A number of years ago we had a series of cults that grew out of the disillusionment of the times.  These groups quickly spread across the world.  They were radical, zealous and they acquired converts from the rebellious to the disenchanted.  Parents often found that their oldest had run of to join these communes and in turn they were filtered away either to a different country or out of the area. So contact with siblings was often lost. 

  Some of these cults boasted that they were the true Biblical representation of Biblical Christianity, and the rest the Bible churches were the Pharisees of Biblical days.  All these cults had their own messiah like figure who pumped out his own interpretation of the Bible.  Some of these cults in their early days almost seem orthodox, but this was often a deception.  In time as these cults grew they began to change.  Stories began to circulate of brainwashing and indoctrination.  Then one by one they came to be exposed.  Now these cults continue to exist in some form or other.  They are still a danger to the unwary. 

 Now America for whatever reason is a breading ground for hundreds if not thousands of little cults.  Some situated in communes, but not all.  Usually the emphasis is on the coming judgement of God, the need to evangelise, the coming One World Government.  So adults and those who are Biblically sound are treated with suspicion and mistrust.  It will often mean devotees will be out evangelising for long hours.  They come to look upon moderate counsel as being the primary source of satan council.  Those who try and mediate for moderation are treated with a barrage of verbal abuse and ridicule.  The main factor is to separate possible recruits from those who would offer wise counsel. 

 Radicalisation and militancy is seen as the new modern day moves of God and the more radical those who follow the better.  So the cult leader deliberately makes his cult radical for he only wants those whose minds can be fashioned and influenced.  Having people that already agree with his policies is seen as a good start.    The other idea is that if you want to be part of this GREAT END TIME REVIVAL you have to join us.  So we see some young mind  bored with college, bored at home and generally rebellious.  Often does not have access to some good council.  So he packs his bags when mum is out and off he goes on some great adventure, or he simply starts visiting some kingdom hall out of interest.  Before long everyone but those at the Kingdom hall becomes the enemy.  He gets persuaded that family and friend are all being influenced by demons, and whose only intent is to get him away from his “new family”.   Which is partly true because they are often the first to see how radical and strange he has become.

 Many of these cult leaders were highly charismatic and their demands for obedience from their followers quite high.  To flinch was seen as disobedience to God. Their demands at the beginning would not be seen, but as time goes on the Cult leader demands more and more from the person.  The cult leaders were soon elevated onto pedestals and worshipped as messianic figures.  Many even brought out their own epistles and placed them on the same if not higher par than scripture. Those who followed had to learn and parrot his teachings.

 The thinking behind many of these cults is quite bizarre. 

 For example the thinking goes that the true church would be persecuted, so these cults go out of their way to get people to react to them so they can claim that they are being persecuted and are thus the true church.  This also lends itself to causing division between people who support this cult leader and those who don’t.  While cults leaders are often charismatic no one says there were sane.  Many an individual believing he has joined an end time latter move of God suddenly finds himself stranded in some foreign city isolated from friends, and worshipping some cult leader who would often begin to abuse those who follow them.  Power corrupts and absolute power always corrupts.  We see this with the Jim Jones cult.  Originally he was seen as being quite orthodox and worked among the poor in his area, until he decided to set up his own township in Guyana.

 JimJones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) The founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 suicide of more than 900 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana along with the killings of five other people at a nearby airstrip.

Those who resisted had poison poured down their throats. The tragic consequences of this highlighted how extreme all cults will go to.  But many modern day cults have become more sophisticated and wary.  But the end results is always the same spiritual death.

The Children of God (COG), later known as the Family of Love, the Family, and now The Family International (TFI), is a new religious movement, referred to as a cult, started in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California, United States. It was an offshoot of the Jesus movement of the late 1960s, with many of its early converts drawn from the hippie movement. The Children of God was among the movements prompting the cult controversy of the 1970s and 1980s in the United States and Europe and triggered the first organized anticult group.


The founder of the movement was a former Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor.  His name was David Berg, however he quickly became better known as Moses David.  Berg communicated with his followers through more than 3,000 published letters written over 24 years, referred to as “Mo Letters” by members of the group. By January 1972, Berg introduced through his letters that he was God’s prophet for this time, further establishing his spiritual authority within the group.

In time stories of incest and sexual misconduct arose.  The term “flirty fishing” was coined where girls were used to attract males to this cult.  This teaching had to be laid at the feet of the cults leadership.

  The online encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_of_God_(cult) has  added this information.  Since the death of David Berg the movement has undergone a radical change.  As you will see it does not come anyway near to being orthodox.  If anything it has delved even deeper into occultism.

Recent teachings 

TFI’s recent teachings center around beliefs that they have termed the “new [spiritual] weapons.” TFI members believe that they are soldiers in the spiritual war of good versus evil for the souls and hearts of men. Although some of the following beliefs are not new to TFI, they have assumed greater importance in recent years.


In TFI jargon, the popular definition of prophecy—a prediction of the future—has been expanded to refer to any message received from the “spirit world” from Jesus, deceased founder David Berg, or another “spirit helper” (see below). A great emphasis has been placed on each member regularly using prophecy to guide their daily lives. Although prophecy, also referred to as channeling, has been a part of the movement from the beginning, it has assumed greater significance under Karen Zerby’s leadership.

Spirit Helpers 

These include angels, departed humans, and even famous mythical characters, for example the goddess Aphrodite. Spirit helpers are sent to give instruction and to fight in the spiritual warfare taking place in the spiritual dimension that TFI members believe is coexistent with the physical world that surrounds them. These helpers are believed to relay divine messages through prophecy and are also engaged in combat with Satan and his demons. TFI members believe that referring by name to spirit helpers when calling on their help, or demons when rebuking or cursing them, affords greater power to their prayers. As a result, TFI regularly publishes names of individual, as well groups of, spirit helpers and demons, linking them with their respective areas of power within the physical world.

  The Keys of the Kingdom

TFI believes that the keys referred to in the Biblical passage “and I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19), have assumed greater significance today. As such, TFI members call on the various Keys of the Kingdom for supposed extra effect during prayer. These spiritual keys are also believed to power various spiritual spacecraft (known as Key Craft), and can turn into spiritual swords for the purpose of fighting demons and other negative forces.

  Loving Jesus

This is a term that TFI members use to describe their intimate, sexual relationship with Jesus. TFI describes the “Loving Jesus” teachings as a radical form of bridal theology. It is their understanding of the Bible that the followers of Christ are his bride, called to love and serve him with the fervor of a wife. They take bridal theology further than mainstream Christians by encouraging members to imagine that Jesus is having sex with them during sexual intercourse and masturbation. Male members are encouraged to visualize themselves as women, in order to avoid a homosexual relationship with Jesus. Additionally, TFI publications frequently liken prophecy from Jesus to receiving Jesus’ semen, or “golden seeds,” as a result of oral or vaginal intercourse.

TFI continues to stress the imminent Second Coming of Christ, preceded by the rise of a worldwide government led by the “Antichrist”. Doctrines regarding the “end times” influence virtually all long-term decision making

Karen Elva Zerby  who has used a number of pseudonyms Maria David, Maria Berg, Maria Fontaine, Mama Maria, and Queen Maria.  Zerby  became the second wife to David Berg.  Like all cults prophecy was dreamed up that allowed David to divorced his first wife and marry Zerby.

In a prophecy titled “A Prophecy of God on the Old Church and the New Church”, Berg explained that he had been told by God to leave his first wife, Jane Miller, who represented the “old church”, for Zerby who became his common-law second wife and who represented the “new church”.

With David Berg’s health declining in later years, Zerby began to take a leadership role within the group. Upon his death in October 1994, she assumed full leadership of the cult and married her long-time partner Steven Douglas Kelly (commonly known to members as Peter Amsterdam or King Peter).

 So with all cults revelation is dreamed up whenever the need arises.  Who in their right mind is going to question some charismatic leader let alone God?  The parameters which would have argued for morality and orthodoxy get blurred and muddied.    Once that happens just about anything goes.  Unlike former years where cults grew up outside and separate from Christian churches, today’s cults are often found within the walls of our denominations and reaping the benefits from the lack of genuine godly leadership.  In fact in many instances the wolves are the ones in the pulpit. 

 Cults can be found anywhere.  They do not always come with big banners and flashing lights.  They start of quietly, normally built on a misunderstanding or a misquotation of scripture.  But in time they grow more and more away from orthodoxy and truth.  There will always be the bizarre prophecy or a few scripture which have been mangled, and often to the exclusion of the rest of scripture.

 Cruel messenger

 Today there is one cult which is in its infancy and so does not have a name yet.  Its leader rejects the Biblical teaching on love including John 3: 16 and so devotes most of what he teaches on hate.  He describes himself as a cruel messenger of Proverbs 17 : 11

 Prov 17: 11 An evil [man] seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him

 Many commentaries believe that the cruel messenger may well be a reference to a demon spirit!  However this cult leader believes he has been called to this lofty position and therefore he comes without any mercy.  NO compassion he says.    The Bible says” Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive Mercy.”  So what happens if we withhold our compassion from others?    What happens when we do not offer our forgiveness and love?

   Such a man is in danger of been given over to the true cruel messenger.

 The fact this new messianic figure has some strange ideas on women being shackled to the kitchen sink should already sound the alarms bells.  There can be no doubt that he is a misogynist, and has been seen belittling and bull baiting women even on the streetMany have likened him to the Westbro Baptist church.  In fact the similarities become quite obvious when he they decided to have a go at each other across a one way street.  The action was funny if you were sitting there with a bunch of pop corn a drink and a seat.  The actions did nothing but make a mockery of both of them.    There is every possibility that afterwards it was tea and crumpets back at the Westbro Baptist hall. 

 It is tragic that so many continue to listen to this “cruel messenger” of hate and despite.  Like all cults when you try and engage in conversation they fall back into a well rehearse barrage of abusive language, aimed at bull baiting and demeaning ones character and integrity.   It would appear that the only way they can attempt to win an argument is by abusive. 

 When he is out bull baiting people on the streets in what he calls evangelising, it can be noticed that he surrounds himself with people to hide behind in case an old lady hits him with her umbrella.  Not something I would advice as the umbrella might get damaged in the process.  NO violence please at any cost. 

 The best advice is to get out the chairs and pop corn and laugh at the whole satire.  Most cults are often quite ridiculous on the streets and generally stick out like clowns going to some party.  So if you see some funny looking guy hiding behind some goons with a bull horn in one hand and a banner in the other it just might be mr unpleasant preacher James lyman. 

  1. Gerald Hanahoe says:

    haha… “The Cult of the Cruel Messenger”.
    Sounds like a good sci-fi movie title.
    “Creature from the Black Lagoon”? Like that.

  2. Thanks for the excellent post. I added you to digg. Keep up the hard work.

  3. starsword says:

    I love it! You put the New Weapons of the Family in such concise wording, even the Family Itself could not generate such a wording with such precision! However I do believe in these weapons, and have seen their use as effective and useful tools on the battle ground of spiritual warfare. I invite any and all with the new enough blood o fthe spirit to go ahead and take advantage of such things. Of course, spiritual sexual terms can be kept private, as you would keep your relationship with your wife or husband private, but yes indeed, if you insist, the facts are there. the Lord does inject us with the “semen” of His Word, and we do become His brides to “get fucked” by the Lord. I am a man, by the way, and proud to be a lover of Jesus!

    In anycase, I wish you the best and GBY.

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