Christian accused of Blasphemy dies in Pakistani Jail

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Islam, Persecuted
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UCMINISTRIES: What we are seeing today is a wholesale holocaust by a growing intolerant religion.  Motivated by  power of darkness, blighted by superstition,  controlled by demons.  We need to continue to pray that God will intervene,

A Christian accused of blasphemy died in a Pakistan prison from a treatable disease after he was denied medical care.The autopsy indicated that Aslam Masih died from Dengue virus, but he was denied treatment by prison officials. Masih was arrested in early 2010 after two members of an Islamic missionary group falsely accused him of blasphemy; Masih was initially released on lack of evidence, but was later re-arrested after pressure from local Muslims. In Pakistan, many Christians accused of blasphemy have either been killed in jail, or in court. On March 15, Pakistani officials reported that Qamar David died of a heart attack, but his lawyer claimed he was was murdered. On September 20, 2009, Falish Masih was found dead inside his prison cell; despite severe wounds over his body, Pakistani police claimed Falish committed suicide, and on July 19, 2010, Muslims shot and killed Rashid and Sajjid Emmanuel outside a court house in Faisalabad. “I condemn the prison authorities for not providing medical treatment to Aslam Masih and urge Punjab government to constitute (an) inquiry committee to investigate (the) death of Aslam Masih,” said Dr. Nazir Bhatti, president of the Pakistan Christian Congress. “The death of Aslam Masih in jail has raised questions of safety and security for the life of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother sentenced to death and in jail waiting for her appeal to be heard in Lahore High Court

We must continue to publicise and expose Islamic militancy.  Shout out that this will no longer be done behind closed doors.  We will not go away and we refuse to be silenced.


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