Maybe it was something to do with TWO WORLD WARS or the overthrow of the status quo, or as I believe the last days is very much upon us.  For there can be no doubt that we have seen more false prophets and false teachers emerge than there has ever been in history.  But greater still has been the shear number of people who claim to some extent as the reincarnation, or reinvention of Christ.   This one is called the White Brotherhood.  Sounds far too much like the KKK to me.  Anyway it is headed at present by a women who calls herself Maria Devi Christos (Christos  -Christ)   Her actual name is Marina Tsvigun  and  so we are told  was born in 1960 in Stalino Ukrainian  

 Naturally Maria set herself up as the living goddess of this movement. 

This new enlightened community also became known as “Yusmalos” from Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Luna, Orion and Sirius)  I wonder how long it took them to think that one up.  It is also believed that this movement has around 80, 000 members. The members were required to renounce the family ties and donate their property to the Brotherhood. The sect quickly came into conflict with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Short History lesson:

In 1990 she attended chiliastic lectures by Yuri Krivonogov, the “White Brotherhood” founder, who recognized Marina as a new messiah and later married her, assuming in the sect the role of “John the Baptist”, subordinate to Tsvigun.


 Tsvigun predicted the Judgment Day and the coming of the Holy Ghost on November 10, 1993. The event was supposed to be accompanied by her transfiguration and group suicide by burning. On the appointed day, the sect members led by Tsvigun and Krivonogov tried to seize the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and were arrested.
Kiev City Court found Tsvigun and Krivonogov guilty of violation of citizens’ health under the guise of religious ceremonies and seizing by force. They were sentenced for 4 and 7 years in prison respectively. Tsvigun was freed in August, 1997 as a part of amnesty for the 6th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.


The Holy Spirit was predicted 200 years ago and came in Acts 2 and not November 10 1993. Obvious mistake but then who cares when you claim to be the living embodiment of a goddess.

What makes this so disturbing is that many seek to follow her.  Stranger still is that so many people have such desperation to follow a self imposed saviour.  It almost does not matter what type of divine personage it is.

 This is from her own web site translated by Goggle from Russian to English.  Can’t guarantee that it is word perfect, but you can get the general gist as to where she is coming from.

 This is a book that she is selling:


Before you – the scriptures coming Golden Age era of Aquarius. This eternal book – contains all that was, is and will be, because Dan Himself by the Holy Spirit, Mother of the World Maria Devi Christos. Behold – the Living Word of God. Believer and devoted himself to open the gate of heaven, if you understand the hidden meaning of the Sego fountain of Knowledge.

 Slavyanka became man Sophia – Wisdom of God, descended to the perishing of callousness poisoned the world, Has the Ecumenical Cross Mother of the World, the World Feminine was to people. Her dream to see all the saints and prophets, the great religious scholars and philosophers have foretold its appearance on this earth. And: Finally!

 That’s Maria Devi Christos opened the world’s universal philosophy and universal religion based on his spiritual science of Truth – The final knowledge of the Absolute, and create a worldview of Things.

    Twenty years by extreme hardships and suffering, the Mother of all living, dying saves the world, confirming their Law of Eternity; Torit path that spring up in the immortality all tribes and Peoples through the Planetary Transformation of

 Consciousness. Maria Devi Christos Approved universal harmony between the male and the female principle – forever by revealing new relations between husband and wife, based on: what happened BogoSoitie Mother of Light Maria Devi Christos, and wife of Eternity John-Peter the Second, Divine Love and God’s Law.

 World is not ready to accept the truth of Maria Devi Christos, since fired consciousness. But, coming sixth and seventh races of mankind filled with the Holy Law of the Mother of the World, becoming immortal forever …

The whole advert is full of NEW AGE language and terminology.  Most of it is gibberish, although that might be down to the translation. It is obvious that this cult is set up as being all things to all people.  The old saying follows the money trail and you will find out where things are at.  Years of communism left people empty and starved of both religious freedom but also a desire to give expression to their spirituality.  Certain people have clearly honed into this need and met it.  Tragically for some Biblical truth is rejected for some way out mind-blowing new age space trip.

 Gods and goddesses.

 I suppose history has seen many humans been given the title of gods.  The pharaohs of Egypt became known as the living embodiment of gods.  The rulers of Rome began to see themselves as gods.  But one by one they all fail to live up to their immortal status and died.

Ecumenical Cross Mother

The cult tries to be all things to all men and clearly being ecumenical in spirit and in lies makes this an appealing cult.  Whatever you interest I have no doubt this cult will seek to focus on it.  Ecumenicalism is in BIG STYLE.  The drive towards a new one world religion composed of all faiths and oddities like this one.  Headed up by some umbrella group of super prophets and prophets,   and let us not forget THE  FALSE PROPHET.

Maria Devi Christos

  1. Ngang Perez says:

    Accept my greetings.
    Your words are convincing, I think they are true.But what can I do in order to be initiated into your cult.
    Two things have made me develop such interest in you and of you can provide such things to me then I will be ready to do any thing for you under my powers.
    Please explain to me how you operate, what are your binding laws that I may follow.
    I will love to read likewise from you.

  2. The best place is to head for the door thats says “EXIT” or better yet avoid at all costs. Like so many of these false cults. They will take you cash, take your life and if possible even your soul.

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