World Attacks By “Spirit Of Darkness” Bible Prophecy

Posted: July 1, 2011 in End times, Videos included
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Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana reveals the “Spirit of Darkness” in the World! The riots in the Middle East, Northern Africa! Also the Debt Crisis in Europe, and America! Also the destruction of Japan from the Earthquake, Tsunami, and 6 Nuclear Reactors in Meltdown! Also the Dead Cows, Birds, Fish all over the World! Food and Water crisis in Ethiopia, China, Africa! Begley also talks about the “swarms of locust” in Australia, Russia, and Ethiopia! The floods in Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers of America, wild fires in West of America, and the black birds falling out of the sky! Is the Apocalypse upon us?

UC Ministries:  This year alone has seen tremendous upheaval right accross the board.  Far more than at any time in recent history.  Paul Begley Covers what is a very big subject and did not have time to share on the numbers of Christians that are going through great tribulation at this time.  There can be no doubt that this world is going through an unprecidented upheveal.

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