The persecution of the Beijing Shengshan Church & Dr. Fan Yafeng

Posted: January 8, 2011 in End times, Persecuted
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China Aid Association Picks 2010’s Top 10 Cases of Persecution of Churches and Christians in China.  Here is the first one.

Dr. Fan Yafeng, the founder and head of Christian Human Rights Lawyers of China and the Beijing Shengshan Church and Shengshan Culture Research Institute, has been the target of serious persecution by the Beijing government since October 2010. On Oct. 12, officers from the Shuangyushu police station violently seized Dr. Fan because he had given an interview to the American radio station National Public Radio (NPR) about the Chinese delegation to the Lausanne Congress. That was the beginning of the Beijing government’s systematic persecution of Dr. Fan. On Oct. 20 and 30, Dr. Fan was seized twice and brought to the local police station for questioning and released the same day. On Oct. 23, police searched Dr. Fan’s home. On Nov. 1, police began to enforce a house arrest order. On Nov. 7, because he insisted on holding a Sunday worship service in his home, Dr. Fan was again taken in for questioning. On Nov. 24, Dr. Fan, his wife, and their three-year-old son were all hauled into the police station for interrogations that lasted into the early morning hours before they were returned home, where they discovered that their apartment had been entered into in their absence and their computer tampered with. On the morning of Dec. 9, Dr. Fan was taken away by police and held for nine days before he was returned home to house arrest. On Dec. 18, some Christian lawyer friends went to visit Dr. Fan and were violently stopped by police, who took three of them into custody for questioning before releasing them. On Dec. 23, Teng Biao and several other people going to visit Dr. Fan’s mother were beaten by police and hauled off to the local police station. To date, Dr. Fan remains under house arrest, with his landline phone and Internet connection cut. Life is difficult and normal life impossible.



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