A number of years ago Rodney Howard Brown appeared onto the American scene with what we now know as the Toronto manifestations.  The Pentecostal/ Charismatic church embraced it quicker than a hungry man embraces a piece of mouldy bread.  They feverishly downed whatever was served up. Discernment went out faster than it ever came in.  The movement was hailed as the last day revival but it did not take long to realise that the unsaved were never convinced.  This movement only impacted on Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.  Worst of all this so called movement robbed the church of all and every credible sense of discernment,, and turned men into drunken fools.  It was almost as if people could not wait to lose their reason and sanity, and boasting what fools they were for Christ.  Scripture which was so vital in every other revival was upstaged by laughter drunkenness and childish behaviour.    These same churches have never recovered from this state.   Now we see ministries which were once orthodox in confession are rushing to abandon even the mere pretext of sound doctrine.  Many in drunken stupor can’t even stand to read the Bible never mind preach, and they try to tell people that this foolishness is revival.

 In the last days many will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.  But how could we have foreseen that this was more than just a trickle but a literal spiritual tsunami, which would breach almost every defence, literally spilling across denominations and sweeping away discernment reason and every Biblical warning.  We just can’t underestimate the sheer weight of damage which this deception has caused.   People were pressured into embracing this new so called move or get out.  Worst of all this departure took exactly one generation to be accomplished.  The bulwarks of Christianity simply fell into the sea of apostasy and only a few barely notice.


Mystical Experiences has become the benchmark upon which many churches move.  I suspect one of the main reasons is that many wanted more than just faith to live on.  They wanted overwhelming proof that there was a God and experiences gave them it.  Now all Christians who are truly born again already have the witness in them.  They know that God is real and are content with that witness.  However when we look at those who run after experiences there is no real contentment.  They keep coming back for more and more of the same.  The contentment they seek is never really there.  They become spiritual junkies who continue to crave for an ever-increasing fix.  When people circumvent Gods ways the doubts they seek to quench will not go and their fears will never be removed. So we see people running from one pillow prophet to another, sleeves rolled up and demanded they receive another fix me up.

Here are some of the experiences which many crave for:

  1. 1.       Deadly visitations.

Recently Todd Bentley’s new wife Jessa Bentley recently spoke of having communication with the now dead Oral Roberts on the issue of a new faith movement.  Whilst shaking her head violently,   and talking about elephants, and a golden lion

Now it seems that this is not a new phenomenon.  In some charismatic circles today, people are claiming to have spiritual experiences that involve communication with the dead. One Michigan pastor  mentioned that he knows of some  church leaders he knows promote this bizarre practice and base it on Jesus’ experience on the Mount of Transfiguration. The logic is that since Jesus talked to Moses and Elijah on the day He was glorified, this gives us permission to talk to dead Christians and our dead relatives.

Although little is said about these experiences from the pulpit (since the average believer is not ready to handle this “new revelation”), people in some streams of the prophetic movement are claiming to have visitations from Aimee Semple McPherson, William Branham, John Wimber or various Bible characters. And we are expected to say, “Ooooooo, that’s so deep”-and then go looking for our own mystical, beyond-the-grave epiphany.

Communication with the dead was strictly forbidden in the Old Testament (see Deut. 18:11), and there is nothing in the New that indicates the rules were changed. Those who seek counsel from the dead-whether through mediums and séances or in “prophetic visions”-are taking a dangerous step toward demonization.

2. Ecstatic rapture.

Not long after ecstasy became known as a recreational drug, someone in our movement got the bright idea to promote spiritual ecstasy as a form of legitimate worship. The concept evolved from “spiritual drunkenness” to the current fad in which people gather at church altars and pretend to shoot needles in their arms for a “spiritual high.” Some preachers today are encouraging people to “toke the Holy Ghost”-a reference to smoking marijuana. I hate to be a party pooper, but the Bible warns us to “be of sound judgment and sober spirit” (1 Pet. 4:7).

There is plenty of freedom and joy in the Holy Spirit; we don’t have to quench it by introducing people to pagan revelry. Christian worship is not about losing control. Those who worship Jesus do it “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24), and our love for God is not measured by how violently we shake or how many times we fall on the floor.

Recently I told a friend in Pennsylvania that when people get tired of this drug imagery it won’t be long before we see some Christians having sexual experiences at the altar. “It’s already happening,” my friend said. He described a recent “worship concert” in which one of the musicians simulated sex while stroking a microphone and whispering sensual phrases to Jesus. What is next-orgasmic worship? God help us.

Patricia King made popular ecstatic dance craze which brought people into an altered state of consciousness.  Few seem to realise that there is nothing new in this craze.  The HOLY SPIRIT is a spirit of holiness, yet we see very little of that holiness in a lot of what takes place.  The HOLY SPIRIT brings self-control, clarity understanding and insight. The HOLY SPIRIT brings obedience to the word of God.  It will never draw us away to ventures which are alien to scripture,nor to another Jesus or another gospel.

 3. Angels among us.

Angels have always played a vital role in the life of the church. They are “ministering spirits” sent to protect, guide and strengthen believers (Heb. 1:14).

But suddenly angels have become the rage in some segments of our movement. People are claiming to see them everywhere, and often the stories don’t line up with the Word of God. During the Lakeland Revival last year in Florida, a man from Germany took the stage and claimed that an angel walked into a restaurant while he was eating a hamburger, took his intestines out and replaced them with a gold substance.

Others have testified that angels took them to heaven and operated on them. And many are claiming that angels are dropping feathers, gold dust and precious gems on worshippers.

God can do anything. He can make an iron axe head float, hide a coin in a fish’s mouth and use a little boy’s lunch to feed a multitude. Those were genuine miracles that He can still do today. But we still have to use caution here. There are counterfeits.

If we promote a false miracle or a false angel in the Lord’s house, we are participating in strange fire. There has been  case where a man was caught planting fake jewels on the floor of a church. He told his friends he was “seeding the room” to lift the people’s faith.

Others who have been caught putting gold glitter on themselves in a restroom and then running back in a church service, only to claim that God was blessing them with this special favour.

Where is the fear of God when Christians would actually fabricate a miracle?   They do no justice to the cause of Christ when people have to lie and deceive others.  They are simply deluding themselves.

This is a time for all true believers with backbones to draw clear lines between what is godly worship and what is pagan practice. We want the miracles of God, but we also want the fear and reverence of God.

4. Angel orbs.

Angels orbs has become another craze that many have run after, however angels orbs have been around since someone with a camera went down to a grave yard and started to take photos.  Mediums and ghost hunters have been doing it for years.

5. Soaking prayer.

Soaking has become another new fad but few realise that its origins are Hindu; its philosophy is nothing more than a Christianised form of transcendental meditation.    Many claim the soaking gives them a greater love for God.  However both the Bentleys are into this soaking phenomena,  and Todd  even creates  his own soaking music, and yet soaking has not diminished their heretical exploits. So to who are they are being drawn too?

 Here are a few quotes from another article regarding ‘soaking prayer’, something which the writer of the article used to do but not any longer.  This is what they have to say.  I share it as it was originally posted

In order to gauge whether or not soaking prayer is a valid form of prayer or communication to God, we must first look to God’s word. Prayer in its purest form is calling on the name of God and in every scriptural example is a done as a form of communication with the Lord. Although at first glance soaking prayer may seem that it follows this model of prayer it does not. Like most lies of the enemy a closer look will reveal a different picture. Soaking prayer involves a trance like meditative or contemplative state in which the adherent is encouraged to empty their mind. This type of prayer seeks to experience God’s presence through mystical exercises which teeters dangerously on the edge of the esoteric. As believers we understand that God’s presence is ever with us and when we come to prayer it is with His will in mind not ours.”

“Soaking Prayer is nothing more than contemplative / centering / listening prayer and is used for occult meditation. The Elijah List website sells a broad range of Soaking Prayer CDs, packaged as contemplative soaking, soaking worship, spontaneous worship, saturating, prophetic worship.”

“Soaking & being slain in the spirit are occult. There is a short answer and a long answer. The long one is given in True to His Ways. The short one is that it is Satan and his demons only who are at work in both yoga and Charismatic spirituality. We know this, because both are occult. The occult is Satan’s territory, and is where we meet with him and his demons. God simply cannot be found in the occult. Occultism is how Satan and his angels deceive, seduce, beguile, terrorize and defile their victims.”

“So how did Bentley purport to get into that secret place? He explains that in another session from the same conference in his message entitled, “Soaking.” In that message he said that he began to practice “contemplative prayer” something he said he learned from studying the lives of mystics such as Brother Lawrence and an Indian mystic named Sundar Singh. He said that this silence launched his ministry after three months of soaking (meditating in an altered state of consciousness) culminated in a physical encounter with Jesus Christ who stood behind him and spoke to him audibly.”

  • Reference that are used by adherence to try to justify soaking.
  • Psalm 26:10Be still and know that I am God.”
  • Isaiah 30:15  “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

 Being still before God does not mean emptying ones mind.  Nor can we conclude that this is a reference to such practices.  Quietness means coming aside from the busy activities of the day and with a bible read it , study it and pray.   It does not mean lie on ones back and listen to some weird tripped out music which aims to take a person into an altered state of consciousness.  In quietness “study to show yourself approved of God” and you can’t do that with lying on the floor.  It requires a conscious effort and a focus and thoughtful thinking and not passivity.

Many tell tales of having a wonderful time soaking

Just because there is an experience to be found does not make it right.  Our first parents were persuaded by an experience which they too thought was good, but the ramifications produced the fall of mankind.  Ask yourself this question why would God send an experience which is so similar both in content and experience to transcendental meditation.  Today experience rather than scripture has become the benchmark of acceptability.  The belief that if it feels good then it must be OK, what harm can it do.  However as scripture tells us there is a seduction about it.  Seduction implies that something deceives because it feels good. The moment we place experiences above scripture we are on faulty ground.  For this very reason is why so many denominations and churches were washed away.  We placed experience above scripture.  Many of those who embrace soaking also embrace personnel encounters with angels gold dust diamonds gold teeth and everything in between.

Here is one response to an article which I have quoted from.  See what her response is?

I would encourage you to seriously search the scriptures as soaking prayer has been an incredible tool that God has used to completely change my life. In the stillness and quiet He has brought peace to my heart and set me free from sin and really developed a passion and a hunger in my heart for more of Him”

First she appeals to experience and then urges the person to search the scriptures to prove it. Rather than search the scriptures to prove if the experience is valid.  Her response to scripture has already been circumvented by the experience.

Here is another comment:

“God’s ways are not are ways. The Holy Spirit moves in awesome and powerful ways to change lives to be more like Jesus. Spending time in His presence cannot hurt anyone. The Gifts of the Spirit are still very much alive because He is alive and working in and through us. Soaking in His presence and becoming more like Jesus is wonderful! When soaking in His presence you are spending time meditating on His Word and His character. You are also allowing Him to communicate to you. That is what prayer is. A two-way communication between you and God. I, myself, am very careful not to criticize a move of God or the Holy Spirit. Total surrender to Him and allowing Him to make us and mold us happens as we are in His presence. Believer’s today are really lacking in spending time with the Lord in worship. We must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. God is a spirit. We must connect spirit to spirit in the truth of His Word.”  It is also my prayer that the lost get saved and the saved get discipled and learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit and His gifts to reach a lost and dying world. Blessings, Donna

Again experience is foremost in this testimony.  First “Gods ways are not our ways”, otherwise experiences are above reason or criticism.  Secondly she says,  “ Am careful not to criticise a move of God”, So this lady has already placed experience above scripture.  “Total surrender to him and allowing him to make us and mould us….”  So she has already decided to surrender to that experience.  No attempt is made to hold up what she has experienced to the bar of scripture.  In many instances any criticism of such is regarded as criticism against the Holy Spirit.  She mentions that we need to connect Spirit with spirit , however soaking is connecting spirit with the flesh. As the manifestation is centred around what they feels in their bodies.

Here’s quote by Kent Philpott:
Some leaders get tingling in their hands, some have their hands get warm when healing is about to occur, some feel “power surges” going through their bodies. Some claim that they see a person’s “aura” when soaking a person in prayer. Soaking means pouring out lots of prayer over a person, often with laying on of hands and/or passing the hands over a person. It is reminiscent of what is called “Therapeutic Touch” [Reiki] practiced by new age and alternative medicine enthusiasts. People who believe in soaking prayer get the sense that power is passing through their bodies and actually helping to bring healing, comfort and love. And those who are soaking someone testify that they feel waves coming from the person or going toward the person being prayed for. Certainly something may be felt or experienced, however, is it the Holy Spirit?”

source: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/soakingprayer.htm

You see these experiences are centred around the body and not in our spirits. One person recently talked about soaking and getting legless.  His desire was not in his spirit but in his body.

Cathy Palmer  a one time adherent to soaking says… I personally have been to Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer a few times and willingly participated in soaking prayer there, at Brownsville and FIRE in Pensacola and at other ministries while missionary in Germany. Then the Lord opened my eyes to the deception of soaking prayer and contemplative prayer which have ties to the occult and Hinduism.

Sensuality, common in society, has indeed invaded the church. As noted previously, Teresa of Avila experienced “spiritual ecstasy” which was defined as “divine intimacy.” Many in the charismatic church, in a practice known as “soaking prayer” where one is directed to empty ones mind completely and trance-like states are not uncommon, have reported such experiences. According to Paul Gowdy, Carol Arnott, a leader at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, reports that “she had her bride experience where she was taken into the very presence of Jesus and said that the love that she experienced was even better than sex” .  Gowdy, an acquaintance of mine, was formerly pastor of a Vineyard church in Toronto which was a sister church to TACF, then known as the Toronto Vineyard.”  source: http://www.simplykristal.org/blog/?p=1134

There can be no doubt that many have an experience.  Many experienced raptures and visions whilst being prayed for by Rodney Howard Brown.  Yet Brown was a member of the rhema Church in South Africa.  As we know rhema is a false teaching.  Many started laughing and barking, or crowing and acting like dogs under his ministry.  Many were unable to minister after being touched by Rodney Howard Brown. What was so striking was that those who prayed in his meetings never received, but only those who were told not to but simply accept were the ones who went under his spell.  What does this tells you? 


  1. edmond kwan says:

    A blind man seeing is an experience, a deaf person hearing is an experience, walking on water is an experience, a leper cleansed is an experience, an adulteress who escapes stoning is an experience, women whose issues of blood are stopped is an experience, a lame man jumping up to walk out the door, is an experience, being fed bread and fish that is good enough to walk around a lake for , that’s an experience. Now when we have done these things ourselves as the Lord said we , who have faith in Him can, then I think we can comment on experience.

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