very explicit shocking and even disturbing. Another is that of Ryan Chinnery  who was said to have carried out a  horrific sexual attacks on women after playing  the computer game Grand Theft Auto

 What sort of people even thinks up these games?  I mean really what sort of minds dwells on the most gruesome of killings.  Does it really excite them to develop a gaming experience where people are brutally killed in ways that in real life would have them locked up along side Jack the ripper.  There seems to be drive to make those games as violent and as gruesome as possible.   

The player does not just see his opponent killed as part of some fantasy game, but it is the extreme graphic content on how his opponent is killed.  Morality is suspended in the gaming, Kill or be killed.  The plumb line that says killing is wrong gets all messed around.  Bodies are decapitated, killed in the most horrendous of ways.  Young minds are influenced into believing that killing is both sanctioned and acceptable.   Sadly it might just be one step to killing in the real world.  There lies the real issue that concerns so many.  Where the boundaries between the fantasy and the real world become so blurred that the player can no longer recognise where there is a separation.

Where youngsters are fed a steady died of the bloodshed, killings murders committed in the most horrific of ways.  It is done with absolutely no conscience and no repercussions to their actions.  Is it any wonder that at times the line is crossed.  I wonder what would happen if those who make such games are hauled into court and prosecuted as accessories to any murders associated with their games. how long would it take before drastic changes are made to those games?

Whilst Mobile phones may only be just behind PC games like Manhunt, technoloical advances will enevitably mean that such games will become increasingly advailable in all their horrid and violent content on mobile phones as well.


  1. Frederick says:

    pretty satisfying. I guess we all need to step up and start posting more serious strategic stuff or should we continue to amuse ourselves? Tell you what, I’ll stick with trawling youtube… well someone has to.

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