Communication today is so sophisticated that what happens on one side of the world can be within a matter of minutes communicated across the world.  Today the increasing darkness that is gripping the hearts of men and women is becoming sicker and more despairing. 

Mat 24: 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

It carries the idea: “to breathe, blow, cool by blowing,” Passive Voice, “grow cool,” is used metaphorically in Mat 24:12, in the sense of waning zeal or love.    Such will be the terrible wickedness that will grip this world that men will despair and genuine affection will become stifled.

Today images of Taliban killing people are quickly broadcasted around the world with as little effort as a using a mobile phone.

Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace

Although both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have declared that Islam is a religion of peace, Choudary begs to differ.

“You can’t say that Islam is a religion of peace,” Choudary told CBN News. “Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam.”

Choudary is the leader of Islam4UK, a group recently banned in Britain under the country’s counter-terrorism laws. He wants Islamic Sharia law to rule the United Kingdom and is working to make that dream a reality.

While Islamic radicals in the United States usually prefer to speak in more moderate tones while in public, masking their true agenda, Choudary has no such inhibitions.

He has praised the 9/11 hijackers and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict. He also stirred controversy recently when video emerged of him converting a 10-year-old British boy to Islam.

Choudary told CBN News his group is a “non-violent political and ideological movement” that resides in the UK under “a covenant of security.”

Yet he openly praises violent jihad.

“The Koran is full of, you know, jihad is the most talked about duty in the Koran other than tawhid — belief,” he said. “Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting.”

Several former members of Choudary’s group have been arrested on terrorism charges.

“A very significant amount of former al-Muhajiroun people were involved in terrorist plots against this country,” London-based terrorism expert Peter Neumann said. “A number of people have actually gone to Afghanistan, joined the Taliban and died fighting for the Taliban.”

Choudary refuses to condemn acts of terror including 9/11 and the July 7, 2005 London bombings, which killed 52 people.

CBN News asked Choudary for his thoughts on the 7/7 bombings on London’s transport system, and whether he condemned them.

“For the people who carried it out, it was legitimate,” he replied. “If you look at the will of the 7/7 bombers Mohammed Siddique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, they would be justified. And there are many verses from the Koran and many statements to say that’s the Islamic argument. And that is a difficult Islamic argument to refute. And there are many scholars who support that argument as well.”

Choudary says his group is merely following core Islamic teachings and that Islam is much more than a religion.

“This particular belief is more than just a religion,” he declared. “It is not just a spiritual belief. It is, in fact, an ideology which you believe in and you struggle for and you are willing even to die for, because you believe in that: That is your whole life.”

Choudary seems to relish being called Great Britain’s “most hated man” and pledges to continue his rallies calling for the overthrow of the British system.

Now is Choudary corrrect?  Here a twelve year old boy is initiated into the Taliban.  Whilst Muslims hold this man down, the twelve year old goes about cutting this fellow Moslems head off.  We can’t say what crime if any he committed to be executed in this way, but it would have been slow and violent.

The boy lays into cutting this Moslems throat with as much ease a cutting a sheeps throat.

 What follows is some VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES of a man being beheaded by a twelve years old boy.  He has no thought or realisation that he was commiting murder.


A 12 yeas old boy is taught the finer details

  1. David Strader says:

    I suspect all of this stuff as being frauds especially coming out of “Andy” Choudary who has been exposed as a fake. The Nick Berg beheading video was debunked years ago. Graphic artists blew up the video and found Walmart stickers on the chairs among other things. Choudary is a self-appointed iman who was a welfare bum before someone nabbed him to play this role. I suspect MI5 or MI6 involvement. They were also involved in the 7/7 bombing as there were terror drills running that day, the say as on our 9/11. It all stinks. I have many Muslim friends who condemn this. My daughter has Muslim friends who condemn it. I know mine are FB aquaintances mostly but hers are real. Condemning their religion based on these idiots is like condemning Christianity based on the KKK, Westboro and James Lyman. The only reason those three mentioned are not killing anyone, and I’ll include Terry Jones in with that bunch… is because they are not Arabs or from that backward culture. Put any of them back in time and I’m sure you would see them burning people at the stake or hanging folks, ad the very minimum stoning them to death. They all have the mentality, the law keeps them from doing it.

  2. In order to understand Islam you have to look at the man who started Islam. Was he a peace maker or a tyrant? Did he kill his enemies or did he set them free. There can be No doubt that Muhammad was anything other than a murderer. Even briefest historical document will confirm what he did. That is Islam as it was created by Muhammad. It does not matter what percentages of Moslems today are peaceful. The religion of Islam was established on violence and those who walk in this path Jesus said would die by the sword.

    Surat al-Ma’idah 5:33 The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom

    Upon his death Islam divided into factions

    There are two main groups the Sunni and the Shiites, and both have been sworn enemies of each other.

    Under Mohammed Islam

    Islam spread rapidly in Yathrib, now Medina, and Muhammad took his followers there to settle and build a great Mosque. After settling the area for his followers and another marriage to a 10-year-old girl, a long list of “holy wars” began. Those people who were conquered in these battles were given three choices: accept Islam, pay tribute, or die by the sword (see the Repentance Surat, verse29). As a result of this method of forced conversion, many Christian churches were turned into mosques to please the conquering Muslims, while many other Christians not willing to take the easy way out were killed. After the Battle of Badr, he proclaimed the ordinance “Know that whatsoever thing ye plunder, verily one-fifth thereof is for God and for the Prophet.” The remaining spoils, after Muhammad received one-fifth, were divided among the warriors. This began the teachings of Jihad, and fighting for the cause of Islam. Muhammad taught that to die for the cause of Islam was the highest honor and would lead to eternity in Paradise surrounded by virgins.
    Surat al-Nisa 4:74 Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.

    Surat al-Ma’idah 5:33 The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom.
    In the Battle with the Quraiza Jews, over two thousand Jews were slaughtered by Muhammad and his warriors. In the bloodbath, Zainab, his adopted son’s ex-wife, Muhammad’s fifth wife, and a Jewiss taken in battle, lost her husband, father, and brother. Seeking revenge, Zainab poisoned Muhammad’s dinner. Muhammad spit out the food before it could kill him, but it’s effects on him combined with pneumonia in the eleventh year of the Hijra, led to his death at age 64.

    History tells us that the twelve months following Muhammad’s death were spent in bitter, bloody battles to subdue the Arab tribes who became apostate. However, Islam continued to grow after Muhammad’s death, led by four Khalifs elected by the closest followers of the prophet. Jihad also continued in much the same way it had under their prophet. In 634 the Islamic military force advanced on Palestine and Syria, and defeated the Byzantine armies at Yarmouk River in 636. Forty thousand more Muslims marched to conquer North Africa, followed by the surrender of Jerusalem to the plundering Muslims.

    Over one million Armenian Christians were savagely slaughtered by the Turkish Muslims at the beginning of the twentieth century. According to a report by Khartoum University professors Ushari Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Blado, more than one thousand Dinka citizens were massacred in the Western Sudan town of Diem in 1987. The Baptist Record newspaper of November 5, 1987, added that dozens of pastors have been killed and many churches destroyed since Islamic law was imposed in 1983, when Sudan was officially declared an Islamic republic. The Baptist World Alliance newsletter of September, 1987, tells of 130 church buildings and pastor’s homes, all of Christian denominations in Kadona State in Nigeria, being destroyed by Muslim rioters. Where does this rampant slaughter in the name of religion come from. It is taught in the Quran as revealed by the prophet Muhammad.
    Surat al-Taubah (Repentance) 9:29 Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the religion of truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.
    More recently, in a December 8, 2001 Worldnet Daily article by Art Moore, it was reported that more than 50,000 Christians in the Central Sulawesi province town of Tentena were in imminent danger of attack by a paramilitary group called Laskar Jihad, a group whose goal is the total elimination of Christians from the region. According to Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that reports on Christian persecution, At least 600 homes and six churches in Tentena were burned during attacks in November of 2001, and 15,000 Christians were forced to flee.

    In Indonesia Laskar Jihad waged a violent campaign against Christians in neighboring Maluku province where at least 9,000 Christians have been killed since 1999. This religious cleansing can be found in all areas of the world where Islam has rooted itself. The quest for an Islamic world, taken by force if need be, still continues today, all in the name of Allah, and as taught and practiced by the prophet Muhammad.

  3. The video about the twelve years old was very graphic. It showed him actually cutting this moslems head off. I dont know how you can claim it was manafactured. It was brutal and bloody. The brutal murdering of Christians by Moslems accross the globe is real and the suffering is real.

  4. Swilling beer, smoking dope and leering at porn, the other side of hate preacher ‘Andy’ Choudary Clams the Daily mail

    Anjem Choudary was once called Andy Choudary. However it has been stated that this scum bag was employed by the British Gvernment to play a part of the radical hate preacher just so they can discredit Islam. Well Islam has more then enough Moslem fanatics to do that without any help from the british government. Personnaly you would not emply a drunk to play a part of a radacal. They would certainly be wasting their money. If the government wanted to discredit radical islam all they have to do is point to 7/7 London Bombing. To believe that everytime a Moslems commits an attrocity it is nothing more than plan by some British or American government is simply ridiculous. All you have to do is look at islam historicaly to see just how vilolent and intolerent Islam was. The Daily Mail article went on to say concerning Choudary:

    He also mixed with hook-handed demagogue Abu Hamza, who once called for bomb attacks on British civilian aircraft at a meeting chaired by Choudary.

    Choudary, meanwhile, is an ever-more prominent spokesman for radical Islam in Britain – despite the fact that the two groups he ran with Bakri, Al Muhajiroun and Al-Ghurabaa, have been banned.
    So he was quick this week to support the radicals who protested against Royal Anglian Regiment soldiers marching in Luton on their return from Iraq.

    Outrageously, he called them ‘cowards who cannot fight, as their uncanny knack for death by friendly fire illustrates’.
    Yesterday, the father-of-three, who lives in East London on benefits from the state he so condemns, returned to the attack.

    When it was suggested he was the most reviled man in Britain, he said: ‘That’s a badge I would wear with pride.’

    He added that ‘through jihad’ – which he insists would be jihad of the word, rather than the sword – he sought ‘a pure Islamic state with Sharia law in Britain’.
    ‘Every woman, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, would have to wear a traditional burka,’ he said. ‘Anyone who becomes intoxicated by alcohol would be given 40 lashes in public, and people who commit adultery would be stoned to death.’
    When confronted about his dubious past, Choudary, who is separated from his wife, denied it.
    Last night, Bakri, speaking from Lebanon where he fled to four years ago, said: ‘I don’t believe the rumours against my good friend Mr Choudary are really true.’
    Supported by Choudary, the Muslim protesters who demonstrated against the Royal Anglian Regiment on Tuesday defiantly returned to the streets of Luton yesterday, handing out leaflets criticising the ‘racist British public’.
    Britain’s former most senior Muslim police officer, Tarique Ghaffur, called for the demonstrators to be brought to justice.
    Tariq Mahmood, of the Islamic Cultural Society, based at Luton’s Central Mosque, said the protesters were notorious for causing trouble.
    ‘This small group of people is not representative of the Muslim community,’ he said.
    Fanatic Ibrahim Moussawi was yesterday finally denied a visa to enter Britain.
    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith ruled the Hezbollah spokesman should not be allowed to travel here, despite at least two previous visits to the UK on her watch.

  5. Relatives wept as the coroner read out her findings on the 7/7 London Bombing. A few miles away Moslems were holding a mock funeral for known terrorist Bin laden. Such insensitivity if anything reveals just how heartless this religion is. To suggest that all these Moslems were employed by the British government is just plain ridiculous. The ensuing scuffle between rivals was kept abreast by the thin line of police officers. If this was a Moslem nation we would not have seen plain clothed officers trying to keep the peace but armed military personnel with tanks using live ammunition to squash any demonstration. The only people I think that are left to condone and support Islamic militancy are those who are themselves Moslem in nature and conviction. While no one doubts that there are moderate Moslems who would generally be horrified at the spectre of creeping militancy. The plain truth is that it is their religion which is doing it.

  6. So much Islam, so little peace in Nigeria.The biggest victims of Islam are the people who have to live under it.

    10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon 61 injured, 9 churches burned, hundreds displaced after rumored ‘insult’ to Islam – all because Muslim high school students claimed a Christian student had drawn a cartoon of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, on the wall of the school’s mosque. ‘How can we take such a risk when we know that we are a minority and cannot stand (against) them? ‘ Christian student Shehu Bawa told Compass. ‘This is a lie created to have a reason to attack us.’

    Islam(Religion of Peace) – Christian Priest Burned to Death in Nigeria

  7. Christians in Pakistans are being targeted by the “religion of peace

  8. The plight of Pakistani christians under Blasphemy law. This is true Islam!

  9. CARING: Christians in today’s Pakistan (2% of the population) have paid a high price for being in the minority. In Islamabad, the capital, a community of 5,000 of them live in extreme poverty, literally walled-off from the rest of society

  10. ‎1Th 4:13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. /…..We grieve not as other do because we have the hope of eternal life

    .We have a hope that is steadfast. we know we know that this is not how the story ends. One glorious morning those who have died in Christ will rise. Resurected in a glorious body that will never die and never age. The word “goodbye” will never be uttered.


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