Creationism: Bacterial Flagelum Motor

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Creation, Science and creation, Videos included
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Michael Behee, and others, discuss the amazing design of the bacterial flagelum. The flagelum motor consists of many parts and could not have developed through step by step processes, such as darwinian evolution. Natural selection selects “information” to be kept in the population, but doesn’t ever add “information” to the gene pool

UC Ministries:  The absolute wonder of creation.  Evolution would say this just happened.  However  creation reveals that this Bacterial Flagelum Motor had to have all the parts already assembled in order to work.  If any part did not exist then this motor would not work.  If it did not work then it would quickly cease to exist.  We can easily extend this to the higher species.   Unless all the parts were there in the beginning then there could be no copulation let alone growth in the population.  I debated this issue with a evolutionist a while back.  I asked him have you seen a  rock that grew legs and spoke.  Eventually after much annoyance he stated that the question was ridiculous as a rock could never grew legs.  I said exactly.  Its dead and its impossible for something that has no life to produce life.  Life had to be there  from the beginning and it had to be able to function with all the complexities.  Working to do what it was designed to do.  Chaos can never bring order however there is no doubt that there is order within this universe.


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