Ex-Word of Faith Movement Testimony: Pastor John Edwards

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Creflo Dollar, End times, false teachers, Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin (rhema), Videos included
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The Word of faith is a dangerous heresy.  This video is from a man who went through this teaching and came out.  It shows quite clearly that  Rhema Bible college is a heretical teaching that centres on self.  Man and not God is what pushes this teaching.  It puts the power of self and what a person speaks at the centre of a persons life and not God.  Man becomes God and God becomes mans slave,  It cannot be emphesised enough that the Word of faith teaching is not Biblical Christianity.

  1. Hadassah says:

    So very true, dear brother! The Lord took me out of this error before I got too deeply intrenched. Over 30 years ago I became pregnant with our second child. I just knew that it was a girl. That is all I would say. That is all I would allow anyone else to say. In the meantime I ‘proclaimed’ more faith words about healing and prosperity etc. At the end of the 9 months, my beautiful baby was born. A boy. Even my doctor was hesitant to tell me. In one fell-swoop the Lord cleared the whole doctrine out of my life. My precious Mennonite Church family did not gloat. THey were concerned that I might lose my faith. Bless their hearts! I was truly humbled. I have since learned the difference between a positive confession and a truthful one. I have to admit I am feeling ill in order to pray and ask for healing. etc….

  2. The “name it and claim it gospel” is a rightly nick-named heresy.

  3. Pastor Gary Strong - ex Rhodesia says:

    We knew Gary Strong when he was a Methodist
    Minister -for many many years have tried to’
    contact him -an old friend of 40 years -he was
    also the prison pastor – I remember he and Beryl
    allowimg some of them to stay in their home.
    PLEASE give me his contact address –
    where is he now? He will know my name.
    THANK YOU Dulcie Cholajda (have tried
    everywhere to find it)

  4. Judy says:

    Excellent revealing. Sad to say, I was duped for many decades by the Word of Faith movement mainly through the teachings of Kenneth Copeland and others. I was so led into deceit and bondage and never knew it until much later on down the road. Thank God I now know the Truth!

  5. vanessa says:

    I recently left a tiny Word Faith church and will return to the local non denominational Bible church I had attended before..I got SICK of endless false prophecies, holy? laughter, tongues rebuking, crying, demons casting harangues from the woman pastor’s pulpit, many dvds shown from the Copelands’ ministry (which this church tithes to!), and other big name Word Faith ministries, I couldn’t stand it one more Sunday service..at least this time..I hadn’t amassed a stack of Word Faith books/CDs teaching like I did, the other time I got out. This Word Faith is really like an opiate drug that you have to ‘detox’ from. I am out…I am praying to stay out and never go back.

  6. Sally dÓliveira (Gibson) says:

    Had lunch with Una Bailey today we are still wanting an address through which we can communicate and share past experiences with Gary Strong. Please onpass. Sally dÓliveira (Gibson)

  7. vanessa says:

    since I wrote that message Feb 7, 2015; I ‘bumped’ around several area churches. Last September I rejoined a local United Methodist church, that i had left years before, when I divorced my husband. I had promised myself I’d never go back to that church; but my ex, our sons no longer went there, my exs’ parents are both dead. I am content now; and I feel free to be the person God wanted me to be, in the first place. A friend who was also a devout member of that Word Faith flock left after I did. That tiny flock still meets.

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