Every so often I find myself in a debate with someone who is adamant that the sons of God produced giants and these giants were the result of angels having sexual relationship with humans.

This is what one person had to say on this:

“Let me tell you this ; no pastor has ever told me I was wrong or could prove me wrong from scripture . When the fallen Angels took daughters of men they produced an offspring called the Nephilim (meaning the fallen ones) When they died the spirit left over “bit” is a demon”

I find that almost always those who hold to this teaching do so because of an extra Biblical piece of literature called the BOOK OF ENOCH.  Very rarely do people ever come to some of these conclusions simply on scripture alone.

To summarize

Different people will have a slightly different view regarding these teachings, so I will generalise it at this point.

The theology goes like this:  These “sons of God” were angels who had the hots for human women.  They took many to become their wives and the offspring were these giants Nephilim (fallen ones) by the time Noah came along he and only his family were the only ones to have the original pure DNA, which had not been contaminated by these fallen angels.  So he was saved and declared righteous solely on the basis than his race was pure, whilst everyone else was the product of these fallen angels.  God decides he had enough and judges the world by drowning everyone bar Noah and his family in the flood.  However Gods plan fails because these angels and the “left over bit” who were half human survived the flood and were able to carry on with their wicked ideas of impregnating more human women. Others have a succession of rebellions to adlib the imprisonment of the former.

If people insist on following a donkey you never know where it will take you!

The more I look into this theology the stranger its gets.  The ramifications of such a theory as I will show has far-reaching consequences.  Scripture is twisted and changed to conform to an alien gospel built upon bible codes, new age teachings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, astrological charts, alien revelations and wild leaps of fantasies.

There seems to be an almost unbelievable obsession with the idea that fallen angels are out to have sex with women.  It never occurs to them for a moment that angels can’t produce the goods.  Whilst we are quickly told that Angels can appear and even eat food.  Eating is a long way from having the ability to reproduce and have children.   Those who hold to this theory are unable to realize that if mankind is the product of angelic interference, then man is absolved from his sin.   Man can then be personified as the helpless victim rather than the perpetrator.

“Its not me Lord its the angel who did the business with my mum”

The moment we come to that conclusion, God becomes an unjust God who takes his anger out on the victims rather than the transgressors.  Lets be clear God is a just God and he will judge mans sin because man is sinful.

In the world of the new age there are proponents of ideas that this world was seeded by aliens, and these aliens will soon come back to save the planet,  But notice that if you tweak this new age philosophy by giving it a religious tone, you come up with the same message about the sons of God producing giants.  It’s really the same message!!!   It’s all about experimentation on humans and producing a hybrid being that is not quite human and not quite alien. Many of those who hold to these theories will produce articles  in an attempt to debunk the new age message, yet all the while embracing a religious view that embraces it.

 Also when you read some of their literature Satan forces are elevated and esteemed in a way that even the Bible does not give them.

As one writer shares: The Forces arrayed against us have never been greater, not the threats more real.  It is in this dark hour that we must make our stand.

This comment might make for a gripping spy thriller, but it is not quite the truth.

Compare this to what scripture has to say on the matter:

1 John 4: 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world

It is not that we should ignore that there is a threat, but we choose to realize that the one who hung on the cross has greater power than those who are arrayed against us.  The sad reality as you read through the columns of articles by those who hold to the fallen angel’s theory is that they do indeed elevate those forces onto an equal standing.  If anything there is an over obsession with  with fallen angels.  Even a brief venture on the internet reveals an almost exaltation and attraction to what they perceive as fallen angels.  If the world glories in such an attraction, why do we find the very same attraction and preoccupation with them within the church?

We are told quite clearly that the fallen angels who fell away from God were indeed locked up and imprisoned until the final judgement

Jud 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

But if they were locked up how could there be Giants afterwards?

Again this takes a blind leap of faith.  They have to invent more and more fallen angels to carry on with their diabolical schemes.

These Watchers were judged and some were punished by being held in Tartarus or in chains under the earth. Others were allowed to inhabit the second heavens. Watchers were falling before the flood and after the flood (Gen. 6:4). Even to this day, Watchers can fall from heaven and lose their place. All angels are created with free will and are not forced to serve God, but if they rebel against Him, they are cast out of heaven forever. The Watchers were not cursed with losing their beauty. Many have described them, also known as Nordics, as being very tall, blond hair and blue eyed and looking very human. They are referred to as the humanoid looking alien races.

The term WATCHERS is used by the book of Enoch to describe angels..  However notice that in order to get around scripture, there has to be a long list of angelic rebellions to fill in the missing pieces.  No where do we see such continuous rebellions occurring.  Other who holds to this theory have even gone to rational that some secret societies have the power to dig them up and set them free.  Clearly this is just impossibility.  But also notice that they cling as proof by even quoting New Age proponents.

The Watchers were not cursed with losing their beauty. Many have described them, also known as Nordics, as being very tall, blond hair and blue eyed and looking very human.

Is this not in itself part of this deception!!!  How can they therefore claim it as proof?  There is no doubt that demons are trying to appear as aliens, but there very appearance is itself a deception.

So that today anyone who has a genetic problem can be accused as being the product of some angelic molestation.  This was recently posted by an advocate of this theory.

Yoandri Hernandez Garrido’s nickname comes from the six perfectly formed fingers on each of his hands and the six impeccable toes on each foot.

It seems that the human race still suffers from the ancient interaction between the fallen angels (beney ‘elohim) and the “daughters of men”. It can be seen today.

The genetic defects can be seen when a child is born with six toes or six fingers

Others have even gone as far as to suggest that these giants can even look like normal sized human beings and yet still be these Nephilim.  I know try to get your head around that.  The basic problem is that there are just too many holes in this theory, so they have to improvise.  The result is that if anyone has any form of genetic irregularity they can use it as further proof of their crazy theories.  The result is inevitably a religion of racial profiling.   Because they believe that what is left over from these hybrid humans then become demons. 

 Demons are the disembodied spirits of the giant Nephilim.    Noah’s flood destroyed their bodies, but now they are disembodied spirits looking for a body through which they might once again affect their evil ways.

Again there is no evidence for this.  Yet take this to its logical conclusion.  It means for every generation of those who they claim are hybrids there is another set of demons roaming the earth.  But also that these people who they claim are Nephilim cannot be saved.  For them there is no salvation, No grace and no redemption for them.  If they die their lefts over bits become demons.  They are therefore beyond the pale of God power to save.  Is this the Gospel that Jesus shared?  That one can only be saved providing that you are racially pure?  Suddenly the issue becomes one of racial purity.  Who among us can honestly say that we are racially pure according to their theory?   Can anyone then be saved?

John 3: 16 says For God so loved the world that whosoever believes!!!  hang on there we have to change that because there are some that even if they believe that cant be saved because there not human and if they die they will become demons.  Can you see how all these ideas change the gospel.

Some of the ideas presented by these proponents just get really stranger by the minute.

Suddenly we are introduced a planet called Rahab, Lucifer’s home planet, which they believe might be what the asteroid belt was.  How do they come to that conclusion?  Through Bible codes, which is another very unreliable method of divination of the scriptures.

Based on the information I obtained from the codes, God saw this rebellion, and as a result, He revoked their celestial status and annulled Himself from them

Codes which can only be interpreted by a computer programme.  A method which has no logical basis

 Lucifer was allowed to escape to the earth with some of his forces. However, many of them were confined to the planet seeking shelter in its hollow cavity and have been imprisoned in it ever since.

Satan was not allowed to simply escape anywhere.  He was judged by God.  Though he has a measure of freedom he nevertheless is bound and controlled by God.  The proof of this is when satan had to ask Gods permission simply to touch Job.  If satan had to beg for permission how can lesser angels freely molest women to produce giants?

The response I received to this question was that “these fallen angels simply broke the rules of spiritual warfare”   So again they are forced to fill in the blank spaces


So really these fallen angels are actually hiding out in the asteroid belt? Is this what scripture tells us?  Are these fallen angels simply chilling out in some cave ?  Clearly as we will see that is certainly not the case , nor is it scriptural.

But worse is yet to come in this gripping story which is worthy of some Hollywood horror film.

Planet X, or otherwise called Planet Nibiru, is the ancient Planet Rahab! The fallen angels within its cavity are reinforcement forces for Lucifer when he arrives to power on Earth as the Antichrist and becomes the global world ruler. His forces will help him run, control, and dominate earth.

Now we have the mysterious planet X heading our way to reinforce satan forces.

It has even been suggested that Satan will birth sexually his own child and he will become the antichrist. 

Notice how they elevate and credit Satan forces in a way that scripture itself does not.

Jud 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Oh what about all those Nephilim, the left over bits?

1Pe 3:19-20 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

The Bible makes it clear GOD  was the one who locked them up, and there they will stay.  So what died in the flood stayed dead.

However all of this lunacy presents another problem and that its indirectly attacks the nature and sovereignty of God.  Now to show that is not just a coincidence.  One writer who has published a book on the subjects tries to use a chess board to illustrate the different players.

Before anything was, there was God, and then he created the heavens and earth. Before nothingness, there was God. I will start our discussion with a time in the eons past when nothing existed but God. It is important to understand the players in the game in order to understand the conspiracy. We will use the analogy of chess. God is the king piece. The captain of the Lord’s Host (Jesus) is the knight, and the heavenly host is represented by the pawns. The bishop piece represents the righteous ones, and the board is the stage of life. The opposing side has as its king, Lucifer. The knight is Beelzebub, and the bishop piece represents the unrighteous ones. The pawns are the fallen angels. Humanity is stuck in no man’s land between the opposing forces, merely, as Shakespeare said, being actors upon the stage of the chess game of life

Is this  logical?

King = God and Lucifer

Knight = Jesus and Beelzebub

Bishops= righteous and unrighteous ones

Pawns = heavenly hosts

 Here God is presented as the king piece, and Lucifer is the other king piece.  Does the Bible present Lucifer as God’s equal?  Then what of Jesus?  He is presented as being a mere Knight on the board, and his counterpart on the other side and his equal is Beelzebub.  The Bishops are represented as both the righteous and the unrighteous ones on either side.  But the Bishop is higher in value than a knight.  Is this truly how we are to view the players on the board, and was this set up a mere accident.  I don’t think so.  Notice that mankind is simply stuck in the middle of no man’s land pulled by equal forces and therefore mere play things of the gods.  Mans actions  can then  be excused.  Satan and his hordes get themselves exalted and Jesus gets himself demoted.  The Bible clearly says that is not the case.  Yet if you follow the trail this is exactly where the road leads.

  1. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    Your article contains tons of false statements and teachings. The Book of Enoch is not the only book that mentions this. All of the ENTIRE Old Testament uses the phrase “b’nai ha Elohim” (sons of God) exclusively as a reference to angels. It appears 5 times in Hebrew and 1 time in Aramaic and it is used to refer to angels EVERY time.

    You falsely claimed this is based on New Age teachings and Bible codes? Are you kidding? Bible codes didn’t even exist in the 2nd Temple period when Enoch was widely regarded among practicing Jews. The stories of angels having sex with humans is older than the FALSE teaching that these were the sons of Seth and daughters of Cain. Show us a single verse in the Bible that says Seth’s line was righteous and Cain’s line was evil. That’s a false teaching because it can’t be found in scripture at all.

    The danger in your teaching is that you’re saying God will destroy the righteous because Seth’s entire line was destroyed in the flood. According to the Sethite Theory, his line was righteous. Why then were they wiped out? The fact that you asked, “if they were locked up, how could there be giants afterwards?” shows your lack of study in the subject. Not every fallen angel participated. That’s 101 and if you don’t know that, you haven’t studied as you claim.

    You referred to the Watchers and fallen angels as demons and nowhere in scripture does that Bible make that connection. Not once. That is modern church tradition. In fact, Jesus referred to them as “unclean spirits”. The Greek word used for “unclean” means: of a strange mixture. Why would Jesus refer to demons as “spirits of strange mixture”?

    Unlike you, I have studied the subject very thoroughly and have demolished the Sethite Theory using nothing but scripture and historical text. My book has 4.8 out of 5 stars on the subject and some of those reviews are by people that don’t even agree with me that these were angels.

    As The Days of Noah Were: The Sons of God and The Coming Apocalypse

    The Lines of Seth: A Brief History of Heresy

    The one person that left a bad review did so BEFORE reading it, then came back and said she was wrong it was good. I’ve thoroughly researched this subject and have written over 400 pages on the subject which was compiled from almost 15 years of continuous research. I came from a church that taught the false view that “angels are sexless” or “angels are demons” but couldn’t back it with scripture. You’ve posted on this before and once again, you let your opinion outweigh the evidence.

    You don’t provide a single Old Testament scripture to show where the “sons of God” are referred to as anything other than angels.
    You don’t provide a single Old Testament scripture that says Seth’s line was righteous and Cain’s line was evil. You don’t provide a single Old Testament scripture that says the two lines weren’t allowed to mix.

    You have shown that you don’t know enough about the subject to be writing on it.
    You have shown your willingness to spread false information because of your lack of research.
    You have shown that you can’t back your position with scripture.

  2. It sounds to me that your not up on this subject as much as you think. I was actually quoting from a number of sites by people who believe in this heresy. Who do draw on Bible codes and the rest. The whole issue has been well and tully debunked. The ramification of which has major consequences. So far people who do become very obsessive about this subject. Your quick response proves that. It seems for many the subject of demons is all they can talk about. It also amazes me how many people have a book going on this issue. I suspect the issue is more financial than either Biblical or good sense.

    The other major problem is that fallen angels do not need to enter into a relationship in order to rape women. But they did. That need for a relationship is a human need. Just as marriage was. There is nothing there to suggest that the sons of God were angels. Because God lays the blame for what transpires dirctly at the feet of mankind. Not at the feet of some angel. By the way my blog is not here to advertise or spam your books. The Giants were already there when the sons of God went unto the daughters of men, In which case you cant have childern alive before their parents even met.

    • Minister Dante Fortson says:

      You are drawing from the most EXTREME examples out there that do not represent the majority of us. My quick response is always like that when I see false teaching like yours. The issue has not been debunked because you can’t provide a single verse to say Seth’s line was righteous or Cain’s line was evil. If you could, you just point us to the verse and prove me wrong. The Hebrew language, tradition, and teaching on the subject points to the sons of God being angels. It wasn’t even taught otherwise until the 3rd Century AD and that’s a FACT. The Sethite view is convenient for false teachers because it lets them believe that spiritual warfare doesn’t exist and God wipes out righteous people. That’s what you are telling us to believe.

  3. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    I just posted a response on my website that exposes you for the lying, false teaching, hack that you are. It points out every place in this article that you told outright lies or failed to do any actual research. Hopefully people will open their eyes to your blatant disregard for accurately representing what other people believe. If you don’t know what you are talking about, you shouldn’t make it up as you go. A lot of the things you posted in this article are untrue about the MAJORITY of us. You took examples from a small minority of people that believe all kinds of things and wrongly applied it to everyone.

  4. Not so extreme as you might think. Remember to quote me exactly. I already know what you are like. As for proof. Scripture is my proof. Your problem is that you are frighten that people will realise that your books are debunked. The issue here for your is not the truth but financial. If this gets out you book sales will tumble. Thats why I did not delete your links. People can see what books you are posting and avoid them like the plague. As for the facts. There out there. The examples posted, Yip people really do believe those things and more. They dont classify themselves as being extreme or outlandish in what they teach. believe me this theory gets stranger by the minute. Also let people know that you are no minister of any gospel I am aware off. Can I suggest you look up my other posts on this issue which trashes you left and centre. I suggest that you repent of your heresis and get right with God before its too late.

    https://ucministries.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/the-sons-of-god-angels-or-men/ Part 1
    https://ucministries.wordpress.com/2011/05/01/talks-on-the-book-of-enoch-if-but-possibly/ Part 2
    https://ucministries.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/sons-of-god-and-the-daughters-of-men-blessing-or-a-curse/ part 3

    • Minister Dante Fortson says:

      If scripture is your proof? Show us any piece of scripture that says Seth and Cain. The Hebrew says sons of Elohim and daughters of Adam. It makes no reference to Cain or Seth in any capacity. Show me any place in scripture where the phrase “b’nai ha Elohim” is used to refer to anything other than angels. Verse 4 is the big problem because the Nephilim (Hebrew)/Gigantes (Greek)/Giants (English) were produced. You need to do some real studying and stop lying to people.

  5. Iin case you missed Gen 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. CAUSE AND EFFECT! What came first Gen 6: 2 The CAUSE. Who does God judge EFFECT answer Gen 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There is not one mention of any angels here. God is speaking about humans. God lays the blame squarly at the door of mankind.
    If humans were the object of victimisation or deception by angels, then man sin is excused. God is made to look like an injust inapt God. Gen 6 makes it clear. MAN SIN , MANS WICKEDNESS AND MAN IS JUDGED FOR HIS SINS.

  6. Minister Dante Fortson THINKS i AM A HERETIC BECAUSE I DISAGREE WITH HIS HERESIS. WELL IF I AM TO BE CONDEMNED HERE IS A LIST OF MY FELLOW CONSPIRITORS WHO SEE THINGS AS i DO. https://www.box.com/s/1f8b092ef07c9e1e32bf . Whilst I may not endorse everything they have to say on other matters, on this there seems to be a concensus. .

  7. Mr Fortson you cant prove they were angels!! The fact that relationships and marriage is a human quality, not one that angels would enter into. Sex is a human quality again angels dont have that quality. There is no created function given to angels that would allow them to reprocreate. Eating is one thing reprocreating is a vast difference. God does not condemn angels in Gen 6 but mans wickedness. The subject matter is MANKIND!! His sins and his wickedness brought about the Flood. Now just for the sake of arguement say that these sons were angels. We know from scripture that they were all locked up. So what was judged at the flood stayed locked after the flood. But there were Giants also after wards as well. So you have to come up with more fallen angels to carry on this sickness. Unless you unlocked the first lot. As explained some people now have theories of a number of angelic rebellions. Now you say that these gianst exist today because of these angelic molestations. Now because real giants are somewhat rare. Some have even suggested that these giants can now look like normal size people. Yes this has been suggested. Now comes the stinker. It has been suggested that when these people die they then become the demons. Thats the explanation of these giants in gen 6. So why not today. Now to suggest that all tall people are destined to become demons is to suggest that they are incapable of being saved. There is therefore no hope for them. Now this opens the flood gates to accuse just about anyone of being some hybrid and therefore incapable of being saved. So that any genetic issue can see these people placed outside of Gods Grace. Sorry I dont see this foolishness anywhere in the Bible.

    • Minister Dante Fortson says:

      You refuse to pick up a Bible and show any scripture. You are the very definition of a false teacher. I’ve asked for scripture and you as a teacher should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

      1) Scripture that says Seth’s line is righteous? You can’t provide it.
      2) Scripture that says Cain’s line is evil? You can’t provide it.
      3) Scripture that says the two lines can’t mix? You can’t provide it.

      I on the other hand can give you no less than 5 Hebrew references to the B’nai ha Elohim as angels.
      I can give you 1 Aramaic equivalent bar Eloha as a reference to angels.
      I can give you 1 New Testament reference that clearly says it was Christ that gave humans the power to BECOME sons of God.

      The fact is that you can write all the paragraphs you want, but without a single scripture to back your position, you are nothing more than a false teacher and my website lays that out about you clearly.

      Anyone that can’t provide scripture or refuses to use scripture to validate their position is a false teacher. I have at minimum 8 scriptures that I can give to back the fact that the sons of God (b’nai ha Elohim) are angels. I can give 100s of historical references as well. People like you are the worst of false teachers because you refuse to read your Bible. You refuse to read a Strong’s Concordance. You refuse to read any history books. You are the perfect example of why people think Christians are stupid. You can’t even defend what you believe in using the Bible. You are pathetic and a poor excuse for a Christian… an even worse excuse for a teacher… and the worst excuse for a researcher I’ve ever encountered. You can’t even provide 3 scriptures to back the nonsense you are teaching, which means its false and non Biblical.

  8. Chicago Boy says:

    Well, I tried disproving the Angel and Human Hybrid theory myself Scriptually for many months, and every time I tried to disprove it Scriptually, I ran into a brick wall every single time…The Sethite Theory is simply incorrect.
    Early Church Historians like Josephus wrote about them, how the Nephilim were frightening to look at and hear,
    I’m sorry, I’m with the careful Scripture study on this one going back to the original Languages, and the earliest Church Fathers as well, a few whom knew the Biblical Apostles themselves BTW, that this Angel Incursion happened, and that these large and nasty Sons of Bitches were around and DNA corruption was so rampant they had to be gotten rid of with a Flood, for a time anyway.

  9. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    Show me a single scripture that says “angels can’t procreate”. That’s another one of your lies you’ve latched onto. The Bible clearly doesn’t say that anywhere in the pages. If so, show me a single solid scripture. I don’t expect a false teacher like yourself to do that though. You are full of long winded explanations and no scriptures to back up anything you say. I can’t debate the Bible with someone that doesn’t know it or believe in it and you don’t seem to know it or believe in it well enough to be teaching anyone.

  10. https://www.box.com/s/1f8b092ef07c9e1e32bf . Well I suggest you check out the people who disagree with the angels theory. My fellow conspiritors. The theory is well and trully debunked. But also the major problme here is if the sons were angels then where does this theory take you. Its a place you will not want to go. Its a deception because it will make excuses for mans sin. It demeans God and will elevate satan. That has already been shown from the article. It will also take you to a place where anyone who has genetic defect can be accused of being a hybrid and therefore beyond the grace of God. Suddenly the issue of salvation will be racial and not faith. The majority of those who cling to this teaching have simply never realised where this teaching is going.

    • Minister Dante Fortson says:

      LOL… You mean that PDF that I already read? Its laughable. “The sons of God never refers to angels”? LOL… That should tell you its a lie from the start. Job 38… who was watching the creation of the earth? The Bible clearly says “the sons of God”… since people weren’t yet created, how could they watch the earth being created? Your only ploy here is to spread more false information. Please keep spreading that link so people can simply turn to Job 38 and see that you are a liar and those people you quoted are liars… unless you care to explain how people were watching the creation before they were created… care to explain why Nebuchadnezzar calls one of the sons of God an “ANGEL” in Daniel 3? I don’t suspect you care to tackle any real scripture… and why can’t you show me a single verse that clearly says “Cain and Seth”? The Hebrew says Elohim (God) and Adam… so where are you getting Seth and Cain from false teacher?

  11. Mr Fortson you only ploy here is financial. You have absolutly no interest in the truth. I suggest you check out the people you claim are heretics and see what they have to say. 10.https://www.box.com/s/1f8b092ef07c9e1e32bf

    However I suspect you are far too afraid to do so. You are afraid because you have far too much ridding on this financially.

    As I have shown in my article, What started off as a rebelion before the flood. What happened there should have stayed there. But scripture says there were giants afterwards. So these locked up angels had to be unlocked in order to do their thing afterwards. But in order to get around scripture which says these angels were all locked up, someone had to invent more rebelions to continue this molestation of humanity. The idea it seems that once these giants die off they then become the demons. But they were all locked up. So again they have to invent a means to continue this fantasy of aquiring more demons.

    The fact that giants are generally a rare phenomina. Someone had to change the theory to encompass more fantasy. Now before long as I have shown people with any genetic disorder will be accused of being a hybrid and therefore libal to become a demon upon their death. That is what was believed happened before the flood and eventually that will be the conclution that people will arrive at. That means there are people who are alive now that are already beyond the pale of Gods saving Grace. THAT IS NOT THE GOSPEL MESSAGE!!!


  12. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    Let me also point out something in your link: Page #4 Item #2 “The term sons of God is nowhere in the Bible, either in the OT or the NT, applied to angels.”… Page #5 “It is true that angels are sometimes called sons of God”… One of your sources is absolutely WRONG!!! LOL. Either they were or they weren’t. That comes directly from the link you pointed me to. Looks like someone didn’t actually do any research into what was being said, but just copied and pasted contradictory statements that they thought agreed. That just invalidated your entire claim that it was debunked. LOL

  13. I know you are afraid!! You have spent so much money and effort on publishing rubbish. This post has gone to the top of my board. People will be reading it. Them books are getting exposed!!

    As for the sources posted they are two separate quotes by two separate people. You have deliberately misquoted the second. You are trully afraid!!! Trying to tie them together just shows how dishonest you are. Plus you obviously failed to mention the many who do not see things as you do.
    Mathew Henry 3
    Gill 3
    JFB 3
    John Wesley 3
    Geneva 3
    Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary 4
    Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament 4
    Commentaries: Forerunner Commentary 5
    Barnes’ Notes 6
    John Calvin’s Bible Commentary 6
    Martin Luther 7
    C.I. Scofield 7
    Thru the Bible Commentary (J. Vernon McGee): 8
    Jewish Virtual Library 8
    SOME OF THESE ARE THE MOST WELL RESPECTED SCHOLARS THERE ARE. Your lies are well and truly exposed.

    Are you trully saying that all these man are decieved heretics???? What did you say your religion was. Because its certainly not Christian.

  14. Chicago Boy says:

    Wooooo Hoooo!!!, I’m front row seat to a great debate here….Bang! Zooom! Pow!
    Actually neither harm nor fowl as this isn’t a crucial Christian issue, Again most of the Earliest Church Fathers
    believed in the Angel Incursion scenario, but I surely wouldn’t call the Earliest Church Scholars Non-Christian
    because of their Angel Theory, that would be ridiculous now would it?

  15. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    Now that you are censoring my posts, I’ll be doing a youtube video showing the flaws, false, and outright lying statements in your PDF… enjoy being exposed false teacher.

  16. You are so AFRAID!!!! Good videos advertise me even more. make sure you quote me correctly. But your wretched books are coming down. Tell me do you go to bed at night hissssssss.
    If anything what has been proven here is that there is indeed a DEEP DARK DEMONIC OBSESSION around this subject. Whilst I have no doubt that lot of it is financially motivated. It goes deeper. The sad reality is that books on this subject sell and will no doubt continue to do so. I have also no doubt that demons actually love the attention they get from such material. As I said from the beginning demons get elevated and God gets demoted. That is indeed what we have seen. On genesis 6 the majority of respected scholars agree and they do so for a good reason. But that does not matter to those who are controlled by this obsession. As my article has shown such theories are ever changing and expanding. There is absolutely no doubt that we are indeed looking at an ALIEN GOSPEL.

    Mr Dante Fortson has a long and distinguished history of following extra unbiblical teachings. He is NO MINISTER of the gospel!!!

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    1. Vic on May 1st, 2012 2:13 pm
    Good enough rebuttals, but there still Major Biological sticking points many
    who are on your side (for now) have issues with, I’ve heard and read all I could about these Angels not Marrying and so forth, the issue that’s always ”bypassed” and no one
    can answer is…God providing Angels, CREATING them if you will, with Penii and Testes,
    and within these Testes, is life producing fertilization, which apparently God GAVE the Angels as well, but For what Holy purpose Initially?, God apparently also gave the Angels the capacity for them to have Erections for coitus, but for coitus with WHOM initially? Lets say, IF God GAVE the capacity for Angels to have Sex, but God FORBADE Angels to have Sex even though God GAVE them Organs, it would be like Man creating the typewriter, but the rules would forbid the user to type the letters A B C or E….Why? Those Letters are there for
    a purpose, God gave Mankind sex organs for a purpose, but why sex organs on Angels?
    So we emphasize, why the capacity for procreation? There must have been an initial reason for it, and the reason apparently wasn’t sex with humans, what was the INITIAL reason why God created Sexual Organs on Angels in the first place?
    Sorry to get a little graphic on the sex organ description, but it’s a big question that’s never
    been answered with any hint of satisfaction on those on ‘hybrid’ side of the issue, everyone else has danced around that one.
    Huge sticking point, yes I know there are sticking points on the other side as well,
    we’re aware of those, but let’s address this one for the moment, shall we?

    2. Minister Fortson on May 1st, 2012 4:27 pm
    Great observations and I’m going to address this as a post this week and I’m also going to make sure to cover these objections in the As The Days of Noah Were 2nd Edition. Thanks for the comment.

    3. Amanda on May 2nd, 2012 7:39 am
    I agree with this article about angels being the sons of God that’s strange that people would think that angels are out to reproduce with women I agree with that. IN all I thought this was a thought provoking topic.

    4. King Wells on May 2nd, 2012 12:48 pm
    Good article Dante!

    5. King Wells on May 2nd, 2012 1:01 pm
    Dante, there are a lot of guys out in the world that have an opinion, but not supported by scripture. People believe what they want to believe. If they cannot back up their position by quoting scripture, let them be. There is no reasoning with them, and more than likely another agenda afoot. UC Ministries probably just got into the topic and never studied it. UC needs to stick to the milk and wait to dig into the meat of the scriptures.

    6. Abraham Delgado on May 2nd, 2012 1:52 pm
    Minister Fortson,
    Interesting question from Vic – can’t say anyone has ever asked that one. Kudos Vic.
    An answer may be out there I guess since you Minister, are going to address it soon. Still, a good question it is.
    Who knows what God had in mind back then huh? Maybe humans were an afterthought after angels turned out to be a failed experiment. Maybe they (the angels), were meant to procreate all along and God supplied them with the goods so to speak as He envisioned His universe populated with His creations by way of sexual intercourse. God probably put in them all the necessary tools and thoughts that go into a desire to have sex (like us!), so as to procreate and advance His creation while allowing them the freedom to do so.
    Something went wrong and plan “B” had to be implemented – HUMANS. By that time it was already too late because angels were already supplied with all that was given to God’s next creation – sexual organs and the desire to use them. I assume that when the angels looked upon the beauty of the female form that was created, that desire increased big time! I know it happens to me!

    Does that sound farfetched, ridiculous and stupid? I don’t think so. God DOES have a history of shucking it all when things go wrong after all. Take THE FLOOD for instance. SODOM and GOMORRAH.
    Anyway, I’m just speculating as to offer a response of sorts to Vic, but I’ve learned the hard way that second guessing God is ALWAYS a BAD IDEA!!
    I’m VERY interested to see where you go with this Minister and I also want to add that in this particular subject, in this response to UC Ministries, you really shined! This is where you show your God given skills and calling! I was cheering you all the way and actually got goose bumps at your responses! I like all the topics you cover and address, but in this case, in THIS subject matter – YOU SHINE BIG TIME!!
    THIS, is why I come here time and time again – to see how God has gifted you so! I LOVE IT!!

    7. Minister Fortson on May 2nd, 2012 2:40 pm
    Thank you. I appreciate the input on Vic’s question and the encouraging words on my response to UC Ministries.

    8. Abraham Delgado on May 2nd, 2012 3:31 pm
    I’ve made several attempts to leave a reply at UC Ministries in your defense, but I see that each time my post was deleted. Sorry Dante, I tried.
    Here is what I said:
    ” Holy Cow! This UC Ministries article is the most ridiculous, false teaching, piece of drivel I have ever read in a LONG TIME!
    Minister Fortson, why do you waste your time with this imprudent individual who really has not a clue? The OP has demonstrated over and over again that they have not and are willing not to do the research and provide you with the scriptures you request. Instead they keep brushing you off and telling you to go seek the answers from other liked mind idiots? SERIOUSLY?!
    Another thing. I have absolutely no patience or tolerance for someone pretending to be a teacher, yet is too lazy to write and spell correctly – that’s a form of laziness and disrespect for your reading audience!
    Again I say – SERIOUSLY?!!
    Let this buffoon be Minister, he will dig his own grave in time.
    Don’t understand why I was singled out for deletion every time.
    Is it something I said?

    9. Minister Fortson on May 2nd, 2012 4:26 pm
    Thanks. Several of my posts were censored as well because they contained links to historical and Biblical references. Oh well. He or she can’t censor anybody on this blog.


  18. As my origional article says those who wish to hold to this theory seem to elevate the fallen, demean God and question his nature.

    As Delgado says “Angels were a failed experiment” “humans were plan B” “Who knows what God had in mind back then huh?” “By that time it was already too late because angels were already supplied with all that was given to God’s next creation – sexual organs and the desire to use them”

    God is questioned, and the fallen are elevated because they managed to outwit God.

    On this Fortson responds “Thank you. I appreciate the input on Vic’s question and the encouraging words on my response to UC Ministries”

    What can one say. Would you want to buy a book from a man that appears to agree with someone that thinks angels walk around with sex organs and believes man is nothing more than plan B. Where in scripture does it say this. Where does it say that God failed and mankind was nothing more than a alternative plan B. PERSONNALY MY ADVICE IS SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!.

  19. Abe says:

    So suddenly this has become about my comments huh?

    Wow, fantastic baby!

    First of all I want to congratulate the OP for actually posting the comments from Minister Fortson’s site – mighty big of you, yet risky as well.

    As anyone can plainly see, the OP is cleverly cherry-picking my comments as to take them out of context thereby fulfilling their agenda. If you go back and ACTUALLY read what I wrote, you will notice that what I said was: “Anyway, I’m just speculating…”

    That means that I was merely throwing out some wild speculative ideas for the sake of argument or just engaging a conversation. Never did I quote or use scripture as that was never the intent since my opinions are just that – my opinions, which are nothing more than fanciful thoughts, speculations and hypothesis that have no foundation in scripture, as they should not.

    “You are so AFRAID!!!! Good videos advertise me even more. make sure you quote me correctly. But your wretched books are coming down. Tell me do you go to bed at night hissssssss.”

    That was your reply to Minister Fortson earlier. You ask to be quoted correctly, but fail to do the same for others. You spew venom as you curse and condemn his books all the while mocking him as some child in grade school would during recess. Your readers appreciate this kind of behavior?

    As for the real issue at hand here, other than your obvious and blatant envy over Dante Fortson’s books, is that time and time again, you cannot produce scriptural evidence for the true meaning of the “Sons of God” and “Sons of Seth” beliefs. Minister Fortson has provided you with scripture that clearly identifies these beings on several occasions.

    Minister Fortson’s books (or any work), will not suffer any damage from you in spite of your attempts because his readers (new and old), are people who are already familiar with the subject and go into it with full knowledge of it.

    I am one of those people and although I like to throw wild stuff out there just to play devil’s advocate at times to start a discussion, I stand by The Gospel and The Word is true and infallible to me.

    I take my exit here as this discussion no longer has any real or serious direction at this juncture.

    And for that, only the OP is to blame.

    (The above will probably have to be read on Minister Fortson’s site since I really don’t expect it to see the light of day here!)

  20. I presume that you must be DELGADO, Its a shame that you seem to be hesitant in using your name. So are we to conclude that you are speculating now. Well that all you guys do. Blind leaps of fantasy!!!! You should be embarrassed. But you have done me great service because you have proven my very point. If you have read my post as to where this philosophy is taking people, I could not have had a more positive proof than your own statements. That fact that I have Fortson even agreeing with your speculation again proves my point. Believe no true Christian would speculate as you have done. Vic was right to question, He made a very valid point which was never truly answered. Shared with a few Christian on what you have said, I will not embarrassed you what the response was. They just could not stop from laughing. The major issue with this theory is that it involves so much speculation on those who are for it. The need to speculate in order to fill in the missing bits is all too clear

    There lies the problem because there were giants after the flood, there has to be a whole load of speculation invented to have those fallen angels carry on their lusting. That means either digging and resurrecting those fallen angels as some have suggested, or have a new set of fallen angels to continue what the first lot started. So that mankind is now recreated in the image of fallen angels. If you just happened to be a poor soul that gets labeled as a hybrid and therefore destined to be a new race of demons. You will therefore be seen to beyond the pale of Gods grace.

    Now tell me someone comes along and puts your eyes out. Does the police arrest you, the victim or the assailant?

  21. Chicago Boy says:

    UC Ministries wrote: ”I presume that you must be DELGADO, Its a shame that you seem to be hesitant in using your name. So are we to conclude that you are speculating now.”

    He DID name himself as ”Abe”, what’s disturbs you Sir? The fact he didn’t put his LAST name too?
    Are you serious? And are we to conclude that if you are not using your name that you are speculating as well?

    ”Abe did speculate and you did take his take comment out of context, let that be a lesson to ALL that NO ONE
    should ever speculate on anything in text or in speech lest one keeps themselves open for attack by those
    who are one card short of the Integrity deck…Speculation can lead us down rabbit trails we do not want go
    to, even IF one confesses speculating after the speculation, let’s not even go there.

    I must go for the moment, but it’s a fascinating subject nevertheless,
    And U.C. Ministries still has still not adressed the Early Church Fathers belief in the Angel Theory.
    UC Ministries still needs to address the how he can stand up the weight of evidence to writings of Josephus,
    UC MINISTRIES…..I present just the tip of the Icberg here on Early Church Fathers quotes, and there is
    MORE from Scripture BTW….How can you refute the following quotes??

    From the seed [of the fallen angels and women], giants are said to have been born. By them, arts were made known to the earth. They taught the dyeing of wool and everything that is done. Yet, because they were of an evil seed, the Almighty did not approve of their being brought back from death when they had died. For that reason, they wander and they now subvert many bodied. And it is they whom the [pagans] presently worship and pray to as gods. Commodianus (c.240, W), 4.203.

    However, those who were born from [the relations of angels and women] – because they were neither angels nor men, but had mixed nature – were not admitted into Hades [when they died]. Similarly, their fathers had not been admitted into heaven either. Thus their came to be two kinds of demons; one of heaven, the other of earth. The latter are the wicked spirits, who are the author of all the evils that are done. Lactantius (c. 304-313, W) 7.64

    The angels are likewise possesed of personal freedom. For we can be sure that if the angels had not possessed personal freedom, they would not have consorted with the daughters of men, thereby sinning and falling from their places. Bardesanes (c.222, E), 8.725

    By the power of those angels, they conceived the giants as their children, by whom wickedness reached its peak on earth. Finally God decreed that the whole of the living should perish in their impiety by the deluge. Julius Africanus (c. 245, E) 6.131.

    All of these things [i.e. the making of jewelry] the sinning and apostate angels put forth by their arts, when, lowered to the contagious of earth, they forsook their heavenly vigor. They also taught women to paint their eyes with blackness drawn around them in a circle and to stain their cheeks with a deceitful red. Cyprian (c.250, W) 5.434.

  22. Interesting the fact that I was only trying to make clear who was speaking should not be a concern for you.

    There has been no attempt to reconcile what many of the scholars views on this subject either. Their views have been carefully ignored, I wonder why? Many of which are well known and accepted. Again the issue becomes one of speculation. It seems fairly obvious that deception is so well ingrained that you are unable to realise where this theory is taken you. People may speculate without taking the progress to its obvious conclutions. Speculation of which serve only to prove my point. You have to fill in the blanks with speculation. Using quotation which have their origions in the Book of Enoch will not serve your purpose either. That book is heretical and well debunked. So I will ask you the same question as I have asked before:

    Now tell me someone comes along and puts your eyes out. Does the police arrest you, the victim or the assailant?

  23. Tell me Chicago Boy why have you posted a false web address.

  24. This is from a pro theory web site , and yet it also has the good sense to make this statement >>>>

    A book on Eastern Orthodox traditions (GENESIS, CREATION and EARLY MAN — The Orthodox Christian Vision) rejects the idea that angels married women before the Flood by saying:

    “Some have speculated that the ‘sons of God’ were heavenly beings or angels. The Holy Fathers were aware of this interpretation and they refuted it, saying that angels cannot beget men.” [Here a footnote adds the following: “The identification of the ‘sons of God’ as angels or heavenly beings was based in part on the apocryphal book of Enoch….Some of the early Christian writers mistakenly accepted this interpretation….The first extant Christian reference to the ‘sons of God’ as descendants of Seth is in the Five Books of Chronology by the early Christian writer Julius Africanus (A.D. 200-245) (Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol. 6, p. 131). This interpretation became the consistent teaching of the Church, being set forth on theological grounds by St. John Chrysostom (Commentary on Genesis 22:6-7), St. Ephraim the Syrian (Commentary on Genesis 6:3, Hymns on the Nativity 1:48, Hymns on Faith 46:9, Hymns against Heresies 19:1-8, and Hymns on Paradise 1:11), St. John Cassian (Conferences 8:20-21), Blessed Augustine (City of God 15:23), St. Gregory Palamas (‘Topics of Natural and Theological Science’ 62), St. Athanasius (Four Discourses against the Arians 4:22), St. Cyril of Alexandria, and others.”] (page 244)

    It also seems that the heretical book of enoch continued to play a deceptive role among many other church fathers.


    Luk 3:38 Which was [the son] of Enos, which was [the son] of Seth, which was [the son] of Adam, which was [the son] of God.

    Mat 8:29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

    1Jo 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

    We have three example of the use of this term, from both the Old and the new. Why oh Why should I be persuaded that the term is used exclusivly of angels.

    1Jo 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

    Now WHY OH WHY would GOD call this an act of love, to bestowed a title upon believers that carry with it such a terrible imfamous connection. That would be like God calling you satan. Because the connontations would be the same would it not?

  26. Chicago Boy says:

    You make it sound like I was deceptive allegedly posting a false web address, however if you noticed,
    all I did was type in ”none” in that particular box only indicating that I do not have one at the moment.
    By not figuring out that VERY simple thing, you leapfrogged straight into falsely casting doubt, honestly
    Sherlock, even Watson would have noticed that before you did.

  27. Thats fine. It just came accross an unusual thing when I tried to click on it. Believe me stranger things have happen.

  28. Now someone assaults you and you are crippled. Does the police arrest you or the assailant. Does the judge throw the book at you or the assailant?

  29. Chicago Boy says:

    Yes, I see your point, which is why I’m not fully convinced either way, and relatedly due to the
    consistent end time false flag predictions, and Theologians and Preachers of all kinds for decades now,
    I am very well on my way to becoming Preterist, but not just yet.
    I figure if the world doesn’t blow up by say, Ohh, around the year 2020, I’ll be convinced that the next
    event would be simply just Jesus coming back and put all things to right, and that the Tribulation happened already under Emperor Nero.
    Again, the next event is Jesus comes back one time, and one time only, with no 2 phase arrival with a rapture
    first, then coming again and second time within 7 years yada yada yada.
    It’s simple, and he may come in a week, a month, a year, or in 5000 years.
    We may have more future Hitlers unfortunately, why?? Because Scripture did not predict WW2, so who is to say
    there will not be a WW3, WW4, WW5, if Scripture didn’t predict WW1 or WW2?
    Think about it.

  30. Sean says:

    Wow…there’s alot of hate and contempt from both ends. Really now, as brothers should we discussing things in this manner? I hope both of you UCMinistries and Dante can forgive each other for the disagreements. Remember, that Satan will use any means to divide us.

    Now, I wonder, would it not be possible for fallen angels to do despicable things such as sexual acts? After all, they are the first sinners, who, in alliance with Lucifer sinned against God in the heavens. Is it not possible that fallen angels, who have power even greater than we have, who are invisible, and who can create illusions, deceptions, and lies, might have the power to transform themselves? Remember that Lucifer’s first sin was pride; he wanted to be equal to God, and he wants the worship of humans. I’ve no doubt that fallen angels and demons have the power to appear as UFO’s, or beasts, or any other kind of strange occurrence. I myself witnessed a UFO earlier this year, and it was crazy. Could there be aliens out there? I doubt it. The only ‘aliens’ might possibly be these fallen angels, and all the principalities of evil, and the dark forces. If they have the power to appear as these things (or if they actually have technology, and do have physical materials), could it mean they have the power to transform themselves, or to create or extract their own DNA? I think it might be possible. However, these are just my guesses and speculations.

    Sin is powerful; it corrupts, it consumes, it kills, devours, and destroys. Do we know truly how sin has affected these fallen angels, who have probably existed for thousands if not more than thousands of years in sin? Could sin have transformed them into something different? I think these are things we will never know, but it could be possible.

    Now, a problem I have with the Nephilim side of things, is why are people so convicted that God only caused the flood because of them? I am quite sure, God flooded the world because of man’s abhorrent sins. Perhaps the daughters of men willingly sinned with the ‘Sons of God’, and so they are not victims. If giant DNA survived the flood, I doubt that God “failed” to kill them. If it survived, God allowed it. I would never undermine the power of God. God is all-powerful, and can do anything. To say that God’s plans failed, or did not go accordingly, is to say that perhaps he is not so powerful as he claims. And that is a dangerous thing to say.

    Perhaps giants did roam the world, and did partake in sinful sexual acts with women, and did all manners of sinful things. But God flooded the world, because of man’s sins. Perhaps these giants caused man to sin even more. If these giants were the rulers of civilizations, and called themselves gods, and had humans worship them, would it not cause great sin, and in turn, anger God and bring about the flood?

    I have to admit, there does seem to be a little bit of an obsession over the matter of the “Sons of God”…from both ends. Does it really matter in the end, who they were? Well actually, it matters to an extent, but how much effort and time are we going to put into this, until it becomes an obsession? Please remember, Christ is the focus. Not the Nephilim, not the Seth line, not anything else. It is Satan’s attempt to pull our eyes and minds away from Christ, and to focus on anything but Christ. Even other things in the Bible.

  31. […] article is a reply to the article on the UC Ministries Blog titled: An Alien Gospel. Like many people that have been deceived by the modern church teaching on Genesis 6, the owner of […]

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