Strange fire in the house of God.

1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

The question that constantly gets put out that there is going to be this great end time revival that will sweep the world,  furthered by many signs and wonders, and everyone will get saved.  Prophecies have been put forward to bolster this assumption.  Yet with heavy heart as I look at scripture and prophecy I just don’t see it.  In fact if anything apostasy and false signs and wonders are what we are being told we will see.  What I see is a great fallen away from the truth rather than a gathering back to the truth.  This is in fact the very thing we are seeing.

 Many talk about a great wave that is about to hit our shores, But the question is of what type of wave?

 Now I believe in personal revival and even a local revival, but it all hinges on how close we are to the end.  If the end is not yet then we will indeed see revival sweep the land, but if we are close to the end then this mighty revival is not what is being prophetically suggested.    Now God will not judge a world for sin if that world is in the midst of revival.  In fact God will judge the world because it is not in revival but apostasy.  The deception we will see is a world that thinks it is in revival when it is not.  This is the deception of the last days. 

 Ecumenicalism is sweeping the board and will continue to sweep more and more people into a global confederacy of religion.  The newest move to arise is called ChriLam a confederacy between Christianity and Islam, where some churches have both the Bible and the Koran in the pews.  A total oxymoron  of iron and clay, truth and error .  They can’t combine and yet will we see ministers quoting from the Koran in their Sunday services.  It appears so!  Men like Rick Warren will sell their idealism to whoever.

 The rise of homosexuality is another sign that we are in the last days.  For many the deception is that God will support their sodomite affairs, but worst still that churches have grown up in the name for Christ to celebrate and condone what the Bible does not.

 False signs and wonder have become almost a daily occurrence, and yet even as we speak these signs are being exposed for what they are.  But the blind refuse to accept that they are man made.  Gold dust is no longer even tested as it keeps turning out to be gold glitter, or the woman who believes she has the stigmata in her hands.  What was originally only a Roman Catholic sign has now be taken up by many within the signs and movement fraternity.   Yet I suspect that no one has told her that crucifixion did not take place on the fleshy parts of the hands but the wrists. Or Visions of Mary that seem to sprout up everywhere to encourage the faithful in their sin.  Or Moslems so desperate for any sign see the name Allah in just about anything that is not tied down.

The latest being on the leg of a young child where Allah decides to post verses from the Koran.  I suspect that if we were to take the time almost every religion will be trumpeting some sign or some wonder. 

For many this does not matter that these signs just keep getting busted.  Healings that do not turn out to be anything but auto suggestion or bad prophecies that in time people will hope are forgotten.  Then there are the Promises that many make that never materialise and a prosperity gospel where only the few get rich, usually at the expense of everyone else.  TV Evangelism type Christianity has become nothing more than a cash machine for those who feature on them.  People just seem to swallow up whatever drivel gets shovelled their way and then thank God for it.

 Do we honestly think that God simply looks the other way, tuts at the whole filthy mess and thinks nothing of it?  Do we honestly think we can live in our imaginary world, living with our fairy tales of revival when a world is on a collision course with hell?  Do we honestly think that while people cry revival, and we see ministers go around shouting bam bam whilst carrying on an adulterous relationship with one of his students and thinks God approves of it and then tries to pass off the marriage borne out of adultery as repentance?  Do we honestly think God is such a big fool? Or ministers raking in money left over right and God sanctions it.  God will call all this and more to account.

 I believe that many are simply not prepared for what is to come.  The church is unprepared for the tribulation which it is going to go through.  It does not take a prophet to realise that there is a good percentage of the church is going through tribulation right now in Moslem run countries.  Those numbers run into the thousands.

Many have suffered horrendous persecution and even death.  Now the gospel is advancing in those countries as believers stand for the faith.  Unfortunately at the expense of the west that has become weak and sickly.   The church in the west has not just lost its direction it no longer knows what that direction is.

 We put on bingo on our churches and call this holiness.  We have forgotten what holiness is.  We have forgotten to hold close to our lips the name of Christ as something to be revered.  We have a film that has depicted Mary Jesus Mother, played by a porn actress and we think nothing of it.  We betray Jesus by a man who swears and we run around to bus people to watch the whole passion and think this truly represents Biblical teaching.  In simple terms we have lost the plot and we don’t even know it.

 When was the last time that we were so struck by the name of Christ that we barely whispered it, in case we spoke it out from unclean lips.  When was the last time we stood in awe and hushed as Gods word as it is spoken?  Or are we so busy joking and laughing and thinking that God is nothing more than a weed to be snorted and laughed at.  The world has not just invaded the church, the church is the world. 

 Such is the mess of the church that Christians don’t even know what name God goes by.  We have become a babble of confusion that the atheist laughs at and the devils mock.  Until we wake up and see ourselves as we truly are, blind naked and deaf we will never see even personal revival. 

 We want revival but we don’t want the cost, we want revival but refuse to accept the price.  We want revival but only as something we manufacture and control.  If the real thing came along people would run from it.  Knees would be bent; there would be no laughing and joking.  No falling and barking and crowing.  Men and women would be weeping and crying and pleading for their lives.  If the real thing came alone all these prostitutes of the gospel would be gone from their pulpits.  These whores that plunder the poor and lie and cheat and deceive would all be gone.  Their mansions would all be sold, their expensive toilets would all be flushed away. 




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