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Muslims are fascinated by and are devoted to a fictitious whitewashed Prophet Muhammad that never existed. The historical Muhammad (as portrayed by Muslim Arab historians, as in Sirat Rasul Allah) was an epileptic camel driver guilty of multiple and mass murders, multiple armed robberies, multiple rapes, pedophilia, polygamy, adultery with a countless number of women (hundreds), extortion, swindling, and a conceit large enough to think he was speaking for the Supreme Being. He was Islam’s First Terrorist, founding Islam by the power of the sword. Muslims, however, are brainwashed from their births into a fanatical love for a kind and gentle Muhammad.

Being the only original oral reciter of the Qur’ān and the Founder of Islam, Muhammad is held as the last and the final prophet from Allah, the seal of all the prophets. The Muslim Qur’ān whitewashes its First Terrorist and so do Muslim apologists: “You have indeed in the Apostle [Muhammad] of God (Allah) a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in God (Allah) and the Final Day.” (Qur’ān 33:21; cf. 4:80; 7:157; 14:44). Obviously, the source of such insane declarations about an outrageously immoral man is NOT the perfectly moral Supreme Being; it is the evil Muslim Allah. The forces of evil would welcome such a man for their model to mimic and to follow.


Typical of Muslim polemicists boasting in their prophet’s outrageous immorality, Dr. Bintal-Shātï’, in her book The Wives of the Prophet, glorifies adultery, defends pedophilia, excuses deception, justifies envy, and glamorously praises the polygamist prophet. In adultery, she sees a desirable advantage; in pedophilia, she conceives a divine calling; in deception and envy, she perceives an acceptable behavior; and in the polygamist prophet, she sees an aura of nobility and grace. In her polemic style, polygamy is elevated to luminous heights. Her insight into Muhammad’s family life: “The house of the Prophet witnessed many jealous scenes that suggest to us almost a battleground for unmitigated and unrelenting strife.” p. 15. Thus, the house of the Prophet of Islam was a den of evil. With this as the “perfect model to follow,” little wonder that seldom any good comes out from those who strictly adhere to Quranic Islam (authentic radical Muslims). Today’s secularist Muslims represent a rejection of Islam, and today’s moderate Muslims represent a modification of Quranic Islam.


The Prophet of Islam is quoted to have said, “I have been ordered by God to fight with people till they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger, and that they establish prayer and pay Zakat (money). If they do it, their blood and their property are safe from me” (Bukhari Vol. I, p. 13). Again, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’” (Sahih Bukhari, volume 9, Book 84, Number 59, Narrated Abu Huraira). This claim by Muhammad and its generally-accepted meaning are also quoted in the following sources:
The Sahih of Muslim, part I, p. 267 (The Interpretation of the Nawawi).
The Commentary of Ibn Kathir, p. 336
The Muhalla (the Sweetened), Vol. 4, p. 317
“The Ordinances of the Qur’an” by al-Shafi’i, p. 51, part II (on the authority of Abu Huraira).
Mishkat of al-Masabih, part 1, p. 9.
Almost all major Islamic references have quoted this statement because it is one of the most famous sayings of Muhammad which he followed and which he commanded his followers to implement.

Often Muhammad contrived the excuse of the voice of Allah to fulfill his own lusts for wealth and women, as accused by his wife `Aisha. In his later years, Muhammad directed 65 military campaigns to subjugate other tribes and religions, “inviting” them to Islam at the point of a sword and forcing them to pay tribute nonetheless (to support a religion contrary to theirs). He set in motion the aggressive military campaigns that made war against all five major world religions in just the first few decades following his death. Indeed, the Quran meets every criterion by which we define hate speech. Not only does the message inspire loathing and disregard for others, but the text mandates the superiority of Islam and Muslims, even if the means of establishment are by force.

Indeed, Muhammad and his successors initiated offensive wars against peaceful countries in order to impose Islam by force as well as to seize the abundance of these lands. Their objective was to capture women and children and to put an end to the poverty and hunger from which Arab Muslims suffered. So, Islam was imposed upon Syria, Jordan, Palestine (Jerusalem), Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, all of North Africa, some parts of India and China, and later Spain.
Undoubtedly, the concept of an offensive war to spread “the faith” (Jihad) is a genuine Islamic concept; it is known as a Holy War for the sake of Allah. Muslim scholars have explicitly determined that this is the essence of Islam. They also indicate that if sufficient military power is available to Islamic countries, they ought to attack all other countries in order to force them to embrace Islam, or pay the poll tax and be subject to Islamic rule. Muhammad (as well as all the Caliphs who succeeded him) called for holy wars. All scholars and lawyers acknowledge that.

Those who say that the Islamic wars were always defensive do not understand Islam and have not read sufficient history. It should be evident that offensive wars to spread Islam are the heart of the entire religion of Islam. They embody the meaning of “Striving for the cause of Allah”— holy war to make the Word of Allah supreme over the whole world.

Dr. Habib J. Khoury, M.A., TH.D.
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This is a brief Biography of  Dr Habib Khoury

After dismissal from the Hospital in 1983, with the assistance of some pastors, Dr. Khoury formed the Baptist Arabic Ministries Incorporated [BAMI], and traveled on its behalf for several years in the U.S. and Canada. Through his publications, public speaking, seminars, as Editor of Arabic Evangelism, Bible & Missions, and the BAMI Newsletter, and as author of articles published in various periodicals, as well as his involvement in personal evangelism, and in personal counseling, he is used by the Lord God to influence thousands of lives around the world, for the Kingdom of God.

With a personal library of more than 9,000 volumes, Dr. Habib Khoury invests most of his time in the study and in the proclamation of the Word of God. His Bible-based broadcast e-mails are sent out to many hundreds of people (ask to be included). The dream of his life is to build a Christian university for the training of Christian leaders in various walks of life, and especially for the training of faithful, well-equipped ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is asking the Lord for a large acreage of land, to become the permanent campus. Please join him in praying for this enormous task! Once the land becomes a reality, then God’s people will be more inclined to give generously to this project.

Dr. Khoury’s physical and emotional sufferings since 1983 (date of assasination attempt on his life in Tripoli, Lebanon), have drawn him much closer to the Lord and to His written Word. These sufferings also have driven him to extensive and intensive studies of the Holy Scriptures. He therefore gained considerable Bible wisdom for his own living and for the counseling of others; and he is thoroughly acquainted with the loneliness of Christian leadership. Dr. Khoury & his wife Vilma have a daughter and a son. Carolyn has a B.S. & an M.S. in Biblical Counseling and currently is in full-time Christian service. Mark earned a B.A. in Pastoral Studies with a minor in Biblical Counseling. He then earned an M.A. in Pastoral Studies & an M.S. in Biblical Counseling. Both are now married.



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