Fiery Street Preachers Cause a Stir in Town Centre

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Church, Persecuted, Videos included
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This took  place in Manchester  England. 

He is courteous without being offensive.  He tells the gospel straight, no soft peddling of the gospel.  But he is able to preach it in love and grace.  No strong arm tactics, but interacts with those who were present.  Despite a rowdy crowd he does not return anger for anger,  profanity with profanity.   UC MINISTRIES stands with those who trully preach the gospel.  Giving no offence where possible , but also NO  short changing either

  1. This is an excellent teaching video which shows how the gospel should be presented. Unlike james lyman and friends who seek to gratify their own desires. There is no attempt to vivify or degrade this lady heckler. There is no name calling as James the unpleasant preacher does. No Body language which says I am superior to you. The gospel is the message which they focus on. Not me but CHRIST.

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