Benny at the funeral of pope John Paul 11

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Benny Hinn, End times, false teachers, Videos included
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Newscaster asks …What are these people searching for?  Benny replies they are searching for answers and people are very hungry for God.  Benny fails to tell the newscaster that waiting in line to visit John Paul casket is not searching for God.  They came to worship their God who was now dead.  In fact waiting does not in any way reveal any hunger for God. 

Benny declares that the world is turning to GodFact the Bible clearly tells us that in the last days there will be a falling away.


Benny goes on to say that this “was a very moving moment… invited to a special memorial service”  This would have to be a Roman catholic service.   “He was moved to tears”  But by what, people standing for hours to look at a dead man?

Benny says “This is a special day in the history of Christianity” …… Sorry Benny but I disagree with you.  Roman Catholicism is not Christian but pagan to the core.    True Christianity is completely separate from Catholicism which is a religion of works.  It can’t offer hope to the pope let alone to those who follow him.


It is interesting that the newscaster mentions that many of those who do stand in line don’t even believe in God let alone attend a church.  So why stand in line?  Morbid curiosity perhaps?  But it also makes what Benny is saying false.    She exposes his false declaration that those who were standing in line were there because they were hungry for God.         So there was NO proof.  Benny saw only the crowds and presume that numbers make for devotion and they do not.  Benny looks on the outward and is incapable of looking at the inward.

(Newscaster 1 Benny 0)

 Benny says that people standing in line proves that people are turning to God in their millions.  There is no evidence to believe that, in fact as the newscaster said a good majority were there to look but not believe.  Benny came to honour the memory of this dead pope 

 Sadly how can you honour a man that stole Gods name?

 Pope derives from Greek πάππας meaning “Father” 

 Mat 23: 9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

 So every pope is disobeying the word of God by calling themselves by a name which belongs to God alone.  Further more when did st Peter ever intended to set up his own little principality.  As Jesus said my Kingdom is not of this world.


  1. Sadly Missing My Mom Who Died from Breast Cancer After Benny Hinn claimed she was healed. says:

    Benny Hinn is a FRAUD. Preying on the desparatation of people for healing. Let the wrath of God be upon him. My mother who was “healed” when she went to see Binny Hinn, died of breast cancer. The disease she had when she went to see him. She doubted that she had enough faith. Binny Hinn planted that seed of doubt. What happened to the verse in the Bible about the faith of a grain of a mustard seed? Binny Hinn and his satonic ways to just raise money and live his lavish lifestyle, preys on the desparate. Beware…….Binny Hinn, you will be judged one day by a righteous God.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your loss!! My wife also has breast cancer and is going to be operated on. Benny will one day get his reward for all the people he has decieved.

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