Matthew and Pearl Nagy with Todd Bentley

It seems Todd the Bam Bam man is being hosted for two nights at the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre Horsham   Sussex England.  The health centre in question was shortly to close by order of the local authorities due to the bill of up to £1.5m for repairs.  However due to a signed petition by the locals to keep the place open a short reprieve has been granted whilst further Business opportunities are looked into.

The Health centre has rooms that potentially catered for private function for up to 220 people.  The Boast of the organisers “THE GLORY COMPANY”, who hosted the service claim that it was full.  >>Reserved seats only<<    This was on the Friday and Saturday nights.   As the health Centre would have been opened at this time I wondered what the rest of the visitors thought. 

The Glory Company is led by Matthew and Pearl Nagy, Apparently Matthew hails from New York, and Pearl from Mexico. They were brought together in Texas and they now reside in England.  I wonder if the name Glory Barn by Pastor Hobart Freeman had any influence on their name?

From their own website they have clearly stated that they clearly embrace the teachings of Mike Bickle’s and his international House of prayer (IHOP) They embrace such things  as FIRE TUNNELS. As well as PATRICIA KINGS teachings >>What a combination!!!

If you’re not aware of FIRE TUNNELS:  It’s where people line up like the Grand Old duke of York dance kids played.  As the two rows hold hands to create a tunnel upon which people will walk down, as they walk down this tunnel they get zapped.  It’s just another rendition to the Toronto (I hesitate to call it a Blessing) more like a curse.

I came across this testimony recently on this subject which adds a bit more information as to why Fire tunnels should come with a spiritual health warning.

You know, from my experience, it is not just the young folks that are involved in fire tunnels. When I came out of a “River” church several years back, pretty much all ages participated in the fire tunnels. It was just one of many ways used to experience the “fire”.

Something else that I noticed in this video was the segment with the drumming. I remember very well being in a meeting where at first there was what I still believe was genuine worship of God. At some point the singing stopped and the young people on the drums just kept drumming, and drumming, and drumming. I have no idea how long it went on, but it was quite prolonged. And I remember that there came a point in time when the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically. From sencing the presence of the Lord, the presence I senced there changed to something distinctly different and I believe to this day it was demonic. It was an experinece that I don’t want to ever go through again.

MUSIC plays a bit part in a lot of this mysticism.  Loud repetitive and droning.  Whilst Music is a great means to worship there are aspects which even the heavy metal and rock musicians realized.  Music can also be used to influence and persuade like no other.  But that is for another article.

The Glory Company goes on to say:

Our vision is to see people released and freed from the trappings of religion and into the freedom of a life with Christ. We encourage people to live in constant awareness of His presence, and to remain in perpetual conversation with the members of the Trinity; to stop accepting the mundane as their portion and to embrace a supernatural lifestyle instead; and to realise that the mystic realm is open to them all the time and that by simple faith they can enter into this realm, and in this place of rest, discover their true identities in Christ.

While the need to get away from dead religion is good.  I suspect that Matthew and Pearl Nagy are looking for a more extreme approach to ministry.

Freed from the trappings of religion, What trappings>>>> realize that the mystic realm is open.  THE MYSTIC REALMS !!!  The more one looks into their ministry the more the likes of John Crowder come to mind.

On Face book they gave a heart-felt response to some friends

Our awesome Jesus loving friends mystic Milly and engaging Emma joy

Spirit School – Milly Bennitt and Emma Joy

These guys are the real deal new generation of supernatural Christians. Join Miily Bennitt and Emma Joy as they share on the wonder and bliss of living in the transcendent realities of heaven on earth. Get your senses activated to the incredible world all around you. A world with Jesus, angels and inexpressible delight

Listening to mystic Milly’s pod casts is just like listening to John Crowder and David Vaughan on their Drunken Glory Tours

The glory Company had this to say:

Listen, gang. This event has been listed as a free event. But there will be a Love Offering on each night. This Offering is going to go to cover all the costs of the event and to bless Fresh Fire USA. Please come prepared to give generously as Holy Spirit leads. You are sowing good seed into good soil. You are sowing into revival in the UK, into the return of the Glory and Supernatural across the UK, and into the full restoration of Todd’s ministry. Come get blessed and be a blessing.

So it was not a free event after all.  Whilst this might be a minor point to some but an interesting one considering that Todd gets his cut of that night proceeds. 

We back Todd in his restoration. We believe that his ministry is an amazing gift to the body of Christ. And we are proud to host him in our area and be part of welcoming him back into the fold. He’s a good little sheepie. And we know that Papa loves him and is proud of him.

Both Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner have overseen his restoration and believe that he’s ready to be ministering again. And that’s good enough endorsement for us.

So Todd is just a “Little Sheepie”, I don’t think so!  More like a wolf in sheep clothing.  The fact that he flaunts his adultery everywhere he goes is absolutely remarkable.  As for his restoration which was nothing more than a white wash.  There was no genuine repentance.  He left his wife and kids for a “younger” woman, So where the repentance?  It’s irrelevant he divorced one and married another.  There was adultery going on and his poor wife and kids were betrayed.  According to these guys it’s all forgive and forget.  Todd wife and Kids are still in Canada and Todd has his new younger, less disabled wife to string along at his side.

To say that “Papa” is proud of him seems almost staggering.  Has the church, and I use that word Very loosely, become so backsliden that we will tolerate any false prophet in our midst so long as he can give a good show on the night? 

So far the churches that Todd has visited are very much up the same line as he is.  UP THE CREEK.  When experience becomes the stable diet of whoever and whatever, then all sorts of things can come in, because experiences then becomes the guiding lot of those who hunger for it.  Scripture is made to fit.  Like addicts they have to score and shoot up whatever is sold to them.  Todd is just another pimp offering up spiritual white stuff for them to score.


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