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It has been asked recently why so many evangelicals are drifting back into Catholicism.  In the main stream it is because there has been a fundamental rejection of the Bible and Ignorance about what it teaches.  Desperation toward what appears to satisfy mans own graving for experiences.  But greater still it would seem that despite the paedophile revelations of recent years.  Catholicism tries to give the impression that it has the moral stability to speak out on matters of faith, a stability that so very few other denomination appear to have. 

But is this the truth?

There has been no doubt that the moral stability of the 21 century protestant Evangelicals has been rocked to its very core by revelation upon revelation of greed, adultery, plain deception, and multiple ministers who once pledged themselves to an orthodox faith.  Who for whatever reason when given the choice have simple preferred to abandon their orthodoxy for whatever passes ones way .  It can be no wonder that the world looks on and laughs at the churches predicament, and glee that there is nothing left but confusion.  When Christians try and stand up for truth we simply become another voice crying out.  In most places money speaks louder than the Bible.  Yet even here we see the greed of years has already started to undermine the profits as one ministry collapses after another.  They preached prosperity but now they have become bankrupt.  The great orators and leaders of past years have slowly died away.  We are left with wolves standing in our pulpits and goats sitting in our pews.  Over recent years one document after another gets signed which boasts of further ecumenicalism with Rome.  Rome like some endearing grandfather welcomes all and refuses no-one.  It seeks to champion ecumenicalism not just with evangelicals but also with interfaith dialogue.  The Moslem from the east or the North American Indian of the North, or to the shamans and gurus wherever they may be found.

One religion many flavours

However the road back to Rome is not all that it seems.  For it is a road that will see the development of the one world religion.  Imperial Rome also boasted that it welcomed all and rejected none, unless you stood for Christ.  The Christian would not burn incense to Caesar and paid with his life.  Yet Rome boasted that in their temples stood statues to every god they knew.  It was truly ecumenical, but it would never accept the one true GOD.  Nor the truth that said there was no God but the one true God as described the Bible.  Roman Catholicism is the great melting pot of ecumenical stew.    Many flavours mixed and yet never quite able to blended together.  Men love power and they are never quick to give up that power.  So Rome will never be a complete haven for men.  Men like to dally and play games, but they will never give up what they have.  People like their toys; they don’t mind playing with one another so long as everyone knows the rules.  What’s mine I keep?  So men will play their games and embrace Rome so long as it is in their interest.  But will back of when it is not.  So while men greet Rome as a friend and play their games they will never quite become full blooded Roman Catholics.  But in the end they will have their temples where they are all prepared to shake hands and clap each others back and say well done.  They don’t mind standing side by side and get their pictures taken, sell their latest revelations and get rich on the way. 

But get real with God, NO chance.  Put away their toys to seek the one who can deliver and set free, NO chance.  But then just maybe that some might see the road sign that says the path is narrow but it is real.  The road might have dangers, but at least it goes upwards. 

When men no longer see what profits them and begin to see what profits God.  When Gods honour is more important than their own or the size of their bank balance,  Just maybe they have started on their journey back to God. 

Some God has humbled. 

Some that are prepared to lose all to gain all.  Some where it is no longer how big the size of their church is, but how big their heart is towards God.  The time will come that to follow Christ will see the same stigma that followed the early Christians in the days of imperial Rome.  If you were not prepared to go with ecumenical acceptance of whatever god was lifted up, then it was off to jail with you or worse.  The road to Rome is a Road back to imperial Rome.  But to stand for truth what greatness and what honour is that?  Who is prepared to make that stand, even with the warm breath of a lion breathing in your face, or the fierceness of a snarling crowd?  Or the shaking of an emperor who demands you recognises his greatness and godhood.


John Crowder and the rise of the New Mystics.  There is nothing new to what Crowder teaches.  Only that he has found people who are prepared to put up with his strange behaviour.  Even more bizarre is that he has in fact started his own church.  How many comprise his church is unknown.  The fact that there are people willing and open to what he teaches draws some disturbing questions.  The fact that there is no basis for his teachings should make us question why people listen.  The Bible clearly says that in the last days many will depart from the faith and give heed to deceiving spirits.  That time has clearly come upon us.  Tragically  those who believe they can toking the Holy Spirit in the same way as someone can smoke weed shows how far and how deep this deception goes.  Where self seeking pleasure becomes the overwhelming factor in whatever they do.  Their end?  The same as all mystics.  Eventual delusion and frustration.  For the lie  is only good as the act they play out.