Despite being on the “Banned- do not enter” list extremist Sheikh Raed Salah calmly walked through border control without a care in
the world.  Now he is going to use the “Human Rights Act “to stay in Britain.  At present he is living in a five bedroom detached house in North London while his case is being processed.

Whilst much is made in documentaries of the work of border/ immigration control officers the simple basic truth is that Britain has lost control of its borders a long time ago.  It’s a joke except no one but the crooks and illegal immigrants are laughing.  Once these people are in the country only a small percentage are ever expelled.  Many who are bailed to show up at an immigration hearing simply disappear into the community and are never heard from again.  The human rights act which was devised originally to help the victims of criminals has now been manipulated and used by the criminals to victimised society, and the British Government is all but powerless to change things.

Sheikh Raed Salah

 Home Secretary Theresa May challenged the ruling, arguing that her office had “strong reasons” to believe Salah should be “in

 “The secretary of state took the view, and still takes the view, that individuals such as (Salah), who are well-known, are capable of inciting violence simply by their presence in the U.K.,”

 Robert Kellar, representing May, told the court “The secretary of state’s position is that (Salah’s) presence in the U.K. is not conducive to the public good – not just for what he says but what he stands for.”

As you can guess the judge denied the arguments, and said Salah would be free on bail until his case was reviewed in September. If that review failed, the court added, Salah would indeed be returned to detention.

A local news continues this story on:

Now Salah, who has been accused in Parliament of ‘virulent anti-Semitism’, is using the Human Rights Act to demand his right tostay, and preach, in the UK.

He has a return plane ticket but while his legal challenge is being resolved he can stay in the country.  Salah is claiming efforts to remove him are in breach of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act, the right to free speech.

The Home Office is intent on deporting him on the grounds that his presence is ‘not conducive to the public good’.  But lawyers for Salah claim kicking him out is a breach of his right to freedom of expression. In effect he is arguing it would be wrong to revoke his visa and to remove him from the country because it prevents him from preaching.

He has already cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds in court and prison costs and the bill is set to rise further during a lengthy
court battle.
Salah, who was invited to Britain by Left-wing Labour MPs, was in the country for three days before he was arrested, during which time he addressed two large meetings of supporters

 So why is Sheijh Raed Salah disliked so much, and what is his criminal profile.

As a citizen of Israel, he heads an organization which is legal but disliked, doubtless monitored by the government, and loathed by the right as embodying the growing militancy of parts of the Arab minority – 20% of the whole population.

The Islamic Movement campaigns for the rights of those citizens who refer to themselves as the “Arabs of 1948” – those left behind while 700,000 others became refugees when Israel was founded. It fights discrimination and campaigns for the right of Palestinian refugees to return, as well as against house demolitions and expulsions in Jerusalem.

Whilst this is not bad in itself, however the information goes on to say:

Salah has been jailed for raising money for Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel. In 2010 he served a five-month prison term for assaulting a policeman.

It is this issue which the British government has major concerns with.  Most countries view Hamas as a terrorist organization.

When Hamas was duly elected in Gaza in what was considered a free democratic vote, the first thing they did was to go to war with the ruling Moslem government the Fatah party and expelled them from Gaza.   Since then there has been no open democratic elections.  Once they were in they made sure they stayed in.

Ideologically, The Islamic Movement is close to the Muslim Brotherhood. It preaches social conservatism, observance of sharia law, charity and resisting the influence of western culture.

1  Support Hamas and financiers a party that has squashed democracy;
2  Seeks to establish Sharia law wherever it can
3   Resist and overthrow western values.

Now you can see why the British government has some real issues with this man.

Conspiracy theory

Another consideration may have been an article that Sheikh Salah wrote three weeks after the 9/11 attacks, in which he said that unlike Muslim workers in the World Trade Center, Jewish workers had been absent on 9/11.

“Were 4,000 Jewish clerks absent by chance, or was there another reason?” he asked, alluding to a conspiracy theory that is still advanced by some extreme groups that the Israeli secret service Mossad – not al-Qaeda – was behind the attack that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Although similar 9/11 conspiracy theories have been found to be not uncommon within some Islamist groups in Britain, this could also have counted against Sheikh Salah.

He is also reported to have made a speech in February 2007 during a protest in East Jerusalem in which he accused Jews of using children’s blood to bake bread – allegations the sheikh strongly denies.

The Israeli paper Haaretz said that while addressing a 1,000-strong crowd and assembled press, Sheikh Salah said: “We have never allowed ourselves to knead [the dough for] the bread that breaks the fast in the holy month of Ramadan with children’s blood.

“Whoever wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to happen to some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the [Jewish] holy bread.”

Conspiracy theories on 9/11 abound and it’s unlikely to be solved any time soon.  It has been noticed however that if there is anything going on in the world it’s never the Moslems fault.  Even when it’s a Moslem government trying to crush its own people as we have seen recently in the Middle East, or the bombing in London which was none other than the alleged work of the British government against its own people.  Such theories of course never take into consideration the overwhelming evidence of Moslems activist or testimonies and eye witnesses.  To some Moslems would never do such things despite the overwhelming amount of evidence from across the world that Moslems do indeed commit such atrocities?


‘Blood libel’

The “blood libel” that Jews murder children to use their blood during religious rituals has been a recurring theme of extremist rhetoric in the Middle East.

However a statement issued by the sheikh’s office earlier this month dismissed the allegations “an absolute lie and a malicious fabrication”.

The statement continued: “Mr Salah was arrested and questioned over these allegations in Israel and released when they were revealed as being wholly fabricated with no evidence.

“Mr Salah told the Israeli authorities: ‘My belief is that no divinely-inspired religion ever sanctions the shedding of children’s blood; likewise, no adherents of any religion should sanction the killing of children in Palestine or anywhere in the world.'”

The article does goes on to say:

“One of his UK hosts, the London-based Middle East Monitor – a pro-Hamas publication – say the sheikh has told them no charges were brought against him “in this regard”.

Sheikh Salah’s supporters in Britain include the radical Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), which has promoted an annual march attended by supporters of the Iranian Hezbollah group and Hamas and which has also given a platform to the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir group.

The PSC’s director Sarah Colbourne says Sheikh Salah is “opposed to all forms of racism”, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

The sheikh had been due to attend a House of Commons meeting on Wednesday evening along with Labour MPs
including Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burden and Yasmin Qureshi.

Sheikh Salah has been acquitted of charges in connection with rioting that followed the speech. However, sources insist charges relating to incitement to racism are still outstanding and are due to be heard next spring.

If Sheikh Raed Salah wins his case there can be no doubt that there will be those who will be falling over
themselves to line this man up for speaking engagements. 

The government however will not just stand red faced, but it will show to the world that we are no longer a democracy.
But a place where any tin pot extremist can come, stick his finger up at our government, poke fun at our laws and laugh at our institutions. 


 Is it by any coincidence that Islamist extremist in Britain are suddenly trying to force Sharia Law in certain areas
of this country?


Having debated with a number of Moslems it has become evident that when Salah says ‘My
belief is that no divinely-inspired religion ever sanctions the shedding…
.”  As in the term “Divinely Inspired religion”
he is playing with words.  Islam being the only religion that is considered divinely inspired.  Many Moslems will openly lie and deceive others. 

As one foolish Moslem on a FB site admitted.

Sahir “..Indeed, the hypocrites [think to] deceive Allah , but He is deceiving them. And when they stand for prayer, they stand lazily, showing [themselves to] the people and not remembering Allah except a little,………this is baout hypocrits ?

This is the verse in the Koran he is quoting from:  Mohsin Khan 4 : 142: Verily, the hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, BUT IT IS HE WHO DECEIVES THEM. And when they stand up for As-Salat (the prayer), they stand with laziness and to be seen of men, and they do not remember Allah but little.

Another translation of the Koran uses the wordsbut it is He Who beguileth them

So who is the one who beguiles people?

Col 2: 4 And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.

Beguile : paralogizomai  1) to reckon
wrong, miscount 2) to cheat by false reckoning

a) to deceive by false reasoning 3)
to deceive, delude, circumvent

In contrast the Bible speaks about the Spirit of truth who will come to dwell within the believer.   It is he who will lead us into all truth.  In contrast we have a religion whose god will go out to lead people away from the truth by deception
and by guile.

So both the koran and even Moslems recognizes that lying and deceiving others is simply part and parcel of their religion.

My response to this  conversation was:

Jhn 8:44 Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. yip

He gave several responses to this which although almost unreadable continues with the same theme of Allah
deceiving people.:

 Sahir “ YES allah decive who decive him and he has his revenge not like your hopeless god cry on cross”

Sahir  “your god is satan because he ahs a hell for peoeple like me ? hehehehe …i think alot of peoeple desirve allah to deciver them !!

Sahir  “allah deciver them ….he take them froim they dont know !! allah give money and kdis to alot of peoeple to punish them with their money and kids …so he deciver them with this money and they think he loves them !! and i think ou know who i emant hehehehehe”

Sahir  “he decive who desirve to be decivered !! and he has a bih hell froim them after their dead”

I think you can catch the drift that Allah “DECIEVES”

It would seem also that Allah deceives people by giving them children and money!!!  This statement makes absolute no sense whatsoever.  Considering that Moslems go out of their way to have large families. How does he know that his god is not deceiving him?  Personally we already know the answer to that question.

The fact that he simply could not comprehend that lying and deceiving is the work of satan.  All liars will have their part in the lake of fire. I suspect also lying has become something of a virtue to many.  Hey if they believe their god Allah can do it, then there is nothing to stop them doing it as well.  The concept of truth and honesty seems to some to be nothing more than a weakness.

Jer 9: 5-6  And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, [and] weary themselves to commit iniquity. Thine habitation [is] in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the LORD.

Rev 21: 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters,
and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.



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