neo nazis

For many the Second World War is only something we see on the occasional film.  Hitler is usually played by comedians to strike a laugh.  We have concluded that the terrible dark specter of Nazism has been finally left behind.  But how careless have we become.  For today it would seem that Nazism is alive and well.  What is even worse it appears to be growing in Germany.

In this Recent News report we are given this story.  It is both chilling and ominous that once again anti-Semitism is again growing.

Jews living near the German capital Berlin are being warned not to wear items of clothing that identify their religion as fears of neo-Nazi attacks rise.

Sixty five years after the end of World War Two and the Holocaust, a leading rabbi in the state of Brandenburg is urging Jews not to wear yarmulkes (skullcaps), traditional long coats, hats or other ‘identifying symbols’.

Brandenburg, the state which surrounds Berlin, is a hotbed of neo-Nazi activity and its new chief rabbi Shaul Nekrich said its streets are no longer safe for Jews

‘I think the state has a problem with anti-Semitism,’ he said. ‘Even if I haven’t been here for very long… I hear the stories from the communities.

‘They are wary of being recognised as Jews on the streets.’

Formerly from Russia, Rabbi Nekrich said he had been accosted on a train in Brandenburg by drunks three years ago.

‘I’m not saying that they were neo-Nazis,’ he told a Berlin newspaper. ‘But they had very short hair.

‘I had started to read a prayer book when one of the men approached me, asked if it was written in Hebrew and then threw it on the ground.

‘I got out at the next station and took at taxi the rest of the way home.

‘As a Jew it is dangerous to wear things that identify you as such unless you are well versed in martial arts.’

The rabbi said he had not reported the incident because ‘it makes no sense’.

In the six areas where he is responsible for teaching there are some 1,300 Jews.

After reunification Brandenburg became the fulcrum of neo-Nazi activity in Germany.

Skinheads invaded campsites, chased black people to their deaths, firebombed refugee asylums and marched in menacing groups flying the imperial battle flags of the Kaiser.

Towns like Bernau or Schwedt gained a reputation as ‘brown towns’ – after the brown shirts that the original Nazis wore during their rise to power – and tourist guides declared whole sections of the state ‘no-go areas’ for foreigners.

Brandenburg has led initiatives aimed at reducing the support for neo-Nazis in the state.

Antje Grabley, a spokesman for the state’s Culture Ministry, said: ‘The state government is doing everything it can to ensure that Jewish life again belongs to everyday life in Brandenburg.’

Ms Grabley said that a 2009 study showed anti-Semitic tendencies in the state were the lowest in Germany.

The State Office of Criminal Investigation said the total number of crimes motivated by anti-Semitism had also dropped in 2009 and 2010.

One of the most shocking crimes in the state occurred in 1999 when a baying mob of neo-Nazis chased 28-year-old Algerian asylum seeker Farid Guendoul through the streets of Guben.

They ended up pushing him through a plate-glass window and gave Nazi salutes as he bled to death in 15 minutes.

The good news is that much is being done to curb this trend as well.  So we must not conclude that all is done for. 


We seem to be living in a time when MILITANCY and RADICALISATION of individuals is growing.  Because of this people’s opinions are becoming more polarized.  On one side the rise of militant Islam.  A religious and a political regime which attempts to control every facet of an individual’s life.  On the other is the rise of Zionism which is also both a religious and political regime which is bent on pushing a purely Israeli agenda.  Recent times we have even seen a radicalization within Christian circles towards a DOMINION THEOLOGY where Christianity takes over the world. There are all bent on a world domination by means of force and power.   

They believe that by imposing Biblical commandments they will be able to straighten people out.  As if the law has ever straighten anyone out.  naturally they all point the finger at each other as being the sole contributor to all that goes wrong.

 All these factions can and will create a climate of turmoil.  These are only the few which could be surmised. 

 There can be no doubt that all of this is the preparation for the antichrist and the New World order.  For there to be change there has to be turmoil.  Otherwise someone has to kick over the old order so out of the confusion comes a new world order.  This world is like some runaway train heading at full belt towards the end of the line and there is no one there to put the brakes on.  In the end Jesus Christ alone will wrestle the powers from the grasp of mens hands and establish his kingdom and his rule.


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