Comparison between Muhammad and Jesus

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Islam, Jesus Christ
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Moslems present Muhammad as the perfect example of a prophet and yet even the Koran paints a totally different picture than the one Moslems hold up as the “Perfect Example”.  In comparison Jesus is denigrated as just another mere prophet.  Whose message was rejected and distorted.  In fact they present Jesus as something of a failed prophet that was saved only by the timely intervention of Allah.    However they fail to answer having allowed another innocent man to be crucified in his place, he hides out for three days and appears as if he had be resurrected.  Such a deception if true would make allah the worst of offenders.  So who is the best example?

Muhammad : Who tried to pay for his own sins and died.  Today Muhammad lies in his grave


The Lamb of God:  who paid for the sins of others and died. Today his grave is empty and he lives for evermore.

As scripture says ” Choose you this day whom you will serve”

Click the clip art to see the bigger picture:


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