The Westbro Baptist church was all geared up to do their hate fill protesting at the funeral of Christina Taylor Green in Tucson who was gunned down by Jared Lee Loughner.  Arizona has passed Legislation to stop protests at or near funeral sites.  The local community was all geared up to protest against the Westbro Baptist church and now suddenly that has all changed. 

Has the Westbro Baptist Church repented of their hate filled ways? NO. 

Have they had a momentary change of heart?  NO. 

Have they decided that the decent thing was to give this one a miss? NO.

The Westbro Baptist church will skip this funeral because a better opportunity has come along to wet their appetites.  In this case airtime with the 102.1 The Edge in Toronto Canada, and an interview with KXXT-AM in Phoenix, Ariz. on Saturday morning.

However they still intend to picked the Friday funeral of U.S. District Judge John Roll and at the intersection where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot

Do we allow such groups the dignity of been given air time so they can spout out more of their hate fill abuse.  Instead of a street having to listen to them they will have the opportunity to have a whole nation listen to them.  Do we give air time to hate mongers?  Who decided to give this lot air time?  What happens the next time they want to picket someone’s funeral?  Just buy them off with more air time.  Reward their tyranny with maybe a sports contract.  Give them their own TV channel.  Meet the president at the Whitehouse.    Come on some dignity here.  Send this so called church packing.    Don’t reward them with goodies and candy by allowing them to air their dirty theological linen over the air waves.  Polluting peoples ears with their filth.    Tell them to “GO HOME”.


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