Talks on Islam: The BIG question?

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Islam
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UC Ministries:  This article is from another web site, but I thought so good I just had to post it here.

“The news media always seems to lose their nerve with the wrong people at the worst times. The news media almost always grows politely silent when it’s time to be firm and inquisitive.

Thus, thus the follow-up questions that audiences are eager to have answered are never even asked. The recent terrorist bombings that left 200 murdered and 300 injured in Mumbai inspired the usual shock and outrage. And the same, boilerplate responses from Muslim spokesmen here, there and everywhere:

“This is not what Islam teaches” and/or “These are not real Muslims; Islam teaches respect for life.”
For example, an organization known as Muslim Matters, responded with:

“As Muslims, we condemn such senseless carnage against innocent civilians, wherever it may occur. This goes against the fundamental spirit of Islam, which promotes a culture of life and humanity, not bloodshed and violence. And another example of why extremist ideology, whatever that ideology may be, needs to be refuted and condemned.”
Well, that sounds better than good; that sounds great. And who wouldn’t want to believe that? I know that I would. But, by now, we all know this drill. The Muslim world is predominantly a peaceful one, one that condemns the murders committed in the name of Islam that occurred in Mumbai, and before that New York, Washington, London, Madrid, Bali, Mindanao, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Buenos Aires, on a cruise ship, on a passenger ferry, in commercial aircraft, on trains, in subway stations, theaters, schools, nightclubs, schools, synagogues, Beijing, Nairobi, Moscow, Jakarta, Istanbul, Casablanca, Tunis . . .

Yet, just once I’d like to hear (or read) one of these spokespersons asked the following: “If Islam condemns the work of Muslims who slaughter innocent people, why is there far greater evidence to the contrary? Why do the only mass demonstrations of Muslims call for more blood, more murder, ‘Death to the Infidels!’ and the sustained cry for jihad, the world over?

“Why are public demonstrations held to venerate the murderers rather than to mourn the victims?”
Next question: “If Islamic terrorists are so at odds with the beliefs of most of the Muslim world, why have cities within countries that allow freedom-of-expression public demonstrations never seen a mass rally by Muslims expressing their condemnation and full detachment from Islamic murder squads?”

More: “Cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Brussels and London, all with considerable Muslim populations, would welcome such expressions; the entire free world would. So where are they?”

In addition: Why are the only Muslim demonstrations in both predominantly Islamic, theocratic countries, and in Western, predominantly democratic countries, in support of Islamic terrorists, those whose actions Muslim spokespeople routinely condemn as antithetical to mainstream Islam?

If the vast majority of the Muslim world despises the actions of a tiny minority of Muslims, why hasn’t that vast majority risen, en masse, to let everyone, including the terrorists, know?

Now those would be some questions, the answers to which you’d stay tuned to hear, no”

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  1. nemo235 says:

    Stop preaching hate. why don’t you Talk about the crap Irael does. Unstead of Making up a Hypothetic muslim menace. Maybe If You right wing Pseudo christians would read something factual you might get your heads out of your asses. Yuo guys are the enemy of those who actualy follow the teachings of jesus, You serve lies and the father of them.

  2. Maybe you should check before you post. I do indeed post articles on Israel. When does asking questions become hate. If you can get offended when someone actually asks a question does that not prove what this writer has to say?

  3. nemo235 says:

    yes you ask quetions that you answer with lies. the point of yourblog is that American christians are better than everyone else

  4. nemo235 says:

    you are right though, you don’t suppor Israel, well that’s one good thing. But it is mainly because you don’t like anyone who isn’t christian. Sorry to say this but your Ideology you are spreading isn’t christ like.
    how is what you post not spreading hatred against anyone who isn’t your brand of christianity.Do you have a tattoo os a swaschtica?

  5. Point 1 This blog has a wide mandate on a variety of subjects. If I thought American Christianity was better I would not expose some of these American Christians. So that blows point 2 out of the water. I suggest you keep reading my blog. It covers quite alot of issues. Facts are not hatred. Having a point of view is not hatred, having an opinion is not hatred. But so far your tone of decent is hatred. Change it and we might actually have a nice conversation.

  6. nemo235 says:

    But you are not stating facts

  7. The article was based on a question, it was not intended to cover everything. If anything it was really to encourage discussion. Which is has. I have no doubt that you have many opinions which we would disagree on, although we do seem to agree on some things. Like some of the things Israel gets up too.

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