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Now tell me this why would a Christian post a video on his blog that has been edited by someone calling himself a GODLESS HEATHEN?  In this case the preacher in question does not seem to mind that the gospel is mocked and made fun off.  He is aware of what it said because he has this notice on his wall

“our ministry preaching against Westboro Baptist Church (Fred Phelps). WARNING: the person who posted this is NOT a Christian and there are a few inappropriate words, though nothing extremely vulgar.”

AGodlessHeathen own review of this video  states “  Nothing more fun than watching these nutters go for each other tho this video idea pretty much came into my head when i was watching it but thats just how my twisted little mind works

The video as presented by the godless heathen says


The word “fundies” is a slang word for “fundementalist” .

0:19  Commentator opening statement   “Ultimate fundi showdown”

2: 07-2.08 listens to what this commentator had to say about lymans ass.
2: 55 Lyman begins to mock the Westbro… Children for what they wear . Where is that in the gospel?
3: 10 The commentor makes another mocking remark about the gospel.
3: 49 the commentor makes another mocking remark comparing Lyman to the westbro Baptist lot
5: 26 Lyman says a woman should be submissive and have babies.
7: 02 Go home and do dishes.
7:02-3 The commentator says “both should go to hell.”
7: 23-26 Did I hear a women give lyman a verse from scripture. I thought all women shout keep quiet according to lyman.
8: 11-12 Commenator says “alot of theological crap coming out”
8: 53 Commentator admits to being a godless heathen

3: 10 The commentator makes another mocking remark about the gospel

3: 49 the commentator makes another mocking remark comparing lyman to the Westbro Baptist church

5: 26 Lyman says a women should be submissive and have babies

7: 02 Go home and do dishes

7: 02-3  The commentator says “Both should go to hell”

8:: 11-12 Commentator says “a lot of theological crap coming out”

8: 53 Commentator admits to be a heathen. 

The film is originally pleasant preachers own video which has been edited by this Godless heathen.  Now why would an evangelist use this edited video and not the original?  I say this because while pleasant preacher is quite happy to tell the unsaved that they are on their way to hell, he seems to be more than happy to post productions from them.


  1. richvision says:

    I will only comment on one part of the article above – the lack of discernment and understanding by you of what exactly is taking place during the event and afterwards with why James Lyman used this video.

    again – the godless heathen host had his video, James Lyman had his own cameraman (or not).

    the host is entitled to his own thoughts and observations – however incorrect they may be, and we get to see that even though the man was a godless heathen, he still bothered to watch and listen and even tape the event! and it also further showed the doublemindedness of the heathen.

    notice James Lyman also put up a WARNING on his youtube channel (not wall) – meaning use discernment.
    EVER sometimes only have a faulty source to watch the news from sometimes? (I could list a few mainstream media sources, but we all know them and have to filter through them at times), but you have discernment enough to pay attention to the clip being shown rather than the commentator’s comments or enough discernment to HEAR which person is telling the truth and only HEAR the other person’s comments for what they are (either a truth or a lie)?
    or for example someone is expositing a Bible verse and using a Bible perversion (not King James Bible), but you have wisdom enough to be able to look up the truth in your King James Bible, while still being able to learn from the observations made or things being shown.

    James, James Lyman already explained to you why he linked to that person’s video of the event – because someone wanted to see it and James Lyman did not have his own on hand, – he already told you all this and in fairness you should post his explanation – you should also learn to properly interpret what is going on in the video as well as line it up with scriptural principles (re: what the child is wearing re: superman which is the occult, unless you do not believe that God’s Word forbids the occult? superman character being an affront on Jesus Christ as the Savior and all powerful; also God is no respector of persons, and James was rebuking the parent for putting a stumbling block before his child – especially preaching publickly (the kid was holding a sign as well) wearing occult).
    you should post scriptures showing IF James Lyman was correct in anything he said or did, and where he erred – not just attack the man with what was said or assumed or not said……

  2. Richard the godless athiest did mock the gospel and James does use it. I did post the remark that james posted. Bad language is used by the athiest. I think what most people will see is two of the same kind arguing and slagging each other over a street corner. That is what comes accross in the commentary.

    James P was not preaching the gospel any more than the westbro. They were slagging each other off. Sorry that is not the gospel. I did try and raise this issue with James P on our debate only to have aload of verbal abuse hurled at us. If you have the time check out my other posting on James. I seriously believe that James has major problems and his influence over others is both detrimental and unwise. Any man who claims to be the “cruel Messenger” who has NO COMPASSION (His words not mine) has serious issues. Most of which is unforgiveness. For those who have recieve much must also be prepared to give much.

  3. This comment came from another posting which although I cant verify or deny its authenticity and should be taken at face value. It does however reveal something of the nature of the mind of the unpleasant preacher. On the whole it would appear to be in character

    “Kitty July 8, 2010 at 1:24 pm “James the Preacher” came to Philadelphia last summer. He was yelling at people as they were going into the treatment center to receive chemo and radiation, early in the morning as it opened, about being punished for their evil. I go to this treatment center. I remember crying, because I had just been told a few days before that my tumor had grown. The saddest part of this, is I think he knows he is being cruel, because when he saw me crying, he yelled into his microphone to “weep for the day of judgement is at hand” and said something about how he is the last of the true voices to call people to the Lord.

    He upset a lot of people that day, cancer center staff, doctors, patients, family, friends and passerby’s alike. The cancer center called the Philadelphia police to ask him to leave because he was on private property. Before he left, he went on a tirade about how his religious liberties were being trampled and more about how he was a man of god there to warn the wicked of their sins.

    Later, I remember sitting in my chair receiving chemo that day, and thinking to myself, how sad for him to present Jesus to people in that manner. I was a Christian, whom he never knew and never will know, but was still judging me and screaming, not because I was convicted (as he said) but because of HIS cruel words and because I had received upsetting news claiming I was under conviction. Wonder how he will feel when he stands before Jesus and answers for the many HE turned away from Jesus. How dare he portray my Savior in that manner!!
    You can find the posting for this comment here.


  4. Gerald Hanahoe says:

    Wow, Superman is of the occult just because he saves people?
    What about Batman? My neighbor who saved a kid from drowning?
    This self-described preacher in name only is a real loser and in no way represents the Lord of the Holy Bible. If Christianity is what he represents, then I can see where those who watch him would wish to remain a sinner. The Gospel should be appealing not repulsive. Why would anyone wish to have any part of it if it makes you a vain, spiteful, uncaring egotistical miscreant?

  5. richvision says:

    re: cancer treatment centers that do NOT treat cancer, but actually kill the patient – chemo and radiation???

    do some research on those – they are no different than abortion clinics as far as evil is concerned.

    there are already NATURAL cures for cancer – both preventive and curable – don’t believe the false media that lies to people so that they can depopulate and fleece the populace.

    Kitty is an ignorant professing Christian; all she has done to herself is killing herself slowly.

    maybe she should also have pity on those poor doctors that chop off people’s legs as well instead of try to treat the problem naturally using products like Neurocare which grows dead cells; much simpler to just kill the person though right?

  6. richvision says:

    re: article – no James, you did not post the FULL explanation of why James used that video – which I did graciously post in my comment as to the reason.

    re: bad language – I did not hear any bad language by the host – mocking yes, but no bad language was used that I can recall (even if there were James already pre-warned people with a disclaimer).

    was James P required to preach the gospel? he was not there to preach the gospel specifically, but to rebuke the WBC, as well as to share some truths from God’s Word.

    you and David received rebuke for wrong discernment about a different video (the WBC one was not even brought up in that discussion we had – it was that idiot secular researcher woman that tried to compare street preaching to scientology)

  7. You are trying to defend the impossible. You are trying to justify bad language , the mocking of the gospel. Justifying a video that saw two groups slagging each other off. I ask you sincerly to question who are you now following. Jesus or James P. As for the explanation that was what was on his post. I simply copied and pasted it, so that at least if offered up in fairness to his position. Obviously if you do not see anything wrong with this video that’s fine. I however see major concerns with this video.

  8. richvision says:


    appealing? not repulsive? – I agree about scriptural vs unscriptural, but lets not throw out holiness vs the easy believism heresy either – the gospel is not appealing to the lost and never will always be – John 3:18-21 is the problem, not God’s scriptural principles of preaching and reaching the lost – which are offensive to those that have seared their conscience.

    explain what you mean by appealing – I’m curious

    you need to do much more indepth Bible study on what the curious arts are as well as everything the SUPERheroes are and do – I said Superman in the comics takes place of Jesus Christ as the people’s savior – but not only Jesus, tries to mimic some parts of God’s attributes as well – he hears everything from anywhere, all powerful, deceit, eternal

    witchcraft – xray vision in superman’s case, flying, necromancer (talking to the dead), reading another person’s mind,

    Batman and all superheroes are rebels and deceive the child into believing as long as it works – do it ………but that is not what God’s Word (KJB) says:
    1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

  9. richvision says:

    James re: judgment

    we don’t specifically know the context of the reason for the comment James P made – if it is simply because the patients have cancer and therefore that somehow proves God has judged them – we can’t really know for certain if they are sick because of sin or just negligence to nutrition, diet, etc – the former would be fitting into the Word of Faith camp that declares a person sinning simply because they have a cold or something.

    it says “for their evil” and the judgment day is at hand……….
    its unclear what he meant by for their evil

  10. Richard you are even trying to sound like lyman!!! Lyman believe he is the cruel messenger who has NO compassion. Do you realise how much danger Lyman is in. Have you any concept biblicaly where this man is right now. Seriously. You are trying to debate with your own heart. I think you know lyman is not right. The Holy Spirit will be trying to tell you that this man has major biblical issues.

  11. richvision says:

    who said I was following any specific person? or any person for that matter? you know how strict I am about that – I rebuke my own witchcraft family as the Lord leads me and I have very few true friends that I am aware of that do not compromise the Bible!

    I am being impartial and judging from God’s Word on the points I commented on.

    re: full explanation of why he used the video – you did not post the clarification he gave us – which James P explained to us in full – re: a brethren wanted to see what took place that day.

    as to your comment about what EVERYONE will interpret this video as – you are making a very generic statement, not backed up with scripture at all, but based on your own opinion and maybe a few people’s comments (but God’s Word is our judge)

  12. richvision says:

    if he is out of God’s will as what appears to the crowd as a cruel messenger of the world – God will judge him, but if his pity is in God’s will and its just the world that would prefer to have James pander to their flesh and tell them their sin is ok as Gerald above ignorantly (guess you have a problem with this word James? re: me sounding like James P)commented with regards to superman and witchcraft/curious arts, then the wicked are in error not the preacher……..

    preaching is not always with compassion, you know this from God’s Word – there are two sides to God’s character and His Word – Holiness and Grace, I’ve seen James preach in his videos both with compassion and at times without as the situation called for it – answer not a fool according to his folly, cast not pearls before swine, rebuke, reproof etc…….the Indy woman we don’t fully know everything that took place before the woman arrived or even in the background, and even after she left.

  13. I think you do realise that what I am saying is correct. As the cruel messenger God will indeed deal with him and I suspect that is exactly what is happening right now. Which I why am warning you to distance yourself from his teachings and his ideas. lest you too are taken up and follow his beliefs. Do not try and justify James P. This man is in need of God.

    Lymn brought out a video as to what he would do if he was the president of America . This is what he had to say on his first point.

    Lyman would bring Back Prohibition. He says we were better of back then than we are today, Oh really?
    Does anyone thing this guy is really sound. Bring back prohibition. You know what that tells me. The man has no concept of American History. No concept as to why prohibition failed. He has absolutely no concept as to why it failed from a Biblical concept, never mind the secular. Lyman believes that if you make something illegal people will stop doing it. Utter rubbish. Sorry the heart of man is desperately wicked and that is why criminals made a fortune from illegal enterprises. All it did is pushed the industry underground.

    It also led to many first time offenders for violating the prohibition laws, as well as widespread corruption. Enforcement was difficult enough back then – effective enforcement in this day and age without establishing a police state would be incredibly difficult if not impossible.

    You have to change the heart first. Pushing the law will not make them obey that law. Any New born Christian would know that. Never mind someone who claims to have been on the road for 20 years or so. This is just basic Christianity

    If you drink any alcohol, at all, no matter how little, you have no character. James uses this kind of tactic frequently to avoid discussion and answering question. Well it would seem that James would disagree with the Apostle Paul who urged timothy to take a little wine for his stomach sake.

    1 Tim 5: 23 Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.

    So lyman believe that Paul and Timothy had no character. I don’t think so.

  14. richvision says:

    I caught one BAD WORD a** – Ray Comfort’s open-air preaching videos of the hecklers sometimes include the words f**k and SOMETIMES they bleep it out – and he doesn’t even put ANY disclaimers on his videos……… his for sale stuff he does bleep out.

  15. What has Ray comfort got to do with this debate? James P as a man is abusive towards women, he demeans them. He bull baits people. Sorry I would not call that preaching the gospel, I would not call that even rebuking people. There are ways to rebuke and chastise, and lyman has not the slightest idea. I have listen to quite a few of his videos and so far I am deeply concerned with the damage he is doing. As the lady who went into the cancer hospital. She too was not impressed but concerned for this man and his tactics.

  16. richvision says:

    so you suggest no laws at all?

    what we do need is another King James (or King David even) – not a corrupt president and not a corrupt police and do use biblical laws – and those that do not obey are to be punished accordingly – some even sentenced to death as the Bible demands.

    regardless of whether the person is born again they still CAN obey – is everyone a sodomite? NO, is everyone a bank robber, pedophile, rapist, pornographer?
    must PLOW the hard heard with the law first – the law and laws of God is necessary in converting the soul and warning the soul.

    as for this cruel messenger:
    A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool. An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.
    (Pro 17:10-11)
    He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.
    (Pro 17:15)

    Wesley on the cruel messenger – Pro 17:11 Rebellion – Against God. Messenger – Or, a cruel angel, the angel of death, the devil, or some bloody men employed by God to avenge his quarrel.

    Matthew Henry: Pro 17:11
    Here is the sin and punishment of an evil man. 1. His sin. He is an evil man indeed that seeks all occasions to rebel against God, and the government God has set over him, and to contradict and quarrel with those about him. Quaerit jurgia – He picks quarrels; so some. There are some that are actuated by a spirit of opposition, that will contradict for contradiction-sake, that will go on frowardly in their wicked ways in spite of all restraint and check. A rebellious man seeks mischief (so some read it), watches all opportunities to disturb the public peace. 2. His punishment. Because he will not be reclaimed by mild and gentle methods, a cruel messenger shall be sent against him, some dreadful judgment or other, as a messenger from God. Angels, God’s messengers, shall be employed as ministers of his justice against him, Psa_78:49. Satan, the angel of death, shall be let loose upon him, and the messengers of Satan. His prince shall send a sergeant to arrest him, an executioner to cut him off. He that kicks against the pricks is waited for of the sword.

    Pro 17:11

    An evil man seeketh only rebellion; it is the constant study and business of wicked men to rebel, either,

    1. Against men in authority. But this is not universally true, for many most wicked persons are not guilty of that sin. Or rather,

    2. Against God. For,

    1. Thus it is true of all wicked men.

    2. This word is used of rebellion against God, Deu_31:27 Eze_2:5,6 3:9, &c.

    3. This word being put alone, without any addition of the object, seems most probably to be meant of the highest and worst kind of rebellion, according to the common rule of interpretation in such cases. A cruel messenger; or, a cruel angel; the angel of death, the devil, or some bloody men employed by God to avenge his quarrel; or some dreadful punishment; it being very usual in Scripture to represent things under the notion of persons, as Ro 8, and elsewhere.

    Pro 17:11
    2Sa_15:12, 2Sa_16:5-9, 2Sa_18:15, 2Sa_18:19, 2Sa_20:1, 2Sa_20:22; 1Ki_2:24-25, 1Ki_2:31, 1Ki_2:46; Mat_21:41; Mat_22:7; Luk_19:27

  17. richvision says:

    so you believe the ignorant woman that claims to be a Christian and went in to get herself butchered understands scripture???

    also you agree that those ‘treatment’ centers are actually treating the disease?? despite the proof if one researches the matter out to find as I said they are of the same seed as the abortion clinics.

    why should we be concerned about the lady’s opinion? if she is not speaking according to the Bible??? I know a sodomite and he does not like to hear me preaching about his sin – should I pander to his flesh so that he and others like him go to hell and I knowingly did not warn them or try to save them from the fire??? by first warning them, rebuking them in their sin, and if they have ears to hear, then tell them about the gospel?

    also I noticed you were even influenced by the godless heathen video person’s remarks instead of discerning his leaven from the biblical truth re: slug fest.

  18. richvision says:

    wine – not strong drink – huge difference

  19. Is this all to try and justify the James P. The man if he brought back prohibition would do satan a favour. Encourage wickedness, allow criminals and criminality to flourish. Hmm All it shows is that he lacks the ability to know what Grace is about let alone salvation. As for the label of cruel messanger. As you have already stated:
    a cruel angel, the ANGEL OF DEATH, the DEVIL, or some bloody men employed by God to avenge his quarrel. So are you now saying that James is a demon? Cant you understand that a man that claims to have NO COMPASSION will be given over to demons or as God has stated the tormentors. All you are doing is proving my case. That some commentaries believe that the cruel messanger is a demon.

  20. Now the anger part comes in Richard. You are loosing the plot by following Lyman. It is clear that you despise anyone who disagrees with James. That is lymans problem.

    I am so so sorry that you feel the way you do, To despise that women who went into that hospital for treatment. How sad

  21. richvision says:

    um look at the Ezek passage referenced – that was referencing Ezekiel the prophet and he was no demon……….

  22. richvision says:

    where are you getting this from? I despise anyone who disagrees with James L?

    I’m using scripture – I don’t even know James L that well.

    I feel sorry for you for not being more researched about the truth about doctors and their treatment centers and the evolution agenda. and not knowing that that woman will most likely die just from having gone to get radiated – much the same as fools who go and get the so called vaccine which are now being implanted with synthetic bacteria which are made of steel and shape change and eat your flesh once inside of you……….
    calling evil good are we?

  23. I am so sorry that you feel like you do. You are without doubt a disturbed individual that needs help. We are done here.

  24. I know Richvision and he is a good friend who needs our prayers. When we loose empathy and love for another, it tells us we have lost something very precious in ourselves. The Bible tells us to love others as we would have them love us.

    Zech 8: 17 And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbour; and love no false oath: for all these [are things] that I hate, saith the LORD.

    Rom 13: 8,10 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law….Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love [is] the fulfilling of the law.

    1 Peter 3: 10 For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:

    To rubbish a persons testimony, especially by another Christian who is going into hospital for treatment is very disturbing. I can only hope and pray that Richvision will never need to experience such things.

  25. Gerald Hanahoe says:

    Wine… yes strong drink, alcohol from fermented grapes… the same thing that got Noah drunk. They all drank it… Jesus and the Apostles.
    Don’t downplay it. It’s the same as water. Too much can kill you as the woman proved who was trying to win a video game console a few years ago proved.
    The beast was wrong in condemning the woman for just having a beer and not being intoxicated.
    Moderation is the key. Coffee, soda, tea… any of it can harm you if taken in excess.

  26. Gerald Hanahoe says:

    The sin is not drinking, but indulging.

  27. Gerald Hanahoe says:

    The video where the chauvinist imbecile yells to call the news outlets because he sees a woman walking past who is quiet is the epitome of atrocious behavior and he should be behind bars for displaying it. I wrote to our elected things in opposition to Hate Crimes legislation earlier this year but this is one case where I think it is justified. That would have never been tolerated in an earlier time. Only this age of perversion could a reprobate like that fake pastor get away with the things he does in public. It reminds me of the days when the rum runners paid off the local police to turn their heads to their criminality. I wonder if this apostate and his cronies pay off law enforcement so they can verbally abuse the masses. He’d better not try it in my neighborhood for sure. He may not be able to walk home. We don’t have police and we still have the KKK active and they won’t tolerate the bullying of women. Also, the biker gangs won’t put up with that behavior either. The gangs kept the Phelps demons from harassing a neighborhood boy’s family during his funeral down the road from me a few years ago. It would be nothing for them to show this guy his place as well as the neandrethals who follow him.
    If there is more to the video, the idiot false prophet should have filmed it. He’s at fault if folks make up there mind a certain way about it. He obviously gave us what he wanted us to see. The more videos I watch of this guy, I think he is like the guy who stepped out in front of my car and dared me to hit him… trying to agitate folks into a lawsuit as I watched him do it to several others in front of me. That’s what the Phelps family does… they are a bunch of lawyers that try to sue folks who oppose them. It’s bull baiting as the webmaster stated.

  28. What’s up friends, how is everything, and what you desire to say about this article, in my view its actually awesome designed for me.

  29. holyghostman says:

    I will say that this video reeks of the stench of hate and upsets me because this is not representive of christian behavior. Westoro Baptist church was founded by a preacher that is full of hate and is a very cultic church. The bible says you will know them by their fruit and their fruit is rotten to the core. Wasnt it Ironic that all of those cars passing by only saw hate and not love. Frankly the gospel was no where in sight and it sickens me that this video was even on utube. When is he Church going to get it togeather and stop being gainsaying and start showing the love of Christ.?

  30. Britt says:

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