The watchtower teaching on this subject of disfellowshipping. 

Raymond Victor Franz(May 8, 1922 – June 2, 2010) was a member of the  Governing body of Jehovah Witness from 20 October 1971 until 22 May 1980, and served at the organization’s  headquaters for fifteen years, from 1965 until 1980.   Raymond Uncle was Fred Franz who was vice president of the Watchtower and later to become its president.  From 1945- 1977 and was replaced by Nathan H. Knorr in 1977.  So Raymond was well placed to tell it like it was.

In his book Crisis of conscience  he had this to say:

“In many cases it was not some unkind treatment they themselves experienced that disturbed them; it was seeing such treatment meted out to others, seeing people suffer because of the rigidity, narrow-mindedness, even arrogance of men in charge, elders and others, or recognizing the hurtful effects of certain edicts of the organization that did not rest on a solid Scriptural foundation. Rather than disgruntled, vindictive complainers, they have simply pleaded for greater compassion, a closer adherence to the example of God’s own Son, the Master of the Christian household of faith. This feeling for others is, I believe, a decisive factor as to the genuineness of motive. Similarly, a concern for truth, a concern not to be guilty of misrepresenting God’s own Word, a concern not to be hypocritical in appearing to believe what they do not believe, support what they cannot conscientiously support, condemn what they cannot see that Scripture itself condemns—such concern is, I think, also determinative as to genuineness of motive of any taking such a stand. I know many persons who clearly evidence such concern, yet who are labeled as “apostates,” “antichrists,” “instruments of Satan.”

 In case after case after case, the sole basis for such demnation is that they could not honestly agree with all the organization’s teachings or policies. I feel an obligation toward such persons. In virtually every instance, a small group of three to five men (a “judicial committee”) met with them in secret meetings, where those who came as witnesses could only give their testimony but not stay to witness the discussion.Later a brief disfellowshiping announcement was read to the congregation that presented none of the testimony and none of the evidence in support of the disfellowshiping action. After the reading of that announcement no Witness was supposed to talk with thepersons disfellowshiped, thereby shutting down any possibility of their expressing themselves by way of an explanation to friends and associates. For them to have done so before the disfellowshiping would have been counted as ‘proselytizing,’ ‘undermining the unityof the congregation,’ ‘sowing dissension,’ ‘forming a sect.’ For anyone to talk to them afterward would jeopardize that person’s own standing, make him liable for similar disfellowshipment” (Raymond V Franz CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE page 37-38)

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  1. The Watchtower defrauded 4 generations on my Haszard clan.
    I am like a Nazi Holocaust survivor who lost his entire family to the gas chambers who has now taken up to be a Nazi hunter (by educating and warning others like I am doing right now),.
    I will never give up until I die…. or at this point I would accept a BIG monetary settlement as partial compensation for my losses.They can’t fulfill their fraud for God promises but they can pay us.The Watchtower Society should be sued out of existence.Read my story-Danny Haszard
    *tell the truth don’t be afraid*

  2. Wow thanks for the information. Just finished watchting the ” Wave”. Never since this before. But I could relate it as to how the wachtower controls and manipulates people. I hope you dont mind but If I repost some of this information .

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