The diary of vampires.

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Jesus Christ, Suffering/ sickness
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One of the things that gets me the most about Word of faith (WOF) teachers is how they present a message that is more akin to vampires, who suck the spiritual life right out of believers.  They leach onto a person and draw whatever true spirituality right out of them.  There message attracts the most vulnerable amongst us; the sick, the weak, the undiscerning and the poor.  Instead of pointing people to the true provision which is Christ, they have people running around after these vampires of the gospel.  Instead of a Christ centred gospel they present a man centred gospel.  So we have the sick running from one so called anointed person to person.  Taking their eyes of Jesus and placing them on these vampires.  Buying their books and tapes, confessing their healings and their adopting practices, and the faith of God is sucked right out of them.  These harlots of the gospel prostitute themselves before men; they become rich at the expense of others.   They feed of peoples despair. So many cannot even see who and what they are getting into bed with.  Sometimes I want to run out into the street and cry out “open their eyes Lord Before it’s too late.”

Before we see more graves stones that read

“  Here lies so and so. They once believed, The confessed to being healed. God was not around. died and without hope”

Can you tell those who have been bitten by these vampires that the road they are on will lead to nothing more than ruin, sorrow, and spiritual death?  Not a chance!  They will argue with you as they take as spiritual knife to their throats and kill themselves.  It is absolutely heart wrenching because you can see the need.  You watch the life of God drain out of them.  You stand and watch hope ebb.  You see the confusion and the questions why am I not healed?   They are trusting in men and not God, but God gets the blame.  They stand there and they just can’t see the difference between the lie and the truth.   Even those who would adamantly reject believing in Hagin or Copeland or their Word of Faith teachings, there are others like Joyce Meyers whose books are selling like hot cakes. Preaching a motivational message whilst trying to hide and disguising the WOF message.  Encouraging people on how to feel good but the message is soured and bitter.

The provision is plenty

A man who holds a jug of clear cool water out to the thirsty, and the thirsty blinded to the provision keep running around from one dry watering hole to the next.  They cry out for water to satisfy their needs, pleading to have their thirst quenched.  The man stands there his provision is full and plenty but people refuse to see.  They want that provision fulfilled their way and in their time.  These Vampires present a message centred on themselves and not God.  They want God as their lap dog trained and broken to what they confess.  Whilst boast of their riches God calls it like it is, Poor blind and naked. How many times do we hear the phrase “by your stripes we are healed”, like some mantra they keep chanting it.  But faith lies not in the verse but in the
one who inspired those verses.  Yet somehow those who most need Gods provision have the lost the ability to see  daylight.  The Vampires have got their hooks into them and now they cannot see that they have to seek God.  He is the one they need to go to.  He is the source they need to draw on.  Sadly they reality of God has been sucked right out of them and now they go looking to those who claim to hear from God.  Who point people to themselves with a self help gospel that gives glory to man and not to God?  My heart aches when you see their plight.  Even as they go running from one vampire to the next hope drains away, Their faith in the living God ebbs, the truths is darkened from their souls.  WHY LORD and yet they choose not to go to the one who can give true peace in the crisis.

God has never promised that we will never age or become sick, that is still Adams inheritance to Adams race.  But he does promise a new incorruptible body that will never ebb or tire.  That’s Jesus inheritance to the new race of redeemed mankind.

The True gospel.

When we first come to know Jesus it is usually about ourselves, but the gospel is never about what I can get from God, but what he gets from us.  He saves us not so we can go out and please ourselves, but how we can please him.  But man has made the gospel all about what we can get.  How God goes out of his way to keep us happy clappy content and spoiled.  That is not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You want to know what Christianity should really look like, look to the life of Jesus.
Look at his obedience to his father. 

Look at how he delighted in doing the will of his father.  When Jesus was in the garden and he cried out “Not my will but yours”.  He delighted in doing the will of his father and right there his fathers will for Jesus was to take that bitter cup and drink
it.  The father receives glory when we choose to obey him.  It pleases the father when he sees his children obey.  Sometimes the cup can be bitter; we don’t always know the reasons why.  All we know that if it is the Father will then so be it.  In Hebrews 11,
We see the role call of those who obeyed.  They did not always see the fulfilment of the promise.  But they receive the rommendation that they would become heirs of the faith.  They obeyed the calling God gave them.  They did not always see deliverance from adversity but declared that is this is what gave Glory to God, so be it.  Sometimes there is healing and sometimes there is not.  I can’t say why one person is healed and another is not.  God does not tell us why.   For some Gods glory was to drink the cup of suffering and for others it was deliverance from Pharaohs rod.  For Job it was a cup of sickness for Timothy is was a stomach complaint.  Peter saw deliverance from prison, but for Paul it was the executioners block.  For John it was the isles of Patmos.  For poor Stephen it was a stoning at the hands of an angry mob, in all of this God gets the glory.  It is not in the suffering but in the obedience and it is in the patience.  It is the willingness to trust in the one who is able to deliver us from a greater sickness called death.  It is in the face of the why, and yet I still choose to obey.  It is when everything runs to the contrary, and yet I place myself in his hands.  When I don’t understand the suffering and the reasons for it, and yet I still choose to believe, then God gets the glory.


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