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UC Ministries:  Todd is not just a Con man but a bad one at that.  Whilst holding a supposed revival he was carrying on a sexual relationship with one of his students. Since then he had dropped his wife and kids and married the student he was having a relationship with.  Under the guise of repentance he divorced his wife and marries his new wife ,>>> THEY CALLED THAT REPENTANCE !!!! 

Whilst the world hoped and prayed that we would see the last of Todd Bentley.  Sadly he is still out there spreading his own version of the health and wealth gospel.

This article came up in the Local Newspapers.  Well he is still out there making the headlines. 

Thousands have been flocking to hear tattooed former Hell’s Angel Todd Bentley speak at a church in Cwmbran in South Wales, where he is holding revivalist meetings until Thursday.

Last Thursday night he told his audience he had brought 33 people back from the dead and cured more than 100 deaf mutes of their handicap.

Tory MP David Davies, whose Monmouth constituency covers part of Cwmbran, said: “I go to church and respect Christian beliefs, but I am concerned that some of the claims made by Mr Bentley are far fetched and should be treated cautiously.”

Evangelist Bentley, 35, says he had a “miraculous conversion” which saved him from “youth prisons, drugs, sex, satanic music and bondage”.

He told his audience: “In 13 years of preaching we’ve had 33 stories of resurrections from the dead – 20 of them medically verified.

“Everywhere we go we get testimony from someone who has been close to death, had stage four cancer or some incurable terminal condition and received a miracle.

“There would be nights where 30 people would get out of wheelchairs, incredible miracles, thousands of people would be saved every day.

“I prayed for 139 deaf mutes and we had 139 deaf and mute people hear and speak for the first time.

“Some people say miracles are not possible but for me it’s impossible that someone is not healed.”

After his performance at Two Locks Church, Bentley told the Sunday Express: “When we had people raised from the dead doctors called them resuscitations. They were miraculously resuscitated, the doctors didn’t say they were, because they don’t have the terminology for divine miracle

“I believe in healing whether I have medical verification or not.”

Bentley, who is in Wales with his second wife Jessa, said: “People get cynical because of my background and my appearance and they have an idea of how they think a minister should look.

“I’ve had a lot of public things in my life, I’ve not been perfect and I haven’t done this perfectly either, but I acknowledge my failures and I use my failures to give people strength and hope because really we are all failures in one sense or another.”

He has claimed he can cure cancer by kicking tumours out of bodies with his biker boots. He said: “It’s not something I do regularly but I do have some stories where I’ve been preaching and the faith will come on me.

“I’ve been in a meeting and a woman has a tumour on her face and I heard a voice inside of me, I knew it was the Lord and he said, ‘Pull it off’.”

People travelled from as far away as Germany and Norway to see Bentley on Thursday. Those with conditions ranging from stomach cancer and heart disease to broken bones and arthritic knees queued to be “healed”.

Lucinda Rodregis, 68, has angina. She said: “I can’t climb the hill near my home because it’s too strenuous, but tomorrow I’m going to try and if I can do that then I’ve been healed.

“But I didn’t come here to be cured I came to see Todd Bentley, I just love what God does through him.”


Mat 24: 24  For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

I have to seriously wonder where is the decernment in the church these days.  Tipped into the nearest bin bag and sent of to the local refuse tip.  Because its seems the desperation people have to follow this man staggers the intelect.  The Bible makes it clear False prophets>>>  WILL ARISE >>>> WILL DO FALSE SIGNS AND WONDERS.


   Todd teachings, bizzare vision and angelic excuses are no where grounded in scripture but via extra biblical revelations.  Such will be the deception in the last days that even some of the very elect will be decieved.


  1. Minister Dante Fortson says:

    While I agree with your entire article I doubt this is what the Bible is referring to when it speaks of the very elect being deceived. I’ve yet to see anyone that I would consider very elect be deceived by Todd Bentley. His nonsense only works on new believers are people that have been fed nonsense in church their entire lives. He is very dangerous though.

  2. Well it seems that many still want to go running after him. I know of at least one friend who is welcoming him back on the scene. Like any number of these characters time will tell. I hope and agree that many will give him a wide berth. And on sight will run.

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