It took me a few seconds to get into this video, but it is worth while listening.  It is a great exposure of John Crowder.

  1. Gary says:

    The first time I watched this guy on YouTube, was all it took to see there isn’t something quite right with this guy. He acts like he came out of the 60’s from a time machine, or trying his best to revive the 60’s movement. If he doesn’t get help he’ll destroy his life, and others around him, because it’s my guess the guy’s on drugs, he sure sounds like it. I’m not sure about it, but from my research on him he has done LSD in the past, if that’s the case then he actually may be suffering from the effects of it, like as in he fried his brain, or he still does LSD, in which then, his brain is most defiantly fried.

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