The indiginous coptic minority in Egypt are coming under increasing genocidal antics by Moslem.  Some have been redused to living among the garbage.  Has anyone seen any of this in the local newspapers?  where the outcry among our leaders? Oh the  newspapers reported the news about the overthrow of the Egyptian government.  But where is the cry that a miniority christian group might soon become extinct.  Remember that these are real people, with real lives. 

 If this video does not move you I dont know what will.   PRAY that God will move in this situation.

  1. Thousands in Egypt Shout JESUS for 10 Consecutive Minutes

    This clip was shot live during the “Night of Prayer and Return to God” where people gathered together to pray for 12 continuous hours in the Cave Church in Cairo, Egypt on 11-11-2011. The congregation was praying for peace to rule over Egypt and surrounding turbulent countries.
    To view the entire 12- hour “Night of Prayer and Return to God,” simply click on the direct link found at the end of this video clip.

    الآلاف في مصر يهتفون يسوع لمدة عشرة دقائق متصلة
    هذا المقطع تم تسجيله مباشرة اثناء ليلة الصلاة والرجوع إلى الله حيث اجتمع شعب الرب لمدة 12 ساعة متواصلة للصلاة في دير القديس سمعان الخراز في القاهرة يوم 11/11/2011.
    الجموع كانت تصلي أن يأتي الرب بسلامه لمصر وبقية الدول المضطربة.
    لمشاهدة ليلة الصلاة والرجوع إلى الله 12 ساعة كاملة يمكنك استخدام الرابط المباشر الذي سيعرض في أخر هذا الفيديو.

  2. CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian political parties and religious figures agreed Wednesday to protect civic freedoms in a new constitution, but steered clear of more contentious questions about the future of the nation after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.
    The principles were approved at a meeting sponsored by al-Azhar, Egypt’s prestigious seat of Sunni Muslim learning and attended by senior Coptic Christian clerics, Islamic scholars, Islamists, liberals and youth activists.
    The meeting, which was also attended by army-picked Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri, was partly called as a show of unity before January 25, the anniversary of the revolt that toppled Mubarak.
    The principles, read out by al-Azhar grand imam, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, including “completing the goals of the revolution” and guaranteeing freedoms.
    But they avoided specifics on issues such as the powers of parliament and the president, potentially matters for heated debate in the new parliament which will pick a 100-member assembly that will draw up the constitution.
    The new constitution is the centrepiece of efforts to set the country on a new democratic path. Liberals fear that sweeping gains by Islamists in elections will put faith-based parties in the driving seat and lead to more religious strictures.
    Islamists insist they want an inclusive government and a constitution that represents all Egyptians.
    “There was complete consensus between all national powers on (the fact) that all Egyptians are equal in rights and duties … no one can dominate anything in Egypt,” Mohamed Abul Ghar, head of the liberal Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said.
    The head of Islamist al-Nour party, Emad Abdel Ghaffour, said the document provided only a general agreement. His party is trailing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt’s parliamentary poll.
    Islamists, who will dominate the new parliament, are expected to seek to strengthen the role of legislative body in the constitution and rein in the president’s powers.
    There were also differences during the meeting over how swiftly the ruling army should hand power to civilians.


    UCMINISTRIES: Whilst I hope and pray that true democracy would be established in Egypt. What many want may not be what they will get if Islamist land up in the driving seat, but time will tell. This will be a decisive year for Egypt. Personnaly the term democracy for many in Islam is as foreign as a UFO and little green men. I just cant see it happen.

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