Are we Living on heavens door steps?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ
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Christians are a truly spiritual people.  We glimpse beyond this sphere of time to a time when we are gathered together as a people.  I know we don’t see everything clear.  I also know that we only see glimpses.  Our main understanding always comes from the Bible.  However the Holy Spirit is very real and he does guide; helps us to understand the Bible; Appreciate and know the one in whom we love.    I know we all have questions which are not answered, but one day they will.  However I suspect when that day comes I don’t think those questions will matter as much as the fact that we see the reality of what we long for. 

 The fullness.

 A man recently had a piece of art work with a cross suspended in his urine.  No doubt he thought is was blaspheming Christianity in some way.  He did not realise that Christians don’t worship a cross but the one who was crucified on it.  A cross in itself means nothing. One day we will see for ourselves the one who was crucified.  See we will be able to touch his nail prints where he was crucified and talk face to face.  The reality of such a day goes beyond mere words.  As Christians we often use terms like RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS, PURITY, But these are just words that people use.  We only begin to grasp something of what they mean now and it can be likening to someone who has grasped an object in the dark.  We feel and touch it but we cannot understand the full colour and significance of what it is.  So holiness Righteousness and purity we understand to a point but its full splendour is still hidden from us.  But from time to time the Holy Spirit likes to drop hints.  What he drops into our hearts is mind blowing.  There are no words to describe the indescribable.

 These words will one day become a reality that will burst upon our consciousness in a way that their true meaning will be experienced.  They will become more than mere words written upon a page.  The reality more dynamic and glorious than our hearts and minds can fully understand now. 

 How do we describe a world not ruled by night and day, or a people who have no division?  We all like our comfort zones.  That circle around us that says you only enter when I am comfortable with your presence.  Every creature has it so they say.  But the world which is to come has no divisions; we will all be comfortable with each presence.  There is no sea to divide continents, No prejudice to cause a war, and No language barrier to confuse what the other meant.  There will be a harmony and a balance in our relationship with each other.  All that will exist will be there to bring us together as one people.

 Peace will reign.

 From the moment that Adam and Eve sinned mankind has been divided by conscience, by families by cities, by religion, and by nations.  From the moment the first sacrifice was righteously offered to God , man has been at war with nature , with each other and  with God.  But one day that war will have ceased.  There will be a peace that will last for eternity.  When we haul up that white flag of surrender and allow Jesus to rule and reign then peace will be established and one day all wars will cease and the prince of peace will rule as the king of peace over all his terrain.  Can we grasp a world where peace reigns and there are no disputes even between neighbours.  Every where we go there are objects which speak about this sense of dividing.  Gardens have fences or bushes, roads divide fields.  Hedges divide properties.  Sign posts divide counties and names divide nations.  Take all that away and people will quickly become uncomfortable with each other.  In the world to come none of these things will exist.  It will not be my house and my garden but our place and we will share our lives and share what we have and who we are.  Sharing will be the watchword of the day.  Imagining having people around for tea on a permanent basis, it would irritate us no end.  But can we imagine a day when this would be a delight.   There is an old saying that’s says “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” and how true that is.   Man was never created to be alone but we were created to share , have friendship and love company.  In the world to come sharing and having company will take on a new a vitality which we don’t recognise here.

  Home is where we live.

 There is something about home, a place where we can relax, put our feet up and not worry about what goes on outside.  We shut the door to the world and as far as anyone is concerned our home is our castle.   Anyone who comes in only does so when we say yes.  Family have the right to join us.  They too can also put up their feet and enjoy our company.  There is this sense we belong together.  We are FAMILY.  In the same way in the world to come we will all be one family. It is that sense of being one people and one family that makes it special.  We will be joined together through what Jesus has done for each of us individually.  Therefore corporately we will be one people.  I don’t think we can fully understand the nature of this until we see the reality.  It will not be you or me, but us together.    For each and everyone who sees  that day  there will be the full appreciation of the scope of this concept that we are FAMILY.

We will be clothed.

 There is a sense that we feel naked before a holy God.  There are times we just feel unworthy of his love.  We fail and when we fail we just hate it.  We desire more than anything to be clothed with a new body that has no concept of sin about it.  NO desire that hunger and want for what we know is wrong.  When the Bible talks about being clothed in linen garments it is more than a dress to hide our modesty, it expresses something of the completeness and the reality that we will be perfect.  Sin will no longer be a factor.  The Christian at this present time is at war with his fleshly desires, the world and everything around us that is not off God, but on that day the war will have ceased and we will have won.  It is this victory which we can shout from the housetops YES… VICTORY!!!!!

 We will not be alone in this cry for from every generation will come the rallying cry that death has been swallowed up in life and sin has been defeated. It is this consciousness of sin that so hounds us.   In many ways it the work of the Holy Spirit to show us what sin really is.  We have so little understanding of sin and its consequences; even though see the reality of it all around us. As Christians it is this dreadful sense of our sin and unworthiness that so yearns for this completeness.  It was this sense of sin and unworthiness that Isaiah saw in chapter 6

 Isa 6: 1 In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly. And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the LORD of hosts: the whole earth [is] full of his glory.

 Upon seeing such a heavenly vision

 Is 6: 5 Then said I, Woe [is] me! for I am undone; because I [am] a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.

 In that moment he saw himself as a creature of sinfulness.  One day we will be able to see that same heavenly splendour and cry worthy is the lamb that was slain and all glory will be given to his name.  There will be nothing to diminish that vision, and nothing and no reason for us to hide from that scene.  We will be able to join in with the angels crying glory and might belongs to him.  I think most of all we will have the vocabulary and understanding to express what we want to say to God.  Sometimes the words we say never seem to fully express what we want to say.   A beggers offering to a king;  somehow they just does not seem right.  But on that day we will know what to say in all its fullness.  We will be able to give full expression and understanding to the one who saved us and won our hearts.  On that day the fruits of compassion and love will be fully expressed towards each other and especially to God.

The creator will be restored to his rightful place and man will be restored to his rightful place.  Not at odds with God, Not in rebellion, not at war but at peace.


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