Posted: November 28, 2010 in End times, Israel, Manipulating people, USS Liberty, Videos included
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In this jam packed edition of the Reality Report Gary Franchi gets wind of a recently declassified investigation from a 1963 Senate Foreign Relations Committee. From it he breaks down the truth of how terrorism was used against the United States to manipulate our Middle East policy. You will never guess who was behind the terrorism. Bob McIlvaine joins the show to deliver the “behind the scenes” look at what happened when he entered FOX studios to disclose the truth of the collapse of WTC Building Seven while seeking justice for the son he lost on 9/11. Bob Dwyer joins the broadcast to give the details on the new super patriot event scheduled for December 12 at the historic Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA. Gary shares a list of important upcoming events that you need to attend. Nina delivers you the headlines this week including a story about abolishing the TSA and Ron Paul’s new committee appointment. She also gives you the facts on the two girls expelled from school for raising awareness for breast cancer. Nina also provides an update on the Canadian hearings about police brutality during the Toronto G20. We read viewer mail about the mystery missile and a sneaky Congressman is branded an Enemy of the State

UC  MINISTRIES:  A variety of subjects are discussed.  The site does not necessarily agree with everything that is discussed on the video.  But is posted for further interest and open discussion.

For further indepth resources to do with the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty see :

The facts are well known. USS Liberty, an American intelligence collection ship operated by the U.S. Navy with 294 men aboard, was attacked by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats in international waters in clear weather during the 1967 Six-Day War. Thirty-four men were killed and 171 wounded. The ship was so badly damaged it had to be sold for scrap


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