Posted: February 6, 2012 in Jesus Christ
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The greatest love afffair in the history of this world

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There was a time when marriages of kings and queens were by arrangement.  This usually meant someone travelling to the court with an image or portrait of the attended.  The image in question was always better looking than the real thing.  Often when the two did meet it was just prior to the wedding.  The reality was never quite the same as the portrait.

Say a friend comes to your door with a present.  It’s a picture of your wife he says.  You eagerly open the parcel, tear away the paper and behold the image of your wife.  Disappointment shows on your face.  The picture is not of your wife.  The hair is longer, the feature different.  The eyes are not the same colour.  An argument quickly takes place.   Upon which you are politely reminded that you are narrow minded and should accept the picture as your wife.

Now such…

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