What is free will?

You wake up in the Morning.  Do you just lie there until someone tells you to get up?  Then do you wait until that voice tells who where to move too, the right side of the bed or the left?  Having got up, do you wait to be told what to put on or do you naturally make a choice as to which clothes to wear.

It’s that fundamental in nature that we make choices every single moment of the day and never think twice about it.  Choices are the basis of free will.  We have the capacity and rational to make logical or even illogical choices.   Will it be the green coat or the red coat?  My next door neighbour does not make my choices I do.  When we are young it might be mum or dad,.

Do we travel taking the bus or the car?  Do we go out the front door or the backdoor?  Do we lock the door or walk away with the door open?  Now we don’t wait to be told these things as adults, but we learn about these things as we grow up.  Having learned we come to appreciate the necessity of doing thinks.  We do them because they benefit us or make us happy.  It is the freedom to make those choices which is important. 

To obey the law or not to obey the law and we have the freedom to choose!. 

Now the opposite of free will are drones mindless robots that wait to be told when to do something.  They don’t make choices because they can’t, and they have no capacity or logic to do so.

Freedom to makes choices is a gift from God

God gave humans free will, and with it came the legal right to express dominion over this earth.  Now what man has done with it has been the issue of many a historical lecture.   Now the fact that God has given mankind the capacity and rational to think things out; and then act upon it is something which God deems sacred.  We were made that way for a purpose.  As such it is not his will to supersede by doing the thinking for us, because that would bring us back to lying on our beds waiting to be told when to get up.

Atheist will ask mockingly that if God is so powerful why does he not come down to solve all mankind’s problem.   However what they are really saying is God come down and show yourself so that we might believe.  Do some miracles and wonders so that you will convince us of you Majesty.  This is nothing more than tempting God to perform like some trained seal, or some circus clown juggling before a group of school kids.  However it also strikes at a deeper issue.  Whilst God has indeed intervened in many occasions it is also tempered with wisdom. 

Let me explain!!

God also has no intention in having the human race dancing like some puppet on strings.  He regards mans free will as sacrosanct, because only by having it will we learn.  Adam was Gods physical and spiritual head of Mankind.  He was Gods governor on this planet.  He gave him intelligence, a rational to see a problem and the thinking capacity to try and solve it.  He gave a heart to sympathise with the issue and seek a ways to improve it.  Does this mean that its hands of for God?  No God is very much involved in the day to day running of this planet.  But when it comes to his governor and thus mankind as a whole he will work within limitation. 

For example one nation wants to wage a war against another nation.  How does God stop it?  Does he stoop down and in some mighty demonstration physically restrain both nations as they close for battle and if so what would the consequences to free will and self determination?  Would God not suddenly become a referee blowing his whistle every time someone makes a  wrong choice?   

Then further to this what happens every time a dispute arises, every argument, and every conflict.  The call will be where  is the referee ; we need the referee to stop this.  In such a case would we ever learn to become the instrument in stopping it?  Would we ever learn the horror of what to avoid? Would we learn to choose peace instead of war?  God does not want mindless drones, he wants thinking people who can learn the values that God has laid down.  To make logical and righteous choices which were born out of experiences?

He may work through men to bring a diplomatic end of the war.  He may open the eyes of those who plan it to see the cost of such a war.   So God can and does work within our limitations to further his plans for good.  That might be the skill a surgeon in operating on a patient, or the compassion for the care of the elderly.

Free will is being given choices.  Just as Adam and Eve were given the choice of certain trees, we learn by been given choices.  At every turn those choices present themselves before us.  Thereby we GROW, LEARN EVALUATE, THINK REASON and eventually MATURE and God knows that.  If he was to physically stop man from injuring his toe on a stone, we would never learn to wear shoes or avoid the stone.  If he was to stop us from saying wrong things would we ever learn the wisdom of what not to say and the kindness of what to say.

Other side of this is that man has the free will to choose to mock and deride God; But God also has the right to judge his creation for breaking those boundaries.  With free will comes the responsibility in how we use it.  Free will is not a co blanched to do what we like and not bother with the cost.  With free will comes the responsibility, do I choose to obey God or do I choose to do whatever I want?   Thereby we are responsible before God in how we act.

The history of mankind is the history of learning, progressing individually and corporately.  Part of which is coming to know God. All through the Bible God has used examples drawn from historical context to teach his people wisdom and to give understanding.  To characterise his nature and his hatred of sin;

Sin for many is nothing more than a choice of their free will to reject Gods laws; but for God it is the wilful disharmony of what he has created; Rebellion against what is truly good,.  It will cause nothing but chaos and ruination. Free will is therefore a precious and lasting gift to his creation, and not something to be spurned or lost.


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